Sweet Spot: An Ice Cream Binge Across America

Sweet Spot An Ice Cream Binge Across America A journalist channels her ice cream obsession scouring the United States for the best artisanal brands and delving into the surprising history of ice cream and frozen treats in America For Amy Etting

  • Title: Sweet Spot: An Ice Cream Binge Across America
  • Author: Amy Ettinger
  • ISBN: 9781101984192
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A journalist channels her ice cream obsession, scouring the United States for the best artisanal brands and delving into the surprising history of ice cream and frozen treats in America For Amy Ettinger, ice cream is not just a delicious snack but a circumstance and a time of year frozen forever in memory As the youngest child and only girl, ice cream embodied unstructuA journalist channels her ice cream obsession, scouring the United States for the best artisanal brands and delving into the surprising history of ice cream and frozen treats in America For Amy Ettinger, ice cream is not just a delicious snack but a circumstance and a time of year frozen forever in memory As the youngest child and only girl, ice cream embodied unstructured summers, freedom from the tyranny of her classmates, and a comforting escape from her chaotic, demanding family.Now as an adult and journalist, her love of ice cream has led to a fascinating journey to understand ice cream s evolution and enduring power, complete with insight into the surprising history behind America s early obsession with ice cream and her experience in an immersive ice cream boot camp to learn from the masters From a visit to the one place in the United States that makes real frozen custard in a mammoth machine known as the Iron Lung, to the vicious competition among small ice cream makers and the turf wars among ice cream trucks, to extreme flavors like foie gras and oyster, Ettinger encounters larger than life characters and uncovers what s really behind America s favorite frozen treats.Sweet Spot is a fun and spirited exploration of a treat Americans can t get enough of one that transports us back to our childhoods and will have you walking to the nearest shop for a cone.

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    • Laura says:

      When I tucked into my sundae, I was eating a metaphor: heaps of vanilla-flavored hope and comfort rising from a jet-black lakelet of swirling chaos.Raise your hand if you love ice cream. It is one of those sweet dessert treats that most everyone seems to love. I know I sure do. I grew up as the ice cream lover in my family of six. For Christmas one year, I got this set of ice cream glasses, spoons, an ice cream scoop & 8 different Smuckers topping jars and I was in heaven. The best gift ever [...]

    • Angie Six says:

      Like the author, I have a sweet spot for ice cream. I understand her obsession, both in the making of it and the consuming of it, and have been known to plan road trips and detours around a visit to an ice cream shop. Unfortunately Ettinger's tales of her own ice cream obsession left me as disappointed as a fallen scoop on hot pavement. I imagined Ettinger slowly making her way across America, discovering charming ice cream makers new and old and telling their stories. Instead the book felt jerk [...]

    • Kate Olson says:

      ALL THE ICE CREAM. I eat a LOT of this treat, and am currently of the "any ice cream is good ice cream" mindset - naturally I was ecstatic to win a copy of SWEET SPOT and begin reading. I devoured it in two days and found that this book completely satisfied my need for both a history of the treat and a narrative on the makings of a discerning ice cream palate. Ettinger writes with a surprisingly sharp pen as she describes the ice cream makers and their shops (and Milwaukee - give WI another chan [...]

    • Crystal King says:

      This is a book about my absolute favorite food in the world. Like Ettinger, it's like crack for me. I can never have enough ice cream. If, like me, you are a freak for this cold treat, snap this book up and learn all about the crazy and fascinating history of its rise across America. I learned so much about how ice cream, frozen custard and gelato is made, about ice cream trucks, about the challenge of pasteurization and so much more. Ettinger weaves meticulous (and delicious) research amidst he [...]

    • pianogal says:

      I'm sorry but I hated this one. I don't like saying that, because I know a lot of work went into it, but I just could not get past how negative the author was about EVERYTHING. That ice cream's too sweet. This gelato doesn't have enough milk fat. That lady is too fat. This guy didn't have enough hair. First graders are bratty. Her backyard is weedy. Every person she interviewed should feel vaguely insulted by how she described them. I'm going to stop ranting there and just ask one question:Who l [...]

