Your newborn is a miracle. That little person was created in just NINE months! And before you know it they won't be so little anymore. It's important to schedule your newborn photography session after your 20 week scan. No you won't know the exact date or time but we will know to expect you and your latest family addition. We'll reserve a temporary date within this time to be rescheduled after baby makes their appearance. The best time to photograph is between 7-10 days. It's important to not leave it too late as we want them to still be as flexible as they were in your belly. We also want them feeding regularly for a longer period of time. 

Of course babies can still be photographed after this time, but you may miss the opportunity to capture them in poses only a newborn could do safely.


At Sara Marlow Photography, we have spend hundreds of hours learning from the best in the industry. We've taken online classes with industry leading Newborn photographers like Ana Brandt and Kelly Brown. We want to ensure we can capture beautiful portraits of your baby and maintain the highest level of safety. A lot of images you see these days are composite images. This means that several different images were taken whilst baby was safely supported, These were later compiled together in Photoshop to have baby all on their own. We love composite images! It means we can achieve images that you'll love whilst ensuring your little one is safe throughout the whole process. 

We happily welcome family members to have their portraits take with the latest arrival. The best way to do this is to either have them taken in the beginning or the end of a session. As sessions can last between 2-4 hours depending on baby, we want to limit any restlessness and distractions. We offer sessions in our in-home studio or in the comfort of your own home with a limited studio set-up and lifestyle options. 

We understand the importance of keeping Newborns germ free to protect them from illness. At Sara Marlow Photography, we are up to date with our vaccinations. We also ensure all props are washed after every use. Because we like to keep a clean and safe environment for all newborns, we ask that if you or your children are sick, to reschedule the session for when you're feeling better. 

Our Newborn Session fee is £150. This includes our time and talent and use of props. We also give you £100 print credit to help start creating your baby's package.