Arsenic and Old Lace: A Play in Three Acts

Arsenic and Old Lace A Play in Three Acts Arsenic and Old Lace A Play in Three Acts Dramatists Play Service

  • Title: Arsenic and Old Lace: A Play in Three Acts
  • Author: Joseph Kesselring
  • ISBN: 9780822200659
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arsenic and Old Lace A Play in Three Acts Dramatists Play Service

    • Best Read [Joseph Kesselring] ✓ Arsenic and Old Lace: A Play in Three Acts || [Crime Book] PDF ☆
      223 Joseph Kesselring
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      Posted by:Joseph Kesselring
      Published :2019-011-20T07:49:16+00:00

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    • Carol says:

      The last couple of years, I've made an effort to fit in a few classic plays between novels and am still amazed at how much I enjoy them. Of the 15 or so I've read, I do believe ARSENIC AND OLD LACE has taken over first place on my favorites list.The old Brewster ladies are really a hoot! Home is Brooklyn and Martha and Abby are set in their ways with their cadaverous routines, but just as sweet as can be (hehehe) as they welcome prospective lodgers in for a glass of their own special blend of el [...]

    • Rebecca McNutt says:

      Who doesn't love Arsenic and Old Lace? The classic black-and-white black comedy film is one of the strangest and funniest, and this book gives readers the whole story in a play format so that they can experience it away from the big screen as well.

    • Kat says:

      Basic plot: two little old ladies while away their golden years by taking care of their nephew Teddy and actively pursuing their charity work. Never mind that Teddy thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt and their charity work consists of poisoning little old men.This is one of the most wonderful bits of dark humor I've ever read. It's laugh-out-loud funny (even when just reading it) and still manages to be creepy. Oh the irony, oh the death, oh the references to Boris KarloffI just got done reading this p [...]

    • Tina Rae says:

      So I thought this movie was just great but the play is EVEN BETTER. Um, how does that work? HOW ARE THEY BOTH SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD?! Ugh. So in love. Honestly, this is one of the most entertaining and fantastic stories I've ever had the chance to read/see. I wish I could've seen the original theatre version since I'm sure Boris Karloff as Jonathan was nothing short of perfect.Honestly, plays are, like, my favorite thing in the world. They are just so easy to read and so, so wonderful. This is de [...]

    • sabisteb says:

      Ich lese absolut nicht gerne Theaterstücke, muss aber für die Prüfung. Dazu musste ein US Stück her. Ich wollte was Unterhaltsames, durch das man sich nicht durchquälen muss und habe mich für „Arsenic and Old Lace“ entschieden. Zunächst habe ich mir den alten S/W Film angesehen, der mich wahrlich nicht von den Socken gehauen hat. Er ist überdreht und geht einem schon bald ordentlich auf die Nerven. Die Darsteller sind mir streckenweise zu hysterisch. Das war damals wohl so üblich, v [...]

    • Samantha says:

      One of the Common Core State Standards is to look at irony and understatement. This play is a great way to acquaint students with those literary techniques. One of my classes hated the play, but the other class got really into it and began acting it out. When I would tell them we were going to stop, they would ask to read JUST ONE MORE PAGE! It was a good time. The play is cute and funny. Abby and Martha are wonderful characters.

    • Xio says:

      This is such a wonderful idea for a couple of assasins to play with. They did a great job with the film also.

    • Brenda says:

      Very random thoughts.I enjoy the movie (probably one of my top ten faves) and I have seen the play a few times in our local small town quality productions. However I had the opportunity to read the play this afternoon and I never notice how how messed up the two aunts were from the get go. Was Jonathan the youngest brother? Mortimer had to be the oldest. Was Dr. Einstein Jonathan’s only friend? Dr. Einstein did help him escape the Insane Hospital. Is it weird that I hope Dr. Einstein ended up [...]

    • Dakota says:

      This play was very enjoyable. Its humor is dark, but that made it even more hilarious. The irony and the characters small awareness makes it that much better. It is one of the better plays that I have read and it was one of the funniest too. If you like reading plays, I recommend giving this one a read.

    • Sonia says:

      Divertida y corta obra de teatro. Quizás me haya ayudado haber visto la peli hace mil años. Recordaba a las dos protagonistas, y a Mortimer, y me gustaba ponerles cara e imaginarme sus gestos. Me ha gustado mucho.

    • Realini says:

      Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph KesselringA family of lunatics goes on a rampage killing 24 people between them. And they call it a comedy.Actually, rated among the best ever…A horror comedy might be a way to describe this crime story with plenty of laughs.A family of lunatics goes on a rampage killing 24 people between them.How can you turn this into a comedy?It can’t be easy, but Frank Capra, with the help of Cary Grant has turned this into one of the best comedy films ever made, on some li [...]