    • Erin says:

      This was a neat idea, but the author's personality was truly annoying. This would have been way better if she had stuck to history and ice cream production and left her obviously contrived family stories and lack of tolerance towards other people's viewpoints out of it.

    • Emma says:

      Grade: DAn e-galley was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for review consideration.The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: I actually found myself relatively bored for most of the book. Too much of the information Ettinger presented was dry and unnecessary. I wanted fun ice cream adventures, not bland facts about the science of ice cream. I wanted more ice cream tasting and personal stories about enjoying it - both from Ettinger and the people she encountered. I skimmed most of what I [...]

    • Nostalgia Reader says:

      A delicious and refreshing read, perfect for the depths of a summer heat wave. By the time you finish this, you'll be craving ice cream if you haven't already given into the temptation and cracked a pint or two open while you're reading!This was a solid combination of foodie exploration memoir and ice cream history. Ettinger's passion/obsession for ice cream shines through as she travels around the country to find unique ice cream shops, trucks, and labs, where she explores new flavors and old s [...]

    • Biblio Files (takingadayoff) says:

      Even if you think you are a major ice cream fan, you probably have nothing on Amy Ettinger. She lives for ice cream. And after researching this book, she knows a lot more about ice cream than practically anyone. She combines memoir with magazine-type journalism in this in-depth look at the state of ice cream in America. She visits dairies and ice cream factories and shops to see what the latest technologies are and how some producers are trying to bring back old-time quality ice cream. She tried [...]

    • Jane says:

      Thanks to CookBookClub for this win. If you're an ice cream lover like I am, this book is for you. Not only does she travel around the country eating ice cream, she goes into the history of ice cream, gelato, soda fountain drinks, frozen custard, the history of soda, etc. Very good research. I learned a lot about what goes into it and other things I never knew.The types of flavors that she tried are unbelievable with bugs, foie gras and many others that I would never try.Loved the cover too.

    • Kathie says:

      This was a throughly enjoyable read. I found the author very chatty and easy to read. I learned a ton about ice cream production, and got a glimpse into what it takes to make a cool treat. I liked learning about some of the more unusual flavours that are out there, and found her research quite extensive.

    • Autumn says:

      This was a delightful read. If you like ice cream or if you just like history, this is a fantastic read. She even includes recipes!

    • Jill says:

      Do you love ice cream too? Author Amy Ettinger went on a cross-country journey to find the best ice cream. And in her new book, Sweet Spot, she shares everything she learned. From finding out that Haagen Dazs came from Brooklyn and was named by Reuben Mattus, who wanted a "Danish sounding" name (my biggest disappointment reading this book), to learning all about ice cream base (pre-made or homemade?), to obsessively testing her own recipes, Ettinger set about to find out everything she could abo [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      As an ice cream lover, this book was right up my alley. I enjoyed the author's perspective and journey learning about ice cream (and its many varieties) as well as her personal insights along the way. What I enjoyed most was the small vignettes of individual ice cream makers sharing their approach, their beliefs, and their process with the author. Some chapters were certainly more engaging and entertaining than others, but overall this is a book that thoroughly covers a piece of Americana in a u [...]

    • Lisa says:

      I loved reading this one! I learned so much about the ice cream industry! It was great to travel chapter by chapter with Ettinger to a variety of places in the USA - I vicariously tasted ice cream and custard from coast to coast! 'Makes me want to travel more and challenge my palate (and gym workout!) If you love ice cream like I do, read this! It's a real TREAT!

    • Michelle says:

      Amazing history of ice cream in America. You will want to eat ice cream while reading this so I don't recommend it if you are on a diet. Chapters on frozen yogurt, ice cream sandwiches, history of soda fountains and pharmacy, the making of ice cream with recipes. Beware of the last chapter and oyster and foi gras ice creamh! Ettinger is a brave soul!! Well researched, thought provoking and entertaining! Foodies, ice cream lovers and gourmands will enjoy this book, rich with history and flavor! I [...]

