Mysteries of Paris

Mysteries of Paris Mysteries Of Paris is a large novel is scope and size Mysteries Of Paris is a novel dealing with social criticism Sue gives the reader a tale of prostitutes and the middle class violence and compass

  • Title: Mysteries of Paris
  • Author: Eugène Sue
  • ISBN: 9781438509532
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mysteries Of Paris is a large novel is scope and size Mysteries Of Paris is a novel dealing with social criticism Sue gives the reader a tale of prostitutes and the middle class, violence, and compassion Sue also wrote another multi volume work The Wandering Jew An excerpt reads, The surprised lapidary rose and opened the door Two men entered the garret One of themMysteries Of Paris is a large novel is scope and size Mysteries Of Paris is a novel dealing with social criticism Sue gives the reader a tale of prostitutes and the middle class, violence, and compassion Sue also wrote another multi volume work The Wandering Jew An excerpt reads, The surprised lapidary rose and opened the door Two men entered the garret One of them was tall and thin with a face mean and pimpled surrounded by thick grayish whiskers he held in his hand a stout loaded cane and wore a shapeless hat and a large green greatcoat covered with mud and buttoned close up to the neck the black velvet collar much worn exposed to view his long bare red throat which resembled a vulture s.

    • ☆ Mysteries of Paris || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Eugène Sue
      196 Eugène Sue
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    • Laura says:

      The original French text is available at La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec Volume I.The original French text is available at La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec Volume II.Free download available at Project Gutenberg, Volume 1 of 6.Free download available at Project Gutenberg, Volume 2 of 6.Free download available at Project Gutenberg, Volume 3 of 6.Free download available at Project Gutenberg, Volume 4 of 6.Free download available at Project Gutenberg, Volume 5 of 6.Free download a [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      Really 3 and a half. I took off a half star because I wasn't all that happy with the epilogue. I thought some parts of the book were better than others, but over all I did enjoy it. The author did a good job keeping track of all the major characters and plot lines, wrapping each one up by the end of the book. The author also keeps the reader informed of who each character is and what they've been doing by occasionally giving the reader a recap. (This was probably even more important when this st [...]

    • Bryn Hammond says:

      … I won’t let the last leg of this affect my mark (it was awful soap, and I’m disappointed in him that he cannot let his ex-prostitute marry happily. He has been so radical, and so feminist among other things). Obviously this ‘book’ was a live thing in its maker’s hands, that changed shape as he wrote the serial instalments, and listened to his public, and changed himself. Along the way he began to call himself a socialist, as he got a speedy education through a project he had starte [...]

    • Joseph says:

      Like Dickens, but darker.

    • Girl with her Head in a Book says:

      Review originally published here: girlwithherheadinabook/2Weighing in at nearly one and a half thousand pages, The Mysteries of Paris is an intimidating book by anyone’s standards. Serialised over a sixteen month period in the 1840s, it was a sensation in its day, inspiring Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Having never heard of it before, I was surprised at how familiar it felt; the dark and frightening underbelly of Paris is not so very different from Dickens’ account of Victorian London, th [...]

    • Rob Atkinson says:

      Hugely popular and influential in its day (the 1840s), Eugene Sue's "The Mysteries Of Paris" is a whopper of a colorful, picaresque novel in the old tradition. I'd been intrigued by mentions of this title repeatedly cropping up in my other subversive/avant-garde leaning readings, as having been a key influence, and I thought I'd even read that Lautreamont had taken his nom-de-plume from a character in the book. (On that score it seems I was mistaken). I therefore was surprised by just how conven [...]

    • Wanda says:

      8 NOV 2016 - reading with The Literature of the 19th Century Group at Yahoo. All are welcome - 13 NOV 2016 - End of Book I. What a great, fun read! Peopled with likably nefarious characters (isn't that a funny oxymoron?!) each with his/her secrets. Oh, how I am going to enjoy this book. 21 NOV 2016 - End of Book II. 27 NOV 2016 - Book III, Chap. 6. Today is the First Sunday of Advent - Hope. 2 DEC 2016 - End of Book III. 4 DEC 2016 - Second Sunday of Advent - Peace. 24 [...]

    • Stela says:

      Je l'ai lu ily a bien longtemps, mais j'en garde un beau souvenir.

