Deep Blue Trouble

Deep Blue Trouble Single mother Florida bounty hunter Lori Anderson s got an ocean of trouble on her hands Her daughter Dakota is safe but her cancer is threatening a comeback and Lori needs JT Dakota s daddy and the

  • Title: Deep Blue Trouble
  • Author: Steph Broadribb
  • ISBN: 9781910633939
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Single mother Florida bounty hunter Lori Anderson s got an ocean of trouble on her hands Her daughter Dakota is safe, but her cancer is threatening a comeback, and Lori needs JT Dakota s daddy and the man who taught Lori everything alive and kicking Problem is, he s behind bars, and heading for death row Desperate to save him, Lori does a deal, taking on off the books jSingle mother Florida bounty hunter Lori Anderson s got an ocean of trouble on her hands Her daughter Dakota is safe, but her cancer is threatening a comeback, and Lori needs JT Dakota s daddy and the man who taught Lori everything alive and kicking Problem is, he s behind bars, and heading for death row Desperate to save him, Lori does a deal, taking on off the books job from shady FBI agent Alex Monroe Bring back on the run felon, Gibson The Fish Fletcher, and JT walks free Following Fletcher from Florida to California, Lori teams up with local bounty hunter Dez McGregor and his team But Dez works very differently to Lori, and the tension between them threatens to put the whole job in danger With Monroe pressuring Lori for results, the clock ticking on JT s life, and nothing about the Fletcher case adding up, Lori s hitting walls at every turn But this is one job she s got to get right, or she ll lose everything.

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    • Noelle says:

      It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVED the first book in the Lori Anderson series – Deep Down Dead – you can read my full review here, so when I was asked if I wanted to read an ARC of Deep Blue Trouble…there was absolutely NO hestiation on my part. It was an easy you bet your sweet ass, I do!!The setting of this novel flits between Florida, California and Mexico and the reader faces regret, change, relationships, survival, righting wrongs, revenge, trust, manipulation, betrayal, choices [...]

    • Amy says:

      Early last year I read the first book in this series, Deep Down Dead and was totally blown away, it was a gritty, action packed read and I’ve been dying to read this book ever since. I am so excited to share that DBT surpassed any of my expectations and I loved this one just as much as the first.Broadribb weaves a story that is relentlessly paced right from the very first page. If I were asked to describe this book briefly I would say it’s that rare read that truly gets your heart pounding w [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      With thanks to the publisher for the copy received.
Deep Blue Trouble is the second full length novel to feature Lori Anderson. I recommend reading them in order, the books are closely connected and the events here occur immediately after those in Deep Down Dead.
All of the characters I loved there have reappeared but there is a difference. Lori is on her own more, JT is in prison and she has left Dakota out of harms way in a holiday camp. She hates leaving her there but she needs to know th [...]

    • Emma says:

      This felt like a cross between an action thriller and a Lifetime movie, all over dramatic and over done. The first book featuring Lori Anderson Deep Down Dead seemed super popular and I was excited to give the follow up a go. Reviews talk about her as gutsy and feisty, but in this she seems more like a danger to herself and others. Dedicated and enthusiastic, sure, but I saw little evidence of her being a well trained bounty hunter; instead she blundered repeatedly, leading to other people getti [...]

    • Karen says:

      Deep Blue Trouble is the second book in the Lori Anderson series. I have a confession to make. I haven’t yet read the first, Deep Down Dead. I know. I’m possibly the only book blogger who hasn’t and I had all good intentions of reading it before this one (in fact I did start it but to had to put it to one side – other blog tour review commitments and life getting in the way). But, I’m happy to say that I didn’t feel at all left behind by jumping in with book 2, and in my opinion, Dee [...]

    • Liz Barnsley says:

      **4.5 stars**The first Lori Anderson thriller was fast and furious, Deep Blue Trouble is even faster and furious (er?) which you know, makes me expect Vin Diesel along at any moment…The absolute beauty of the writing comes in the sheer depth the author brings to what is basically a thrill ride of the highest order. In Lori Anderson, Steph Broadribb has created a genuinely authentic, kick ass, realistically flawed heroine who I will now follow anywhere – a breath of fresh air on a hot summer [...]

    • Sam (Clues and Reviews) says:

      Last year, I read the action thriller Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb, and was instantly drawn in.   A kick- ass female protagonist, a sizzling love story, and an intricate, fast-paced plot had my eyes glued to the pages. This one lived up to the hype. So, when I found out that the second novel in the series, Deep Blue Trouble, was coming out, I was thrilled but also a little worried. A sophomore novel is a tough one to write, especially when the first would be such a tough act to follow. We [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Deep Blue Trouble is the second book in the Lori Anderson series. I would personally recommend reading Deep Down Dead, the first book in the series, before reading this one.I loved Deep Down Dead as it was a great read as I loved the concept of a female bounty hunter. Having enjoyed it so much I couldn’t wait to catch up with Lori again and see where she would take us next. I certainly wasn’t disappointed!You know whatever case Lori finds herself working on is going to be dangerous. My heart [...]

