Crimes Against a Book Club

Crimes Against a Book Club Lighthearted You ll speed through this read Real Simple Best friends Annie and Sarah need cash fast Sarah a beautiful successful lawyer wants nothing than to have a baby But balancing IVF treatment

  • Title: Crimes Against a Book Club
  • Author: Kathy Cooperman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lighthearted You ll speed through this read Real Simple Best friends Annie and Sarah need cash fast Sarah, a beautiful, successful lawyer, wants nothing than to have a baby But balancing IVF treatments with a grueling eighty hour workweek is no walk in the park Meanwhile, Annie, a Harvard grad chemist recently transplanted to Southern California, is cutting co Lighthearted You ll speed through this read Real SimpleBest friends Annie and Sarah need cash fast Sarah, a beautiful, successful lawyer, wants nothing than to have a baby But balancing IVF treatments with a grueling eighty hour workweek is no walk in the park Meanwhile, Annie, a Harvard grad chemist recently transplanted to Southern California, is cutting coupons to afford her young autistic son s expensive therapy.Desperate, the two friends come up with a brilliant plan they ll combine Sarah s looks and Annie s brains to sell a luxury antiaging face cream to the wealthy, fading beauties in Annie s La Jolla book club The scheme seems innocent enough, until Annie decides to add a special and oh so illegal ingredient that could bring their whole operation crashing to the ground.Hilarious, intelligent, and warm, Crimes Against a Book Club is a delightful look at the lengths women will go to fend for their families and for one another.

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    • Pouting Always says:

      When her son Oscar is diagnosed with Autism and requires thousands of dollars in therapy, Annie is at a loss for what to do to pay for it. Then when out shopping with her best friend Sarah she gets brilliant idea, selling beauty products to high end customers. Sarah is gorgeous and until recently was a high power lawyer and Annie know's that Sarah will easily be able to get credit with the rich women at a book club she went to last week. On her part Sarah could also use the money for her expensi [...]

    • Obsidian says:

      I got this as the Kindle Single this month from . I have to say, I am shocked at how much I enjoyed this book. Maybe because the book at the top of each chapter goes into a book club read and gives you someone's perspective on it. Or I just loved the fact that some of the lines in this book were so freaking hilarious that I laughed out loud. I was actually sad to see the book end. I do have to say the ending was a bit out there, and not believable in the least bit, but I liked it. I think that s [...]

    • Sarah Joint says:

      Laugh out loud funny. Take this one to the beach, if you're not concerned over strangers staring because you're giggling to yourself as you read. Mostly light and quirky. Utterly ridiculous but completely charming. I needed a light, witty read and that's exactly what I got from Kathy Cooperman. It all started with the book club. Annie is invited by a friend to attend a meeting in an affluent area she lives near but not in. At first eager to read and discuss literature with other women, she quick [...]

    • Ameetha Widdershins says:

      Pros: Light, quick read.Amusing.Introduced me to some novels in the book-related chapter prologues.Cons:The book club connection is very slim.The ties made to books before each chapter was a little feeble and felt more like a gimmick to bring in the link to the title or like name-dropping. It didn't really add to the story and didn't work well as a device.I would read other works by this author.

    • Jessica says:

      If you enjoy witty books about female friendships, then you'll enjoy this one. As I read it, my husband kept asking, "What are you laughing at?" The two main characters, Annie and Sarah, are in need of money and trick these rich book club members into buying a face cream with a secret ingredient. The story is mostly set in La Jolla, a wealthy town near San Diego. As a New Englander, I enjoyed reading descriptions of this alien world where women own Hermes bags and plastic surgery is common place [...]

    • PaulaPhillips says:

      Moving to a new place in California, Annie is invited to attend a book club with the rich people of the neighborhood. Here she meets Dawn and the other rich wives around town. During her time in her new town, she learns that her son Oscar has autism and she needs $84,000 to pay for his therapy. When she is out with her friend Sarah, she watches a woman spend thousands of dollars on a face cream. As Annie has a chemistry background, she comes up with an idea to create her face cream. Sarah has be [...]

    • Carlin says:

      Kindle First book for April, 2017I'm having a hard time getting into this book partly because I'm not crazy about any of the characters or the premise. Stopped reading 5/16/17 at 59%. I'll get back to it at some point.

    • Cindy Roesel says:

      A couple of girlfriends come up with a scheme to make-a-buck  - quick! Best friends Annie and Sarah need some cash, quickly. Annie's a brainiac chemist with a Harvard PhD, three kids, and pricey therapy bills for her autistic son, Oscar. Sarah's a lawyer, who wants nothing more than to have a baby, but can't, so she's trying to come up with enough cash for in vitro fertilization treatments. Cha-ching! Annie knows a lot of really rich women in her town of LaJolla. Many of her fellow book c [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      This book was okay. It reminded me of a book that I would take to the beach. For me, beach books are those I can read while distracted. I might unintentionally skim over a few paragraphs here and there, but I won't miss anything important in doing so because really, there's nothing all that important anywhere in the book.The premise was alright. I could see it potentially happening in real life, so I didn't need to make any huge leaps to accept the plot line, which is always a plus to me. I appr [...]