    • Xmusicsnobx says:

      A charming and tasteful little play. Unfortunately, the plot gets stretched out too thin. Not enough content to last as long as it does. By the end, its lost a lot of its original gusto. But besides that, it's pretty entertaining and sometimes funny.

    • Tortla says:

      This is a play. An awesome play. I have no idea when I read this, but I remember it's still good readin' even though it's supposed to be acted out. I shan't destroy the awesome plot for you, but even if I did you'd still be able to experience the awesome. And I think I've seen parts of the movie.I'm not sure though. Yay!

    • Kelly says:

      The events in this play are hilarious and appalling at the same time. If you've never thought two old ladies were capable of murder, then apparently you've never experienced this play. Kick back with a cup of coffee or tea, never the wine, and enjoy.

    • Catherine D says:

      One of my favorite plays of all time - funny, just a little creepy and still fun even many years after it was written.

    • Jesse Roth says:

      Delightfully entertaining:)

    • Susan says:

      The book is more enjoyable than the movie!

    • Michelle says:

      Very funny! I can't wait to see the movie now.

    • Bettie☯ says:

      Bettie's Books

    • Dakota says:

      This play/ movie was pretty funny. like if kids these days watched this without learning about it in school probably would laugh because they wouldn't understand the humor. For the time period back then that kind of humor was hilarious with the aunts killing a bunch of old men and think the old men are in hell because they are all alone and depressed with no family left and all that. That was considered hilarious back then because they did it and didn't think anything was wrong with it like when [...]

    • Michael says:

      In my class we were assigned to read/act out the play Arsenic and old lace. At first I didn't really like the play at all, but when Jonathan was first introduced I actually wanted to finally read my lines assigned to me in class. Every second I was metaphorically on the edge of my seat when Mortimer was explaining a play to Einstein and Jonathan was slowly coming up behind Mortimer and going for the curtain cord to tie him up. I hope my small review makes you want to try and read this extraordin [...]

    • Dracos99 says:

      Es una comedia negra de enredos, que acontece en una sola noche. Nos encontramos con ancianas que asesinan a hombres que se encuentran solos; un sobrino que se cree que es Teddy Roosevelt; otro que está en búsqueda y captura por asesinato; un tercer sobrino, más normal, que se acaba de prometer con la hija de la vecina; un policía que quiere ser escritor, otro que está a punto de jubilarse. y, sobre todo, muchos cadáveres.Aunque en algunos momentos los diálogos son un poco flojos, es muy [...]

    • María says:

      Divertida, con un movimiento de personajes llamativo, con momentos que sacan una carcajada y de cierta tensión humorística. El final me ha resultado un poco precipitado y surrealista en exceso. Uno de los interrogantes más importantes de la trama no parece que se resuelva de forma clara. La edición tenía algunos fallos de ortotipografía y gramaticales. Para pasar el rato está bien. Creo que me gustaría verla representada.

    • Kayleigh Clancy says:

      this was a funny book with a dark humor comedy sense. The actors made the characters funny and dumb at sometimes and its a really really funny play. I didnt really understand all the concept by reading the play, but watching it, i understood it and loved it. i laughed so much. espicially about the Boris Karloff part and how everyone thinks that the grandmothers are innocent, and how Teddy thinks that he is Teddy Roosevelt and thinks the cellar is the panama canal.

    • Lastik says:

      una gran obra de teatro. Si has visto la película clásica de Capra te hará recordarla y lo pasarás muy bien leyendo la obra. Y si no, te animo a descubrir una gran obra de teatro con grandes dosis de humor.Más sobre mi opinión en la reseña del blogalmalectora/2018

    • Nahid Ali says:

      A very wonderful plot with cleverly delineated characters. The author has a great talent mixing suspense with comedy, creating an amazing comic thriller. One of the most astonishing aspects of the play is the coolness and simplicity with which the two aunts think and behave. These women are very chilling and very funny at the same time.

    • Kevin McDaniel says:

      I am currently reading this wonderful play with my students. This is an amazing, fun study of irony, understatement and euphemisms. I have the students reading this dark comedy in small groups, and their laughter is proof that I have chosen a winner.

    • Lucas Dominick says:

      Arsenic and Old Lace is a funny play considering it was written in 1939. The only small thing is that it's better seeing the actions instead of reading it. It's a easy and quick read and surely will make you chuckle. I would definitely recommend reading and watching this.

    • Yaaresse says:

      Read this as a kid and loved it. Such dark humor! ------------Rating childhood reads strictly by my memory of how much I enjoyed them at first read. Obviously that could be drastically different if I read them today. (Then again, some of them might just hold up pretty well.)

    • Mj says:

      To say that I love Arsenic and Old Lace is to undersell it tenfold. This is one of the funniest, most sincere plays that I have ever read. I was introduced to it back in high school while doing a table read with a drama class, and it's been one of my favorite plays ever since.

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