Wedding Photography

"Why does wedding photography cost so much?" Have you ever wondered this yourself? It's simple. What are you going to remember in five years time? Will it be your perfectly set tables for guests to enjoy or will it be the amazing invites you had created to send out? No it will be the moment you say 'I do' to the person you love most and you'll look back on the images taken that reflect the perfect wedding you created and you will feel the emotion you felt on one of the most important days of your life.

We spend hours before, during and after your wedding to ensure your final images are edited perfectly to show your day as it was, reflecting the emotions you felt and ensuring every detail is captured for you to remember in years to come.


Once you have decided that Sara Marlow Photography is the perfect photographer for your big day, contact us and we'll organise to meet you in person. During this meeting, we'll discuss what it is that drew you to our style. We'll ask you why you picked us over other photographers to ensure we can help create the perfect images of your day. Think about what photos jumped out at you that you're hoping to have captured at your own wedding. We'll go through every detail to ensure we're on the same page so everything runs smooth on the actual day. At your consultation, we'll go through the wedding contract together to ensure that you fully understand everything within and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. 

We'll also give you a photo guide to take home and fill out, outlining what photos you want taken throughout the different parts of the day. This is very detailed to ensure no photos are missed out. We take every measure to ensure all photos you absolutely love are taken on the day. During this consultation, it's also a great opportunity to get to know me as your photographer. Ask yourself, 'do you feel comfortable with hiring us as your photographer?' It's very important to be happy with your photographer and feel at ease. If you don't it will reflect in all your images on the day. 


For all packages, we offer a complimentary couples session. Why? Because this is your final chance before the wedding to see if you love our style and feel comfortable in front of the camera with us behind it. If you don't love your images from this session or don't feel comfortable we want you to tell us! If it's something we can fix, we're more than happy to work with you. But if you feel that maybe we just don't click, it's the time to say! Obviously, we hope you love us and our images as we have a passion for capturing emotions to ensure these images are meaningful to you reminding you of the love you felt in years to come. 


Here at Sara Marlow Photography, we take pride in capturing and editing your wedding photos to help reflect your emotions on the day. We want to ensure you will have amazing memories to look back on. To do this we need to ensure that you work with us. We have already found out the rules for photography during the ceremony and have worked with you to create your list of dream images. Now is the time to put it all into action. Our aim is to be almost invisible so as we don't distract you. The only time you will hear from us is when we are taking group images after the ceremony and during your styled session at set locations with your bridal party. For the rest of the event, we'll walk around capturing natural photos and approaching guests for candid moments. 


Here is where our job begins to bring your photos to life. We can spend forty plus hours editing your images to ensure they are perfect! This includes culling duplicate and undesirable images, editing individual images to remove blemishes, enhance colour and sharpen features, and to  ensure that every photo is perfect before receiving. Because every wedding is different, we're not sure how many images will be delivered to you, but a good rule of thumb is approximately 50-60 images per hour. This does not mean we exclude images if we go over this amount. We edit every images that represents your wedding to its full potential to ensure every detail is captured.

After images are edited, an online gallery with all of these will be available for you to share with guests. From here, you'll have the opportunity to select any additional products. In our packages, we offer a high quality canvas print and a premium 8 x 8" album to ensure your photos don't end up sitting on a USB drive for years to come. We design and order everything for you to take all the stress out of doing it yourself and to ensure that you receive high quality products to last for generations. After all, you've just planned a successful wedding, the last thing you want to do is organise prints, let alone an album!


Price List

At Sara Marlow Photography, we have lots of different options to help you remember the magic of your day. We offer different packages to accommodate to different needs as well as individual items or an hourly fee. After photos are finalised, you'll receive a personalised USB drive for you to keep forever.  Every wedding will receive their very own private online gallery to share with friends and family. 


With all of our packages, we include a complimentary engagement session so you know we're the right photographer for you! You'll also receive an 8 x 8" premium album and canvas so you can have your photos ready to hang or display without the hassle of organising them yourself.


  • pre-wedding photos getting ready
  • capturing the ceremony
  • family photos
  • bridal party photos at choice of location
  • reception photos for up to two hours
  • USB drive in personalised box
  • 8 x 8" wedding album
  • 20 x 30" canvas 



  • capturing the ceremony
  • family photos
  • bridal party photos at choice of location
  • reception photos for up to two hours
  • USB drive in personalised box
  • 8 x 8"  wedding album
  • 16 x 20" canvas



  • capture the ceremony
  • family photos
  • bridal party at choice of location
  • USB drive in personalised box
  • 8 x 8" wedding album
  • 16 x 12" canvas



If you're after something different, we offer individual sessions or an hourly rate to accommodate for everyone. 


  • half hour session
  • 10 edited images
  • online gallery




  • up to one hour family photos 
  • up to one hour bridal photos
  • choice of location



  • preparation photos 
  • bridal party getting ready
  • 90 minute session 




  • capturing guests, details, cutting of cake, first dance and speeches
  • up to an two hours
  • additional hours at £100 per hour





  • full coverage of ceremony
  • capturing I do's
  • range of close ups and distance depending on venue




  • block session - £250 per hour for first two hours
  • £100 every hour after
  • choice of location

Starting from £250