When were the last family portraits you had taken of your family? If you had to think about that a little too hard, it's time to update yours. Don't let life get in the way of capturing the innocence and imagination of your children. Based in Plymouth, Devon, we can help create the perfect images you'll treasure!! Sara Marlow Photography can work with you to find the perfect location. We strongly believe if your family is old enough, to go outdoors and have your portraits taken.

Why? Because you'll find that there is a massive difference in expressions and emotions when your children are able to get a little wild and reveal their personalities without feeling constrained in a small place with too many things to look and and touch! Let them run, let them splash in a puddle or kick some water about. It's all about preserving the memories of them as they are now. 

Our sessions generally run for an hour. In that time, we explore and play in woodlands, build a sand castle on the beach or throw leaves in the park. The possibilities are endless. Have a look through our captured images and get a feel for the different environments and what you feel would be best for your family. We can help you decide if you're unsure and give you some suggestions of great places. 

Our session fee is £100. This includes our time and talent to create beautiful portraits. We also £100 print credit to help you get started in creating your perfect package.