Children have amazing imaginations. They dream up the wildest of ideas without ever seeing it come to life. But what if you could make your child's dreams come true? 

Well now you can. At Sara Marlow Photography, we will work with you and your child to create a custom hand crafted image using their imagination. It will be a one of a kind image specifically designed to inspire your child to continue dreaming. 


We start with your child. Ask them what they would like. Let their imagination run wild, go with a favourite animal, story, movie... whatever it is that your child loves! Next ask them to draw a picture. Have them include as much detail as possible. Ask them to describe it to you and write it down. The more unique it is to your child the more they'll treasure the final result. 

Next we decide on what scene your child would like and begin to set the wheels in motion. These images can take up to five hours to complete, sometimes more. But why? First we have a session, to capture your child's personality. This can take up to half hour as we want your child to be excited and we also want to get to know a little more about them to bring their personality into the image. We take all the little details into consideration. After we've captured your child, we begin the process. We search through our own stock collection and also purchase any ideal stock that works with your image. Next we begin to cut out each individual image using Photoshop and follow a long process to blend it into the photo with your child. we want it to be perfect so when you show your child, they believe in the impossible! 

The session fee for Dreams Come True is £60 for each individual image or £30 with the purchase of a canvas or print. You can find these prices on our Price List.