    • Jason Reeser says:

      The first part of this book was excellent. Full of great atmosphere, interesting characters, and a fun plot. It read much like a Dickens novel. But somewhere after the halfway point, this turned into a drawing-room soap opera that was all to often the fashion for writers in the 19th century. It became mostly gossipy characters talking about other characters and it was difficult to tell them apart. And this was only the first part of six parts. I really wanted to like this book and read all six p [...]

    • Laurence says:

      Excellent, énorme au propre comme au figuré, un Dickens à la française : personnages inquiétants, attendrissants, romantiques, et une intrigue à couper le souffle. Même les longs discours sociaux et moralisateurs de l'auteur et la longueur du roman n'empêchent pas d'apprécier l'histoire passionnante et pleine de suspense.Mon seul regret : il est presque impossible actuellement de trouver une une bonne édition en anglais, alors que l'oeuvre mérite amplement l'intérêt des lecteurs de [...]

    • Irina Elena says:

      One of my favourite! A nice blending of adventure, love, mistery, dramajust lovely! :)

    • Charles says:

      The New MysteriesMirable dictu, a new translation of Eugène Sue’s Mystères de Paris has been published after 171 years (Penguin Classics, 2015 $20 paper, $2.99 Kindle — though at 1360 pages maybe you wouldn’t want an e-book…) The translators are Carolyn Betensky and Jonathan Loesberg, and they have made a creditable job of it. In their introduction they spend some time in handwringing over the difficulties of translating the criminal slang thiat Sue made use of in the first part of the [...]

    • Karen says:

      At 1,363 pages probably the longest book I'll read this year. Originally serialised in France in 1842 this book has everything - romance, murder, kidnapping, humour, embezzlement, backstabbing (sometimes literally), social commentary and probably a few other things that I have forgotten to mention. The bad are very very bad and the good, well just a wee bit too goody-goody sometimes- I did want to smack Songbird by the end. My favourite characters were probably the indomitable Slasher and the mo [...]

    • Kate Mckinley says:

      It is a cobblestone. Very, very much a product of its time. If you thought the ending of "Camille" was awful don't even start. If you found Dickens boring, you certainly don't have the stamina for this. But if you're prepared to wallow for weeks in a sentimental morass of misguided but well-intentioned social commentary hung on the bones of a gothic revenge piece, then boy howdy is this the book for you!

    • Tristram says:

      Schlicht schlechtIch war jung, ungefähr 14 Jahre alt, als ich in unserer Stadtbibliothek eine illustrierte und vermutlich gekürzte Version des Klassikers von Eugène Sue fand und sie innerhalb von zwei, drei Tagen gierig verschlang. Welch eine fantastische und geheimnisvolle, intrigendurchtränkte und bedrohliche Welt hatte sich mir da aufgetan! Während meines letzten Frankreichaufenthalts kaufte ich deshalb in einem Anflug von Nostalgie die 1367 Seiten starke Ausgabe von „Les Mystères de [...]

    • Holly Socolow says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this epic 19th century French novel, a very thoughtful gift from my sister-in-law. The novel was serialized over 16 months and 150 installments, and the recent English translation was superb. It begins on the Ile de Cite, which in its day was portrayed as a sinister area filled with thieves and murderers. A mysterious man named Rodolphe rescues a young prostitute, Songbird, from a criminal called Slasher, who is assaulting her. Rodolphe is so adept at fighting that Slasher i [...]

    • Joyce says:

      This book can seem overly dramatic and over the top because it is a very old book, and one may have to get used to the language. But I felt, being dramatic here myself, like it lifted me to the heights of ecstasy and threw me into the pits of despair. It was that good.This is the story of Rodolphe, a man who tries to reward the virtuous poor and punish the evil. There are many interwoven stories in this book, and they are all interesting. Sometimes it is hard to remember who all the characters a [...]

    • Juliette says:

      Un livre fascinant. Je l'ai lu à l'âge de 15-16 ans, j'ai été transportée dans ce Paris d'un autre siècle. Les personnages sont attachants, il est très facile de rentrer dans l'histoire (ou plutôt les histoires). Ce livre m'a fait réfléchir sur la société de l'époque, mais aussi sur celle de maintenant. Je regrette sincèrement que les autres ouvrages d'Eugène Sue soient si difficiles à trouver en version papier. Cette oeuvre est la plus facile à trouver et je la recommande forte [...]

