Gdy mrok zapada

Gdy mrok zapada Poznaj m odego komisarza Williama Wistinga Stavern Zbli a si Bo e Narodzenie z nieba sypie g sty nieg Willia Wisting jest wie o upieczonym tat bli niak w i jeszcze nieopierzonym ambitnym poster

  • Title: Gdy mrok zapada
  • Author: Jørn Lier Horst Karolina Drozdowska
  • ISBN: 9788364846922
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poznaj m odego komisarza Williama Wistinga Stavern 1983 Zbli a si Bo e Narodzenie, z nieba sypie g sty nieg Willia Wisting jest wie o upieczonym tat bli niak w i jeszcze nieopierzonym, ambitnym posterunkowym Podczas brawurowego napadu na bank m ody policjant znajduje si nagle w centrum dramatycznych wydarze , ledztwo przejmuj jednak bardziej od niego do wiadczeniPoznaj m odego komisarza Williama Wistinga Stavern 1983 Zbli a si Bo e Narodzenie, z nieba sypie g sty nieg Willia Wisting jest wie o upieczonym tat bli niak w i jeszcze nieopierzonym, ambitnym posterunkowym Podczas brawurowego napadu na bank m ody policjant znajduje si nagle w centrum dramatycznych wydarze , ledztwo przejmuj jednak bardziej od niego do wiadczeni funkcjonariusze norweskiej policji.Kole e ska przys uga naprowadza go jednak na lad innego przest pstwa Wraz z kolekcjonerem starych samochod w Wisting odkrywa w przewracaj cej si stodole zabytkowe auto z dziurami po kulach w karoserii Wszystko wskazuje na to, e jego kierowca nie uszed ze strzelaniny z yciem.Ta dawna sprawa kryminalna ukszta tuje charakter Williama Wistinga jako policjanta i wska e mu cie k , kt r na zawsze b dzie ju pod a w swojej skutecznej karierze ledczego z Larviku.

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      379 Jørn Lier Horst Karolina Drozdowska
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    • Diane S ☔ says:

      What attracts us as readers to a series or for that matter a character? I'm sure every author would love to know the definitive answer to that question. This is a series where I have only read one other book, that being number eight, which I somehow blundered my way into, but found it and the main character Wisting, intriguing. I love these Nordic mysteries, the way the are put together, the slow but thorough way the story developsThis is the newest in the series, but takes us back to the beginn [...]

    • Yoda says:

      The best part about reading books by Jørn Lier Horst is how he manages to get all the small details that you didn't notice at the begining completely change the outcome. He makes all the puzzles fit together in the end. I love books that suprise me, this one definitely did.

    • Jeanette says:

      What hubris I own to start reading a series at novel #11! But honestly, I believe it just fell into a perfect place to start. Because it was a prequel and harbored back 33 years at the beginning of William Wisting's career. Good development of the young marriage, the baby twins, and especially his (William's) mindset and cognition of job "fit" and possible advancements to doing more what was "up his alley" than the overnight police calls he was endlessly answering. The pranks, the domestics, the [...]

    • Bruce Hatton says:

      The latest book in this excellent series is, in fact, a prequel set in 1983. William Wisting is just a rookie patrol officer, although he already has ambitions to join the CID. He's just recently married here and father of baby twins Thomas and Line - of course, the grown-up Line, a reporter, features prominently in the later-set novels.In the course of this quite short but very exciting novel Wisting manages to solve a case involving a vintage car which was abandoned in a barn in the 1920s. He [...]

    • Matt says:

      Jorn Lier Horst returns with another William Wisting novel that takes the reader into rural Norway and a calmer form of Scandinavian crime thriller. After over three decades as a reputable police officer, Chief Inspector William Wisting is set to address some new recruits at the police academy. He is handed a letter, one that takes him back three decades and sparks a memory of a case that got away. The story then travels back to 1983, where Wisting is a beat cop with a young wife and twin newbor [...]

    • Tomáš Ulej says:

      Horsta mám rád, jeden z mála zo severských detektivkárov, čo nemá potrebu popisovať skupenstvá kvapiek dopadajúcich na zem a nevyžíva sa v temnosti tmy a svetlosti svetla, ale píše skutočné detektívky. Len mu už trošku začínajú dochádzať nápady. Škoda ho, snáď sa polepší. Still better lovestory than Kepler.

    • LindaBranham Greenwell says:

      I love the series. This book goes back to how Wisting became started as a detective. LIne and Thomas, the twins were babies and Wisting was still a patrol policeman - and what lead him to becoming a detectiveIt begins when Wisting is preparing to address a new graduating group of police officers. He receives a letter from a woman that was found in a relative's belongings - behind a picture frame. The letter changes how Wisting addresses the group of newpolice officers. He asks them to begin by h [...]