    • Emma says:

      Deep Blue Trouble is the second book in the Lori Anderson series written by one of my favourite authors, Steph Broadribb.  The first book in the series, Deep Down Dead made a BIG impression on me last year and you can read my review by clicking HERE.  Deep Down Dead also featured highly on my top ten books of 2017 post.  It's true, I flipping love Lori Anderson.  This is one of those reviews where you hope everything you say does the book justice.  Fingers crossedOf all the books to b [...]

    • Yvonne (It's All About Books) says:

      Finished reading: January 14th 2018"All of us have the potential to kill. We just don't know if we'll do it until we find ourselves in that situation."(view spoiler)[I was sold as soon as I first saw that gorgeous cover, and found myself having no other option than diving straight into Deep Blue Trouble to see just how deep the trouble is the main character finds herself in. And WOW. What a firecracker of a thriller! Between the writing style, premise and characters this book had me under its s [...]

    • Joanne Robertson says:

      Deep Down Dead was in my top 20 books of 2017 so I was desperate to catch up with my favourite girl crush Lori Anderson in her second thriller Deep Blue Trouble. And what a sequel this is!!! It hits the ground running and keeps up the fast paced, action packed narrative that I came to love so much last time. I do recommend you read Deep Down Dead first so you can get all the pertinent information you need so as to understand Lori and why she does what she does! And maybe if you haven’t read De [...]

    • Paul says:

      Deep Blue Trouble – A Kick Ass ThrillerSteph Broadribb follows up her kick as debut, Deep Down Dead, with an even better kick ass follow-up, Deep Blue Trouble. This thriller picks up a few days after the ending of her previous book, and once again Floridan Lori Anderson is taking names and trying to protect those whom she loves.Her bounty hunting skills are required by Special Agent Alex Monroe for an off the books hunt for an escaped convict, Gibson ‘The Fish’ Fletcher. While at the same [...]

    • Eva says:

      Around this time last year, I read Deep Down Dead, the first Lori Anderson book. I remember it left me absolutely exhausted from the relentless action but also thrilled to know there would be more from Lori and that time has finally come. So, yes, once again I had insanely high expectations and I was not disappointed because this one is even better!Deep Blue Trouble picks up one week after events from the previous book. With JT in jail, Lori cuts a deal with Special Agent Alex Monroe. He needs h [...]

    • Janel says:

      Exciting. Dangerous. Electric. Those are just some of the words that spring to mind when I think about this book. Deep Blue Trouble is a stellar read; the plot moves at rapid speed and you won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough! You absorb this novel, the danger and excitement of it all will thrill you to no end. I highly recommend you read this series in order, starting with Deep Down Dead, because the plot is continuous – Deep Blue Trouble starts right where Deep Down Dead finished so [...]

    • Lucy Hay says:

      Found myself recommending this book to a friend as: 'Female-centric, mystery, extremely violent so ticks all my boxes'! But DEEP BLUE TROUBLE is so much *more* than this -- the characters are really coming into their own in this series and I feel so invested in Lori, JT and little Dakota. Broadribb has really taken it up a level here, plus the action feels grittier & more plausible. A cast of believable secondary characters and a fantastic, gut-punch of a resolution really made this play ou [...]

    • Craig Sisterson says:

      I've quickly become a fan of Steph Broadribb's Lori Anderson series, for a number of reasons. It can seem at times like the mystery genre is lately drowning in a tsunami of middle-class heroines getting themselves into all sorts of domestic noir scrapes (thanks Gone Girl) - some great tales but plenty of mediocre ones too - but here's a female-centric series that provides something quite different.Lori is hard-working, blue-collar single Mom kicking ass in an action-packed series set in the sult [...]

    • Hobart says:

      This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.--- I really could just say, "You know that book that I (and just about everyone else) was so excited about a few months back? Well, the sequel is out now, and it's just as good, if not better. Everything I wrote before still applies." That'd be cheating, and not 100% accurate, but close enough I could do it with a clear conscience.But let's see if we can give it a bit more justiceWhen we left Lori, she was agreeing to work with an FBI Agent t [...]

    • Tripfiction says:

      Tense thriller set in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIADeep Blue Trouble is the second book in Steph’s Broadribb’s Lori Anderson series. It is every bit as good as the first, Deep Down Dead.Lori Anderson is a bounty hunter. They are a peculiarly American phenomenon. Bondsmen (for a fee) offer to post bail for a suspected criminal. The bail, though, is forfeited if the suspect does not turn up for a court appearance. If they attempt to vanish (as a fair number do…) before the appearance, then the bondsma [...]

    • Mairead Hearne ( says:

      ‘I knew it’d take a damn sight longer for the horrors of the previous week to pale, but she was alive; we all were. If James Robert – JT – hadn’t been with us, none of us might have survived to tell any kind of version of the truth’I squeaked, I eeeeked and I jumped for joy when I heard Steph Broadribb had written the follow up book to Deep Down Dead. Steph Broadribb is a blogger and a now amazeballs author with the fab Orenda Books, who writes with an exciting style that just leaves [...]

