Stormbreaker Ten years ago Anthony Horowitz introduced the world to Alex Rider and now his debut mission is back in a special fully loaded anniversary edition Packed with bonus material including a brand new Alex

  • Title: Stormbreaker
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • ISBN: 9780142406113
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten years ago, Anthony Horowitz introduced the world to Alex Rider and now his debut mission is back in a special fully loaded anniversary edition Packed with bonus material including a brand new Alex Rider short story, a letter from Anthony Horowitz, and much

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    • LolaReviewer says:

      I could read this book over and over again. I grew up with a fascination with spies, most likely triggered by the amazingly entertaining TV show “Totally Spies” I used to watch repeatedly with my brother. I still remember asking my mother, with hearts in the place of eyes, “Do spies really exist?” You see, I thought being a spy was the coolest profession one could have. I shouldn’t have been discouraged by my mom’s reply, but because I am who I am, my heart immediately deflated when [...]

    • Erica says:

      I read this book because it is so popular with my students. I can see the appeal: espionage, a kid caught in everyone else's plans, having to take care of himself while saving the world. Action, adventure, violence. The boys eat this stuff up. I just wish Horowitz had written it with his readers in mind as the young, impressionable audience that they are. I hate all the label dropping! Do we need to know that our character wears Nike and Gap? Absolutely not. Why feed into this consumerist crap, [...]

    • Carter Knopik says:

      Being a teenage spy is something I've never experienced, but Stormbreaker really makes me feel like I have. This book is about a boy named Alex Rider, who has been a regular boy all his life until he is called by M-16, the British secret service, to be on a secret mission to investigate a computer called the Stormbreaker. This book is full of good guys, bad guys, and of course, its full of suspense, adventure, and action.The person in this book that really draws you in is Harold Sayle, the inven [...]

    • Nannah says:

      You know how there are those books that you see everywhere, in every library, in every bookstore, and then one day you just break down and pick it up? This is one of those books.And I should have just left it.The first few pages were fine--I was all prepared to get sucked into this book . . . I mean, I'd seen it EVERYWHERE, after all. It had to be good, right? It happened with the Pendragon books, it'll happen here too, yeah?And then everything after those pages was complete nonsense. I was imme [...]

    • Mike (the Paladin) says:

      Well, the writing in this book is actually not bad. The problem here for me is sort of 2 pronged (though one of the prongs may be "mufti-pointed"). First, this book is very young in some ways. With this plot it has to be, and that's the other problem.I just couldn't get my head around a 14 year old super spy. I know, I know I like Harry Potter and I liked the Ranger's Apprentice books as well as other books with young heroes. But those are set in fantasy universes where magic exists and so on. I [...]

    • Laura says:

      For years, I have been hearing shouts, whispers, and raves about Alex Rider. I’m so happy to have finally met him. Stormbreaker is book one in Anthony Horowitz’s action packed series. Fourteen year old, Alex Rider stumbles into the spying world after the death of his uncle. But soon realizes he’s good at the spying game. Running, diving, and snooping around! The action is nonstop. I liked how Alex’s mind worked—he was observant, calm, and smart. One of my favorite parts was the way he [...]

    • Michael Finocchiaro says:

      My son loved this book and so I promised to read it too. To be honest, it was not my cup of tea, but I'll review it from my kid's point of view. This is the first of 10 novels about the protagonist Alex Rider who becomes unwittingly a secret agent after his father is killed. It is a nice fantasy with plenty of spy craft and exciting chase scenes and a pretty evil villain. My kid loved the action and suspense at the end of each volume and wanted me to give it 5 stars. I'll appease him by giving i [...]

    • Wasee says:

      চৌদ্দ বছর বয়স্ক অ্যালেক্স রাইডারের জীবন রাতারাতি বদলে যায় চাচা ইয়ান রাইডারের মৃত্যুর সাথে সাথে। ছোটবেলায় বাবা-মা কে হারানোর পর চাচাই ছিল তার সব। গাড়ি দুর্ঘটনায় চাচার মৃত্যু হবার পর, অ্যালে [...]

    • সালমান হক says:

      যদিও ইয়াং এডাল্ট বই কিন্তু একটু ভিন্নতা আছে, কারণ এই বয়সের প্রোটাগোনিস্টদের নিয়ে সাধারণত যে বইগুলো হয় তার বেশীর ভাগই ফ্যান্টাসী। কিন্তু এটা পুরা স্পাই থ্রিলার্। :) পুরা জেমস বন্ড স্টাইল এ মা [...]

