Crybaby Crybaby is a taboo treat standalone All characters are of legal age and everyone consents to the sexual acts involved This story is a hot one Stubborn Mouthy Brazen Two people with vicious tongues A d

  • Title: Crybaby
  • Author: K.Webster
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: ebook
  • Crybaby is a taboo treat standalone All characters are of legal age and everyone consents to the sexual acts involved This story is a hot one Stubborn.Mouthy.Brazen.Two people with vicious tongues.A desperate temptation neither can ignore.An injury has changed her entire life.She s crippled, hopeless, and angry.And the only one who can lessen her pain is him.Being Crybaby is a taboo treat standalone All characters are of legal age and everyone consents to the sexual acts involved This story is a hot one Stubborn.Mouthy.Brazen.Two people with vicious tongues.A desperate temptation neither can ignore.An injury has changed her entire life.She s crippled, hopeless, and angry.And the only one who can lessen her pain is him.Being the boss is sometimes a pain in the ass.He s irritated, impatient, and doesn t play games.Yet he s the only one willing to fight her for her.Daring.Forbidden.Out of control.Someone is going to get hurt.And, oh, how painfully sweet that will be.

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    • Wil Loves Books! says:

      DNF @ 40% Apparently I'm a glutton for punishment because I decided "why not?" and read this one. The blurb kinda sounded intriguing and she did a better job at the blurb than with The Wild. But I'm done. This one was ridiculous, kinda funny at how silly the dialogue was:“Put Toto down, Dorothy, I’m about to take you to Oz.”LMFAO! So sorry, I'm quitting this time while I'm ahead. Bye Felicia!

    • Nazanin says:

      2 StarsDNF @ 37%I love KW’s books especially her Dark ones but this one didn’t work for me. I don’t know exactly why, maybe it’s because I couldn’t understand the characters and feel them or their connection. Something was off about this story for me but don’t pay attention to me, hope you enjoy it more than me!

    • Selene says:

      Genre: EroticaPOVs: Dual, 1st personTone: Playful Welcome to The Dirty Drew Show!To deliver spankings ✔To have his face spit on ✔Hair pulling ✔Handcuffs ✔Andrew Hamilton is a physical therapist. Sophia Rowe is an ex-softball athlete causing a seemingly melodramatic ruckus all throughout his PT practice because she's a high-maintenance client. (view spoiler)[He's fortyish. She's still in high school! (hide spoiler)]The lusty tension between the characters was great at the start but turned [...]

    • Jennifer Kyle says:

      dnf @ 65 Percent

    • Susanna Needs a GREAT Book Please says:

      WTAF So she goes from daughter rape incest "taboo" to let's be a complete clueless dick to disabled people.From the blurb: "She's crippled, hopeless, and angry."Crippled.Yup.She said it.Crippled.Somebody please offer her a day job already, my brain can't handle more of this complete shite.

    • Sophia Triad says:

      There are three stories that describe the HEA of Rowe family (two daughters and their father):1. Ex-Rated Attraction about Olivia Rowe (daughter) and much older Miles Reynolds.Olivia used to date Miles’ son, until she found out that he was cheating. She was attracted to Miles, so she slept with him and she never regretted it. The book is hot. But honestly, the fact that Miles kept repeating that he was a villain, was getting in my nerves. The only villain in the story was his son who first che [...]

    • Michelle says:

      K.Webster is my go to author especially when it comes to fulfilling my guilty pleasure of taboo stories!!! Crybaby was just a fun, sexy dirty erotic forbidden kind of romance. I took this book as what it was as an entertaining naughty read. Hot alpha male. Check! Mean Crybaby. Check!! Sexual tension!! Check! Check!!! So yeah toss in a quite a few steamy sex scenes and a whole lots of bossy attitude into the mix, you’ll discover why I enjoy read K. Webster’s taboo books.

    • Jillian says:

      I loved this little taboo treat from K. Webster. Crybaby is a fairly quick read and I may or may not have needed to change my panties at one point. This story is about Sophia and Drew, the Crybaby and the Ass. Sophia is in physical therapy for a bad injury sustained while playing softball. Drew is her Physical Therapist. I'm not going to give away any more of the story details or provide any spoilers. This book will be more fun going into blind. Crybaby is not available through the usual sources [...]

    • Chanette Mills says:

      3.5 stars

    • Elle says:

      2* STARS!Mini Review: Great cover but disappointing story. Drew Hamilton assigned himself to be Sophia Rowe's new therapist. Because she has poisonous mouth and no one wants to near her. He's been fooling around her for months and suddenly has hard on for Sophia. How 'professional' is he, right? The worst is, she's almost 'crippled' forever because her own stubbornness not to getting better. She didn't take care of herself and became 'crybaby'. She's hurt and angry. Her father is busy and the si [...]

