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Based in Plymouth, Devon, we aim to help you to create your perfect family portraits. If you can't find what you're looking for, want to book your session with us or just want to say hello... why not send us a message! You can email, send us a message on facebook or use the box below... We respond to all messages within 24 hours. If you want a quicker response, feel free to call on 07715 968 472. 


I have always had a passion for photography but in  July, 2015 I finally decided to pursue it professionally.  When growing up in Australia, my mother was very crafty. I remember looking through the photo albums with our six monthly professional photos in outfits my mother had made. It was something she took pride in doing and  I only truly understood the importance of capturing those precious moments after having children of my own.  She  had a passion for nice family portraits, which she had passed onto me. 


I went to University  for education in 2009 as I have always been happiest when working with children. After trying a few different careers prior to teaching, I knew working with young people was my ideal job. Whilst on maternity leave, I had the perfect opportunity to finally take the plunge.  Since pursuing photography, I have spent hundreds of hours educating myself with classes from other professionals in the field. I've undertaken a course in Wedding Photography and purchased online courses with leading Newborn Photographers like Ana Brandt and Kelly Brown.  I have taken every measure to be equipped with the knowledge to ensure customers not only receive great images but that the highest level of safety is taken into consideration when working with families. 


I have slowly built my portfolio to achieve beautiful and elegant result that are edited and fine tuned to create the perfect memory for any family. After all, I am a perfectionist! I love to ensure that family images are perfect and clients love them as much as I have creating them. Working  with you throughout  the process, I make any changes necessary to ensure you'll continue to love them always.  Education has always been important to me. So as I grow my business, I'll continue to challenge myself to do better. I'll continue to provide quality images and promise to never stop learning. 

 Sara Marlow, 2017.


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