    • Raoofa Ibrahim says:

      Actual rating: 3.5 Not so much excited as I expected It's good story, it's mainly for the readers at 14 but I enjoyed it nevertheless And I'm going to read the rest of the series soon.The story is about Alex who is 14 yrs old, he lives with his uncle, but one day the police came to his house to tell him that Ian-his uncle- died from a car accident because he didn't put the seat belt but Alex knew that Ian would never forget something like that so he gets curious about his uncle's death and here [...]

    • Kelly says:

      I read this book for a book club hosted at one of the schools that my library serves.I was expecting more from the book as it was/is so popular with younger boys and this first book spawned a whole series as well as a movie (though I do know that the movie bombed). I just found the book to be boring and predictable. It was hard for the group to come up with something to discuss during our meetings because the book is totally plot driven. There's not much wrong with being a plot driven thriller, [...]

    • Salama R 140A501 says:

      First of all I chose this book because I watched the movie and I like it. The book was more magnificent than the movie because it contained more details that caught my eyes through the reading process. Since this is my first book I have read for Anthony Horowitz, I really love it. In addition, the author has an amazing way of writing that catches my heart and he has a sense of humor that makes me laugh loudly. As a result, I want to read all parts of Alex Rider.This book can be considered as an [...]

    • Madeline says:

      I picked this book up in my high school media center during study hall when I was bored and had nothing else to do. I read it in about three days and proceeded to rip through the next four books in the series. Still can't really explain why I like these books - Horowitz's target audience is clearly 14 year old boys who don't read much. I guess it's because I'm a James Bond fan, and the Alex Rider series could have been retitled "007 - The Middle School Years." Seriously, the plot of every book i [...]

    • Louise says:

      3 StarsAnother three star read. I enjoyed it, I’ll read the next couple of sequels at least, but there was a lot that held me back from liking it more. This is (mostly) more my fault than the book’s; which is, for the most part, a high quality action-adventure spy-story very much in the vein of a ‘teenage James Bond’ that has fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Unfortunately I’ve never been that into the James Bond films, found Casino Royale to be a total snooze-fest, and have [...]

    • Charlie says:

      This book is fiction and the main character is Alex Rider who is a fourteen year old boy who is very fit and living a good life in London. The conflict is external because a lot of fighting happens in this book. At the very start of the book, Alex finds out that his uncle just died in a car accident and didn’t wear his seatbelt. Alex doesn’t believe this because Ian Rider always wore his seatbelt. Later Alex sees bullet shots in the car window which proves that Ian Rider was shot to death. A [...]

    • Emma Long says:

      Following the death of his spy uncle, Ian Rider, 14 year old Alex Rider is recruited into the MI6 to complete his mission. After eleven days of intense SAS style training, Rider is set on his first mission where he investigates the work of Herod Sayle and his Stormbreaker computers. Weaving through old tin mines and underwater caverns, Rider uncovers the unfortunate truth behind the Stormbreakers, a bout of lethal smallpox encased within. At the press of a button all the children of the UK could [...]

    • Tim says:

      This book if a fiction book about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider. Alex is a normal school boy in London who lives with his uncle. Towards the beginning of the book, Alex is told his uncle died it a car accident. Alex doesn’t think this is true because his uncle is very protective and safe. Alex later finds out his uncle died from gun shots when he was on a secret mission. He also finds out being a spy was his uncles full job. This mission was called the stormbreaker. Alex is told by [...]

    • Holly says:

      I will start by saying that I read this to my son (11) because he got the entire set for a Christmas present and he thought "it wasn't my thing." He rated it a 5, so for the audience it is intended for, it strikes a (much) more positive chord.What I think he would say about it (positively):1). There's a lot of action. From the beginning to the end, there's no real boring parts.2). There's no unnecessary romance. He hates that in books.What I hated (some admittedly petty):1). Every other sentence [...]

    • Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ says:

      Not bad. It was pretty much exactly what I expected to be: one of those cool adventure stories intended to hook reluctant tweenage boy readers. And although I am not a reluctant tweenage boy reader, I still found it entertaining. Is this book a deep exploration of human nature and the meaning of life? No. But sometimes it's a relief when all of that is thrown aside, and one can just read something that makes them feel pleasantly stupid. What matters is that this book wasn't intended to be intell [...]

    • Franz says:

      The main character in this book is Alex. He was told that his grandfather was killed in a car accident, but he then finds out he was gunned down in his car. He also finds out that his grandfather was killed because he was a part of a top secret mission. I like this book because this book has a little bit of adventure and mystery.