    • Book Addict Shaun says:

      Deep Down Dead was my favourite book of 2016 and I couldn't wait to read Deep Blue Trouble, saving it for my first read of 2018 and what a way to kick off another year of reading. Steph Broadribb has created a fantastic character in Lori Anderson and I absolutely love her. The character development here is brilliant, and following along with Lori I truly shared in her fear at what might happen to her daughter Dakota and JT. But, that fear at times turned into fierce determination and proved that [...]

    • Ronnie Turner says:

      Following the events in Deep Down Dead, Lori Anderson is once again in an impossible situation. With JT in prison, the death penalty looming over his head, Lori is forced to strike a deal with FBI agent Alex Munroe: track down Gibson ‘The Fish’ Fletcher and bring him back. With no other way to save JT and have him released from prison, she leaves behind beloved daughter Dakota and sets off for San Diego, utilising every modicum of her knowledge and past experience in capturing him again. But [...]

    • Wendy says:

      Yet another whip-cracking, bounty-hunting ordeal with as much bite and venom as book one, Deep Down Dead.This follow up begins immediately after the previous lethal venture for Lori Anderson, JT (Tate) and little Dakota. Once again there are many knots for them to unravel on a fraying piece of string, and unless they moved quickly it wouldn’t take long before their lives were hanging by a thread. Despite their current and very different circumstances, which I won’t divulge here as it could p [...]

    • Victoria Goldman says:

      Wow! Steph Broadribb has done it again. Yes, the kick-ass Florida bounty hunter Lori Anderson is back in Deep Blue Trouble - which is even better than the first book in this series, Deep Down Dead.I read this book early - really early - thanks to an error at UK, which delivered the e-book to my Kindle nearly three weeks before it was actually published. Well, I couldn't NOT read it straight away, could I?!I devoured Deep Blue Trouble in just a few hours (three short sittings overall), reluctant [...]

    • Thebooktrail says:

      Visit the locations in the novel Florida boundInterview with the author Meet Lori AndersonThis is one of the freshest series around. Lori is one amazing character and has a real heart of gold despite some flaws obviously and difficult decisions she had to make. This second outing was just as exhilarating as the first but thankfully the little girl is safer in this one - as for Lori and JT spoilers but Steph ramps up the tension and then some.I want to be Lori's friend but I think I'd only be abl [...]

    • Emma says:

      Lori Anderson is back! I loved loved loved ‘Deep Down Dead'. ‘Deep Blue Trouble’ is set just a few days after events in ‘Deep Down Dead’ and instead of enjoying time with her daughter, Lori is thrown right back into work. This time to save JT, father of her daughter and love of her life.Lori is real tough. Real bold and a real force of nature. She is a breath of fresh air to crime fiction. And I definitely have a girl crush! Fearless and resourceful, she will stop at nothing to get the [...]

    • Clair says:

      What a corker of a book to end 2017's reading on!!Around this time last year I was shouting about the fabulous Deep Down Dead which introduced us to Lori Anderson, the bad-ass, but completely loveable, bounty hunter. I was absolutely amazed that Deep Down Dead was Steph Broadribb's debut as it was a superbly written complex plot. As such, I had high hopes for this second book and boy does it deliver!** Potential spoilers for Deep Down Dead :) **Deep Blue Trouble picks up shortly after the events [...]

    • Abbie says:

      Okay, I’m starting off this review with an embarrassing confession I have not yet read Deep Down Dead, the first Lori Anderson book. I was unable to take part in the blog tour due to other commitments and it was on my October/November reading list. I had the perfect excuse to bump it up the TBR pile when I found out that Steph Broadribb was taking part in Hull Noir. However, plans sometimes don’t go the way you want them to and I actually ended up reading Deep Blue Trouble first instead. Bro [...]

    • Christen Moore says:

      2017 was the year I discovered I love action thrillers, a genre I did not think I would like. Clearly I was wrong. Lori Anderson is one of the reasons I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. Deep Blue Trouble is a thrilling action packed story of a woman driven to extremes by one of the most basic human instincts, protecting her family.Bounty hunter Lori Anderson has two problems. Her daughter Dakota is in remission from cancer, which could rear its ugly head at any moment. The only possi [...]

    • Martin says:

      DBT is another rip roaring, hum-dinger of a book by Steph. Following on immediately from the events of DDD, our protagonist and all round kick-ass heroine, Lori Anderson, is presented with yet another dodgy as shit-but-has-to-take-it job, this time bringing in Gibson “The Fish” Fletcher for wobbly FBI guy, Alex Monroe. Now, before we go on, Gibson “The Fish” Fletcher isn’t some Guillermo Del Toro amphibious creature type played by Doug Jones who has escaped from some secret government [...]

    • Jen says:

      If you are looking for a high stakes, high action and high tension read to kick off your New Year reading challenges then look no further. Lori Anderson is back and every bit as determined and fierce as she was when we first met her in Deep Down Dead. The case she is tasked with working is every bit as personal as her last but this time, instead of fighting to save her daughter, Dakota, Lori is fighting to protect Dakota's future and that of her father and Lori's former mentor and lover, James [...]

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