    • Melissa says:


    • Matt Erwin says:

      A little fluff ball of a book. And a lot of fun.

    • Gail Barker says:

      Didn't expect this one! Thought it would be too fluffy; but good writing, absolutelyHysterical, I laughed until I cried-recommend for all savvy book clubs!Even in La Jolla· Hang on to your wallets·

    • Karimama says:

      I LOVED IT!At first, I thought it a mystery because of the title, but no, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable chicklit I've ever read!The storyline is well thought and woven, and I also liked the author's sense of humor, which often made me chuckle aloud.;D What I enjoyed most, however, among other things, is the narration! (Yes, I listened to the audiobook,too.) This narrator is such an actress I was amazed by the dramatic effect she added to the story! Especially when the protagonist [...]

    • Brittney Hall says:

      I am not a big fan of Lifetime or Hallmark movies and this book could definitely be one. One of those made for TV movies geared towards women with a little humor and lots of cliche characters. It's not horrible, just not my cup of tea.

    • Kelly says:

      after a few heavy reads, this was a perfect palate cleanser. light, funny, silly. it would be a cute lifetime movie.

    • Cab says:

      I'm not sure where I picked up this book and I want to be clear it's a short book. That said, I had a great time reading this story. The general premise is two friends face financial crisis's and they devise a scheme to make some money. The story really revolves around that process mixing in some serious situations but as a whole the story is very entertaining. Some of the lines were great. So much so that I was laughing out loud. So if you want a quick, lite, funny read this is for you

    • Melissa Storm says:

      This book had fun characters and a zany underlying plot. There was just too much going on with too many minor characters that made the reading drag out for too long. I loved Sarah, Annie, and Chloe, and if the book had stuck to just their story, it could have been a 5-star read. Still recommend if you have the time and don't mind an abundance of loosely connected subplots.

    • Darcey Hawkins says:

      I'm disappointed. I'm from the Imperial Beach area of Southern Cali. I suggest the author spend a weekend there and enjoy it for what it offers, which is a lot.I didn't care for how the novel endedI won't elaborate as to avoid spoilers.

    • Jen Petro-Roy says:

      An odd, yet strangely compelling book. Think quirkier Liane Moriarty.

    • Pia says:

      This book is funny and well written, just not for me.The premise sounds interesting: two best friends, one married with children the other single. Both need money, so they devise a plan to sell a fake "miracle" cream to the rich ladies of Annie's La Jolla, Ca. book club. The problem is there's a secret ingredient that is totally illegal and potentially dangerous.This is a fast, light beach read type of book. Maybe too light for me?I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I [...]

    • Julie S says:

      I kind of thought this would be more about an actual book club but it was more of a sort of framing device for the story, with the initial characters all meeting at one. Also the chapters begin with characters opinions on books, which I mostly skimmed past because I didn't find it that interesting. It was a fun book but not earth-shattering.

    • Satomi says:

      Wow. The characters talk a lot! And it’s hilarious! The author uses very unique analogies and I laughed a lot. I do not like the mother at the beginning, but her speech at the end made me smile. Although this book was a kindle first selection, I had chosen the other book. Wrong decision

    • Molly says:

      OMG this book was too funny. It was a great, light, summer read that made time fly by. I would highly recommend.

    • Barbara says:

      Crimes against a book club Really liked it Wasn't sure about it at first Fell in love with the characters Good read worth your time

    • Toni says:

      Fun 3.5 clever StarsAt first you'll think this is about a group of middle-aged, rich, botoxed wine drinking, book club women; and you'd be partially correct. However, hardly anyone reads this book, if they do they won't admit it, but they do love to gossip. I realize you're as shocked as I am. One smart women with a PhD in Chemistry is new to the area, and is really trying to fit in and find friends. What she doesn't know at the time is she and her best friend from college, an accomplished lawye [...]

    • Sarah says:

      This is a rare book in the mature "chick-lit" genre; it is fun, witty, light and entertaining. I read it on a beach during a long weekend trip with my book club. It was the perfect book for the trip.

    • Kim D says:

      chick lit for the middle-aged. (Which should be my demographic now)

    • Brita says:

      This was a free "Kindle First" book. It's definitely one of the best I've received through that program! I loved the changing POVs and the over-the-top characters. The premise is a bit absurd, but that's what makes the book so fun.

    • Melissa says:

      Breaking Bad meets Odd Mom Out in a fantastically clever debut.Full review coming soon

    • Crystal says:

      Best Kindle first choice so far! What a great read! I was able to relate with a lot of the things happening in the book which is probably why I enjoyed it. Definitely recommend!

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