    • ▲Yvonne Nuñez says:

      4.5 take me to the doctor right now stars

    • Sweet Spot Sisterhood Book Lover's Blog says:

      This is definitely my favorite of K Webster's quick reads. I love the whole scenario. It hot, forbidden, and the story moved fast and had me hooked from the start. I'll be recommending this book to my friends for sure! reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood

    • Alpha Possessive Heroes says:

      Looks interesting. :)

    • Kimberly Lawson says:

      I think this author is getting targeted because she failing to provide warnings. This book would fall under the categories: Sexual assault ( Not by hero.)  Daddy play (That snuck up on me :/). Lastly, Age Gap.  I'm an open reader, I don't judge anyone for their taste in books, or the author's imagination.I love dark reads, trust and believe my therapist had a field day with that. Guess what? I'm perfectly healthy. I say healthy loosely here. I mean I do have to see a therapist.At the end of [...]

    • Katie says:

      Quick, smutty read.

    • K.M. Lowe says:

      Ah, another taboo story by the wonderful K Webster! What I love about any of her work that I've read, is that its unique, differently, AND addictive, even when you know it probably shouldn't be. My heart goes out to Sophia in this book. I felt like I had a close connection to her, because I've been there with pain, going for months thinking of was nothing to get that news that its a tumour. The pain, the wait, the results was all close to home. Obviously there is a taboo subject matter in this b [...]

    • Nara says:

      Believe me, the cover and the story tells the different kind of story. It wasn't shallow with easy topic to read. No. The plot was heavy and sad, but holly molly smolly hotness! It was K. Webster's babe!!! Nothing she writes was lack of chemistry, lack of passions, lack of emotion. NONE OF THOSE!!And this book?? Perfect combination of holly hotness and emotional plot!A~~~~~nd I love imperfect hero. Yes, the hero, or heroes may I say, they are admitted that they did the heroine wrong. And I feel [...]

    • Rejane says:

      The crazy continues. Crippled?!Really?!/review/show/review/show

    • Milos Mojsilovic says:

      As in all her books this one starts with a warning. We don't get one cause we won't heed it anyways. By this point you should know exactly what you're getting from K Webster l, and you shouldn't let any naysayers distract you from her works. They call it incest but you have to read it to not just understand bit to get the whole picture, cause there's always more to K than what meets the eye. And the same is true for Crybaby. It's not just a man taking advantage of a crippled teenager. There is m [...]

    • ~ Cariad ~ says:

      Absolute filthwith a HEA!K Webster you're such a guilty pleasure for me!

    • Sharon L says:

      ugh, I just can't. ranting to come.Welcome my friends to this AMAZING town. Really, it is an AMAZING town. Since, it is one of the only towns in the western world where the population is mainly men in their late thirties to their early forties, and teen age girls on the cusp of becoming legal. Yeah, you guessed that right. It is the only town where a man can get a child bride for himself and nobody will really bat an eye. Well, maybe they will joke that you are a pedophile. Maybe they will say s [...]

    • Terri Turner says:

      Another taboo treat from the formidable K Webster. I LOVE her work because she is so versatile, her mind is full of delights and different genre's that she continues to delight us with and I for one will always read her work. Sophia and Drew meet when she injures herself and he is her Physiotherapist. He is much older than her which I liked but she also knows exactly what she wants from life. Sophia is fiery and has a mouth on her that makes you smile to yourself. She is rude at times and over t [...]

    • Christiann Igou says:

      This book was oh so much more than I was expecting! It was cute and sweet while at the same time dirty and just a little bit not right! This book is all about what happens you when you meet that person that completes you when you weren't expecting it! The storyline and characters were flawless and I couldn't put this down! K. Webster grabs her fans from the first pages and keep your hanging on throughout the entire book! There was definitely a point in this book that I was screaming (in my headl [...]

    • Jamie says:

      Another, "nope".I think I should just step away from the erotic shorts for a while. I seldom find them up to my standards, but every once in a while there's a winner. This wasn't one of the winners.I like none of the characters. They are yucky. 😋

    • Ana Oh says:

      I had to read this book because, well, it's K. Webster. Duh. This is another super sexy naughty erotic romance that I could not put down. Sexy ripped older physical therapist and young female in distressher specialty. I will eat it up. Every. Single. Time. Just yum.

    • Bliss says:


    • A says:

      -Immature heroine-Immature hero-He was supposed to be her physical therapist but obviously took advantage of her-She was depressed, had an addiction and felt so much pain all the time and all he did was hurt her more when he should've helped-HE SLAPPED HER.-RAPE ON PAGE - I knew this wasn't sweet and fluffy but it needs a trigger warning, I felt incredibly bad reading it and it's not even one of my triggers.-Just a big NO.

    • Shanna Matheo says:

      DNF @21% WT actual F?! JUST NO.

    • V💜Greedy~Thirst~For~Forbidden🖤 says:

      Loved this novella, Sophie and Drew are perfect for each other and the way their love grows is perfect. This is a nice and warm story with the right amount of steamy and beautiful HEA. Perfect evening reading while enjoying a nice glass of wine 🍷 totally recommend it.

    • Tyi says:

      When this came through yesterday before I fell asleep, I knew it was worth the sleepless night. I read almost the whole book and then had to call it a night because my eyes started to cross. I love getting a book that keeps you in the zone. Sophia and Drew were able to accomplish this. Like many other, K Webster writing, the love between the main character isn't conventional by any standard of the word. However, this is no mistake the building love that Sophia and Drew had. At first glance, the [...]

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