    • Mss Streetlamps says:

      Questo libro,stupendo per più di mille pagine,si è giocato la quinta stella negli ultimi paragrafi,costellati da melensaggini e leziosità che farebbero impallidire anche Dickens. Per il resto però c'è tutto quello che cerco in un libro:avventura,storie avvincenti,intrighi splendidamente orchestrati,per concludere quindi consiglio la lettura a chi,come me,ama i romanzi ottocenteschi.

    • Angel says:

      Only got to chapter 12, but I was really enjoying it. For a thousand page book, it has a good pace. I found the characters very intriguing.

    • Marina says:

      Потрясающая книга, которая не оставляет читателя равнодушным к искренним переживаниям всех героев! Автор великолепно описывает каждого из героев так, что не остаётся ни малейшего сомнения, что ты лично знаком с ними Родольф-побольше бы таких людей и в наше время! Искренне [...]

    • David says:

      Sue's book is a great backdrop to The Count of Monte Cristo and Les Misérables. It is dark, twisted, and absorbed with the mystique de la merde. For those interested in the background to the two later and greater works, this is a good place to start. The Mysteries of Paris is a great book to read on its own as well, but it comes in at over 1,000 pages in the Kindle edition so some readers may want to give a few minutes of thought as to whether or not it is worth the time. Rating: 5 out of 5 Sta [...]

    • Rob says:

      Let me start off by saying this novel is an acquired taste. The majority of the characters are caricatures which are even more exaggerated than Dickens' creations. The plot, although containing a strong social message, is highly melodramatic and relies on improbable events and strange coincidences. If you are not liberal minded you may also object to the authors socialist leanings. If you feel that the poor are lazy and that some people bring misfortune upon themselves then this book might not b [...]

    • Jessica Eleuteri says:

      bel libro. non me lo aspettavo per capirlo meglio leggerò anche la traduzione in italiano

    • Tristan Damiani says:

      Capostipite dei romanzo d'appendice, ha fatto da spunto per la nascita de "il conte di Montecristo" e "I Miserabili". Migliaia di pagine che narrano la storia infelice di un benefattore che aiuta persone virtuose. L'eccessiva lunghezza alterna inevitabilmente la qualità del contenuto dei capitoli, alcuni a tratti sono noiosi. Rimane comunque un classico.

    • Charles Altendorf says:

      Beginning of book was breath taking in pace. Really kept me on my toes. The end slowed down way too much for me.

    • Mandy says:

      This sprawling mystery story was the first to be published in France in serial form and was an enormous success in its day. It remains a book that is widely read but I found it just too long and too much a product of its time to really enjoy. Full of melodrama, bathos and pathos, coincidences, murders and kidnappings, it centres on the character of Rodolphe, a German nobleman, who sets out on a mission amongst the poor and downtrodden from the lower depths of Parisian society to protect the inno [...]

    • Marika Bonuccelli says:

      Finalmente anch'io sono riuscita a portare a termine questo libro.Io ho una posizione che sta un po' a metàl'inizio ero entusiasta ma passata la metà il libro è diventato troppo lungo, troppe riflessioni, troppi discorsi. Ho veramente trovato una grande difficoltà, la mole enorme.La trama è davvero originale e ben costruita, non sono d'accordo con chi dice che si è rivelato prevedibile. Per quanto mi riguarda l'unica cosa leggermente prevedibile è stato il matrimonio tra Rodolphe e Clemen [...]

    • Marie Bouteille says:

      J'ai beaucoup aimé ces chroniques. Dan Brown n'a rien inventé, Eugène Sue savait déjà nous tenir en haleine J'ai trouvé que Sue était en avance sur son temps. Il aborde tous les sujets brûlants de l'actualité de l'époque qui finalement sont restés d'actualité. Entre autres, le sujet des prisons alors même que l'on parle de l'augmentation du nombre de prisonniers. Il parle de l'abolition de la peine de mort, sa solution de remplacement n'étant certes pas extraordinaire mais je trouv [...]

    • Rara Beretta says:

      half through the book, i couldn't wait to be done with it. The Mysteries of Paris was a very long read with theatrical dialogues of one-dimensional characters in a mix of adventure and social drama. Sue has some good depictions of some social problems of his time, how the society breeds the crime, how the justice is biased towards the rich, etc. However, it's very black-and-white to the point of being utterly naive. Villains are super evil and mostly ugly, all the good characters are noble and b [...]

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