We love babies but most importantly, we love baby bumps! Our bodies are miracle makers. We take very few ingredients to create a whole lot of magic! Yes it can be draining, yes you can feel uncomfortable and bloated... But you will never be able to capture just how amazing your body is, growing this baby, ever again! Speaking from a mum perspective, I never captured my first born's maternity photos and instantly regretted it. 

You are a beautiful pregnant mumma and it's time to embrace and capture the moment of just how precious that bundle is, growing inside your belly. We have outfits to cater for all shapes and sizes! But if there's something in particular you're looking for, share your ideas with us so we can help make it happen! Our sessions usually last between 45 minutes to an hour depending on who you bring along.

The best time to schedule you session is when you're between 34-36 weeks. Why? Because this is the time that you're most radiant but not quite fully bloated, you're still likely to be fairly mobile without belly getting in the way and we're likely to avoid early arrivals.  When booking we will work with you to pick the perfect location in Plymouth. We'll even share our prep guide to ensure you get the most from your session! 

Our Maternity Session Fee is £75. This includes our time and talent, choice of location and outfit options. We also give you £75 print credit to help you start creating your beautiful collection to remember just how amazing your body really is!