    • Frances says:

      Interesting introduction to Wisting.even though it is No. 11 in the series.

    • Kasia (Kącik z książką) says:

      Nie mogę odmówić autorowi talentu do snucia wciągającej fabuły i warsztatu, dzięki którym wyrobił sobie ugruntowaną i mocną pozycję jako przedstawiciel dobrej jakości skandynawskiego kryminału, choć w tym przypadku powiesć pozostawia niedosyt.Cała opinia:kacikzksiazka/2017/02/g

    • Mary Picken says:

      When It Grows Dark takes us back to the beginning of Wisting's career as an investigator. It is something of a prequel to the other stories and as such is a little bit different.This is Wisting as a somewhat naive young policeman, not yet a detective, though anxious to join their ranks when it is achievable. Married to Ingrid, newly blessed with twins, Thomas and Line, Wisting is an enthusiastic policeman who relishes his job and craves more responsibility. Yet he is somewhat frustrated. He hate [...]

    • Pam says:

      AUTHOR Horst, Jorn LierTITLE: When It Grows DarkDATE READ 02/11/2018RATING 5/AGENRE/ PUB DATE/PUBLISHER / # OF Crime Fiction / 2017/Sandstone Press/ 160 pgsSERIES/STAND-ALONE #6 in William Wisting FIRST LINES: The bank card was ejected from the TM and Temporarily out of order appeared in big white letters on the screen. CHARACTERS William Wisting/policemanTIME/PLACE: 1983/Norway COMMENTS Loved this one! This is the 6th entry in the series but it is a prequel and can definitely be read first. As [...]

    • Race Bannon Berns says:

      This is a pretty ho-hum investigation novel.It's a prequel to the protagonist's beginningas a detective so his techniques are stillimmature. Separately, I thought the authorwrote too much about the protagonist'scare for his twin babies as well as how shabbilyhe treated his wife all for the glory of thejob. Fah.

    • Sally says:

      William Wisting is a young husband , father who wants to be a detective in this prequel. It was fun seeing him take an old car hidden in a garage and start looking into it as well as taking initiative in preventing car thefts.

    • WR says:

      A good albeit short story - looking back at how Wisting started out in the police force. I especially liked the personal story, considering how the last book involved Line giving birth.

    • Hege Rebecha says:

      I liked the book, but it was way to short!

    • Janicke Kittilsen says:

      Denne likte jeg like godt som de andre bøkene til Horst. Umulig å legge fra seg. Spennende at den går tilbake i tid. Jeg ble enda mer kjent med Wisting ved å få et innblikk i hans liv tidlig i karrieren hans.

    • Marite Juul says:

      Lier Horst skriver enkelt og effektivt. Styrken i historien ligger i en sympatisk hovedperson og forfatterens inngående kjennskap til politiyrket. Hyggelig lesning om den William Wisting tidlige år som politimann. Ypperlig bok for ungdom som skal forsøke seg på sin første "voksenkrim".

    • Marianne Søiland says:

      Nærmer seg faretruende en 5'er denne. Kose/trivelig/kryp-under-pleddet-i-soffen krim fra Horst denne gang. Fra Wistings spede begynnelse i politietaten, før han blir etterforsker. Kan man si deilig krim? Ja nemlig!

    • Linn Sødal says:

      Jeg liker stilen og språket til Lier Horst godt, og synes han skriver troverdig og god krim. Artig vri å ta oss med tilbake til karriere-start. Samtidig føler jeg dette er en noe "hastig" skrevet bok som godt kunne hatt en litt lenger/mer omfattende historie.

    • Elida says:

      Min anmeldelse: serieavhengig/2016

    • Henriette Haugli says:

      God historie, men den var litt kort.

    • Blanka says:

      Zapraszam do przeczytania mojej recenzji:blankakatarzynadzugaj.wordpre:)

    • Christine says:

      the choices you make defines you this was my first William Wisting book, and it probably won't be my last, good pace, new small crumble of clues throughout the entire book

    • Lars Ovlien says:

      Riktig spennende og morsomt om Wistings tidlige år og en kriminalsak fra 1925. Flott lesing som anbefales.

    • Geir Tangen says:

      Her er min omtale av Når det mørkner (ekstern lenke):bokbloggeir/2016/11/13/no

    • Ann-Christin Berg says:

      Her er min omtale av Når det mørkner: mineboker.wordpress/2016/

    • Kasiek says:


    • Iza Zimorska says:

      Min anmeldelsefacebook/permalink

    • Bjørnebok says:

      Omtale av boka på bloggen min:bjornebokgnorge/2016/

    • Anders Endreson says:

      Helt gjennomsnittlig Horst.

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