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Why should you book with us? What draws you to our photography style? At Sara Marlow Photography, our goal is to ensure you have the perfect family portraits you'd be proud to show. Based in Plymouth, Devon, we are committed to providing amazing service and working with you to create lasting memories. We take pride in our artwork and ensure that you love the images as much as we have creating them. 

So what do we do, besides taking the original image? When shooting, we  shoot in manual mode and use what is known as RAW format to record. This means we tell the camera what to collect and it records all the data set by us. These files require special software like Photoshop to bring the photo to life.


As part of our style, we airbrush to remove any blemishes. We then enhance the colour from the original file taken through the camera. Lastly, we sharpen the features we want to jump out of you and capture your attention. During the session, your child depending on age may pick up dirt or drool may get in the way. You may also think, "WOW, there's too many people who'll ruin our photos in the background!" Don't worry about these things as they can all be corrected in post processing and background people can be removed. The final product is your family and that is all it should ever be! 


Before deciding if we are the right fit for your family, view all our different albums. You can also find more recent work on our Facebook page. See what it is that draws you to our photos. If you love our images and what us to create your perfect family portraits, next read through our contract. Once you're ready to agree to our terms and conditions, fill in the form and we can start planning your perfect session. If it's for a newborn not yet born, just put in the due date and we can schedule a select date and time after baby arrives. 

Not quite there yet? why not send us a message and ask us any questions you may have on our contact page. We want you to be fully committed to ensure we achieve the perfect results for your family!  We're here to help to ensure you have an amazing service. 

We look forward to working with you to capture portraits you'll treasure forever.