    • Susan Jones says:

      How can you not like a book about ice cream? And who knew there was so much to know? Amy Ettinger's writing reminded me a little of Mary Roach, although at times I lost interest or got confused as she started talking about different companies. And I would never, ever try oyster ice cream!

    • Jacquie says:

      An easy, light introduction into the world of ice cream. Be prepared to crave ice cream every time you crack this book open.

    • Melissa says:

      Food + history + good writing + recipes = something that hits all my buttons right.

    • Carolyn says:

      I wanted to like it, really I did, but there were a couple of things that left a bad taste in my mouth:1) I felt the author injected too much of herself & her personal tastes in what I hoped would simply be a history of ice cream. 2) She tends to go off on these tangents that cause you to lose sight of what she had been talking about just a few paragraphs ago. It just ends up being really distracting. 3) The citations sprinkled throughout feel a bit like an afterthought. I don't know if they [...]

    • Steve Peifer says:

      This is such a great combination of a true believer on her noble quest to find good ice cream, someone smart enough to know that loving ice cream is slightly silly, solid reporting and research, and more laugh out loud lines than anyone deserves. I only wished it was longer, but it is a terrific read.

    • Cara says:

      WARNING: Do not attempt to read this book without at least a quart of ice cream in your freezer. I only made it to page 27 before the craving started, and it did not let up. Ettinger samples the creamy and the crazy when it comes to ice cream in America - everything from vanilla soft-serve to foie gras ice cream sandwiches. Along the way, she introduces the reader to plenty of sugary history and savory characters. This book is best enjoyed while dishing up yourself some frozen Americana right al [...]

    • Lisa of Hopewell says:

      Fun!Full review here: hopewellslibraryoflife.wordpr

    • Jill Blevins says:

      Food history/food memoirs are what I read the most. I was afraid to read it because I thought I'd just crave ice cream the whole time. Fear not - the whole theme of this book seems to be one of opening your eyes to the reality of where our food comes from and how it's made, even when it's supposed to be bespoke, artisan, home-made, and local. After learning that my local favorite ice cream sources (added bonus - the location of the story is the Bay Area so us locals are familiar with and, like m [...]

    • Rachel Blakeman says:

      Like other reviewers I was disappointed by the lack of variety in her ice cream tour. Coastal bias despite one chapter on Milwaukee. Otherwise it was fairly readable. I learned some things about commercial ice cream production. It wasn't a bad book. It just wasn't good either.

    • James says:

      Amy Ettinger has a love for ice cream and decides to go out and explore her favorite dessert. We get chapters about how commercial ice cream differs from the stuff you make yourself in your kitchen; differences between ice cream, frozen custard, and frozen yogurt; history lessons about ice cream confections and ice cream trucks. In the midst of all this, we also get something of a travel memoir (Ettinger includes how she was mugged in Milwaukee, traveling to a farm to see water buffalo used for [...]

    • Kurt says:

      Wonderfully entertaining and mind-opening journey to the melting heart of ice cream. Highly recommended. Great book group choice!

    • Chris says:

      This book really annoyed me. Some of my complaints are similar to the criticisms of others-that the book is really dry, and just plain boring, and that she has a very critical, elitist attitude, but I was further offended, as a Milwaukee County resident, how she portrayed the lovely city of Milwaukee. Yes, it has its problems like any big city, but I really resented her depicting it as a bombed out war zone. These reasons made it really hard for me to finish the book. But I battled through.

    • John Dalton says:

      A tasty read, breezy and quick. Fun anecdotes about ice cream's past, present and future. Many changes over the years. Some shocking things too (bug ice cream????!!)

    • Amy Roelant says:

      All about ice cream- history etc. Skimmed the book and found the writing quick witted and detailed.

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