    • AlexB_E2 says:

      This book reminds me of my childhood. I used to LOVE things about spies and secret organization stuff. My sister and I used to play "Steal the Candy" or "Whack the Dad in the Stomach Without him Noticing Us" or "Scare our Mom so She Drops the Glass" We liked sneaking around the house even though we were not sneaky. Now I think back, we probably looked really dumb. But in the book, Alex Rider is killing people with jellyfish and jumping out of planes instead of whacking his dad and stealing candy [...]

    • Logan Arlington says:

      Alex Rider Stormbreaker is written by Anthony Horowitz is a fictional book about a teenager sent under cover for the MI6 agency. Alex was now 16 and had recently lost both of his parents in a plane and was now living with his uncle Ian Rider. Alex awoke to sirens one night and found out that his uncle was now dead and was told he was killed in a car crash. Ian Rider was a banker but Alex had soon figured out that his uncle was not being completely truthful to him. Alex starts to do some digging [...]

    • Daniel says:

      Title: Stormbreaker (Alex Rider Series #1)Author: Anthony Horowitz, John Blackford (Illustrator)Publisher: Penguin Group (USA), 224 pp, 2001Audience: Tweens (young adult)Format: Juvenile book aimed at the tween marketDescription: Alex Rider is fourteen years old and was in the care of his uncle, Ian Rider. The police came to his home at 3 in the morning to inform him that his uncle had died in a car accident. He had died because he hadn’t been wearing a seat belt and was struck by a truck. Ale [...]

    • Andrew says:

      This is the start of the phenomenally successful Alex Rider series written by the equally successful Anthony Horowitz (the man has written so much its difficult not to either be influenced by it or to be distracted by it, after all I have his two officially sanctioned Sherlock Holmes books ok must resist).Where was I ah yes this is the first in a series of book which charts the exploits of a seemingly normal school boy Alex Rider who is destined to much more. The series runs in to numerous title [...]

    • Rose says:

      So, i was quite excited when i found out there was a book. I loved the movie, so of course i had to read the book.Well, i can say i didn't got disappointed.The book was fine, but it's not like it was horrifying, or filled with big emotions. Everything in it was all happening quite fast, and we almost never got Alex opinion on anything. The writing-work and stuff was alright too, but there were some sentences and terms, where i would have used some other words. But perhaps it was because i read t [...]

    • Mike says:

      I don’t generally read a lot of youth-oriented (aka “YA”) fiction these days, but being an “omnivore” when it comes to reading I don’t specifically exclude it. Mumblety-mumblety years ago, writers that I respected and enjoyed wrote what was called “juvenile” fiction. For example, Isaac Asimov wrote six “Lucky Starr” novels (under the pseudonym “Paul French”) in the early 50s. Robert Heinlein started writing “juvies” in the late 40s eventually producing 13 (or 14 depen [...]

    • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥ says:

      Basic InfoFormat: Audio Pages/Length: n/aGenre: Young Adult; ActionReason For Reading: Everyone seems into this series. At A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: NoCliff Hanger: ehTriggers: n/aRating: 2.5 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot: 5Characters: 5World Building: 5Flow:6Series Congruity: n/aWriting: 5Ending: 6Total: 5In DeptBest Part: Male POV. Worst Part: Horrible role model MC. Thoughts Had: JJ is that you?!ConclusionContinuing the Series: ehRecommending: To young boys mayb [...]

    • Adam Silvera says:

      f I had Book 2 "Point Blank" on me after finishing this one, I would've jumped right into it. The book is entertaining, and it's great for reluctant readers, I'm sure I would've seen more bookstores and less Gamestops if I'd known about these as a kid. Alex is a lot like a young James Bond, except he's not thrilled about the ways of a spy and as Horowitz points out within the later pages of prose, he isn't exactly patriotic either. He wants to be normal, but he also wants answers for his uncle's [...]

    • Jonababez says:

      I liked the book, I realized that I really like spy books. This reminded me of my favorite TV series, Chuck! And I didn't watched the movie of this so I guess its better because they did a different version. I love the action and adventure in this book that I remembered the Stephanie series. Of course, they are much different. I was amused by the reason of the antagonist, Herod, in killing the children and I almost felt like it was so childish. He wanted to kill every child in Britain through a [...]

    • Eshusdaughter says:

      I picked up Stormbreaker on impulse, based on the popularity of the book. I didn't really expect to enjoy it as I've never been a big James Bond fan and the whole spy thing doesn't interest me. To my surprise the story sucked me right in. Horowitz is a master of character and description and did a great job with this teenage spy novel. While some elements definitely echo the usual spy novel tropes it was still a fun and engaging story. I really liked Alex and was rooting for him the whole time. [...]

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