Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing

Harley Quinn Volume Die Laughing Harley Quinn is back in this new jumping on point Vol graphic novel from DC Rebirth Her name is Dr Harleen Quinzel better known to her friends and enemies as playful but deadly Harley Quinn Her ex

  • Title: Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing
  • Author: Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti
  • ISBN: 9781401268312
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harley Quinn is back in this new jumping on point Vol 1 graphic novel from DC Rebirth Her name is Dr Harleen Quinzel, better known to her friends and enemies as playful but deadly Harley Quinn Her ex boyfriend, the Joker, may be the Clown Prince of Crime, but Harley s the Queen of Coney Island So when a zombie apocalypse threatens her li l seaside stretch of paradise,Harley Quinn is back in this new jumping on point Vol 1 graphic novel from DC Rebirth Her name is Dr Harleen Quinzel, better known to her friends and enemies as playful but deadly Harley Quinn Her ex boyfriend, the Joker, may be the Clown Prince of Crime, but Harley s the Queen of Coney Island So when a zombie apocalypse threatens her li l seaside stretch of paradise, who else would ya call to save your butt In these action packed pages, the baddest bad girl in the entire DC Universe joins forces with everyone from her gal pal Poison Ivy to the leading lights of the New York City punk scene to take down anyone who stands between her and a good time living, dead or undead.The Harley Quinn powerhouse team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti joins forces with artists John Timms and Chad Hardin and draft a new beginning for DC s craziest anti hero in HARLEY QUINN VOL 1 DIE LAUGHING Collects HARLEY QUINN 1 7.

    Harley Quinn Volume Comic Vine A solo ongoing for Harley Quinn in The New .Written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by Chad Hardin. Continues in Harley Quinn Volume . Collected Editions Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Vol DC Database FANDOM powered by Wikia Harley Quinn Volume is an ongoing series, published by DC Comics It began publication in It stars Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn Vol Hot in the City The New Harley Quinn Vol Power Outage The New Harley Quinn Numbered by Amanda Conner Paperback . Only left in stock on the way Ships from and sold by . Harley Quinn Volume Comicnewbies Sep , A complete list of all Harley Quinn Volume posts in chronological order Harley Quinn Tells Her History Rebirth Harley Quinn VS Zombies Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Take A Shower Harley Quinn Takes Down An Indian Call Center Scam Harley Quinn s Punk Hairdo Punk Rock Harley Quinn Harley Quinn s Punk Rock Band The Penguin Harley Quinn, Volume Die Laughing by Amanda Conner Harley Quinn, Volume Die Laughing Harley Quinn Her name is Dr Harleen Quinzel, better known to her friends and enemies as playful but deadly Harley Quinn Her ex boyfriend, the Joker, may be the Clown Prince of Crime, but Harley s the Queen of Coney Island Harley Quinn is back in this new jumping on point Vol. Harley Quinn Vol DC Database FANDOM powered by Wikia Harley Quinn Volume was an ongoing series, published by DC Comics It ran from until It starred Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn, Volume Joker Loves Harley Harley Quinn, Volume Joker Loves Harley Harley Quinn Too deep and not covered enough, their undercover mission comes to an end as the gang takes on thieves and murderers All the laughs and some of the quacks are all here Taking a break comes with unexpected woes when Harley and Ivy head to the Bahamas for sun kissed beaches and ice cold drinks Amanda Conner and Harley Quinn Vol Power Outage The New by Amanda The unstoppable Harley Quinn creative duo Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner s best selling run with Gotham s craziest shrink is now collected in its entirety, including classic tales from her first solo series here in HARLEY QUINN BY JIMMY PALMIOTTI AMANDA Harley Quinn Vol Vote Harley Rebirth Aug , Harley s on the ballot in Harley Quinn Vol Vote Harley If you thought politics were a dirty business already, wait till you get a load of Quinn Ever since Harley Quinn relocated from Gotham City to the Big Apple, corrupt Mayor DePerto has been a thorn in her side and a knife in her back, and a bullet in the face, and a mallet to the noggin.

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      438 Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti
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    • Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽ says:

      I got this from my library when I saw it displayed, thinking, "Oh Harley Quinn, this could be cool." I enjoyed New Suicide Squad, Volume 1: Pure Insanity and thought I'd try it out. Did not work for me. I wanted to like it. It had so much potential.I'm not sure if Harley Quinn just can't carry a series on her own or if the dialogue was just clunky and cheesy. This had a zombie plot, but it wasn't funny or exciting. It was a chore to read, frankly.Okay, I'll be honest: I didn't even finish it. It [...]

    • Jess says:

      Oh jeez. This book was a mess. A sexist, queerbaiting mess. It heavily sexualises the Harley/Ivy ship, which is why I vehemently reject that ship.I lost count of all the times a joke was made out of sexual assault or harrassment. If I weren't on the meds I am now, this probably would have triggered me. And just it's not funny. It tries so hard and fails.

    • Barb (Boxermommyreads) says:

      Ever since watching Suicide Squad and loving it (take that critics!) I've been wanting to learn more about Harley Quinn. She's always been one of my favorite characters, but as time goes on, I love her more and more. I'm pretty clueless about the DC Comics order and originals vs. New 52 vs. Rebirth (I'm lucky I even know THAT), but this Rebirth issue was tons of fun and I can't wait for more. The artwork is colorful and so much fun and the story lines are action-packed and interesting. In the fi [...]

    • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

      I so want to love this volume, but frankly, I struggled with reading it. Am I the only one that a bit sick and tired of Zombie storylines? It's up there with vampires that are also a bit overdone by now. Of course, now and then something good will be produced with vampire/zombie in it, I still like The Originals for instance. Anyway, this volume (that I read a while back, so far back that I had to check up what it was all about since my memory is not getting better as older I get) start off with [...]

    • Amanda says:

      Read more reviews like this at my blog!How do you solve a problem like Harley? If you're Conner and Palmiotti, you don't. You just grab hold with both hands and ride that bucking bronco wherever she takes you, no matter how bizarre (or dangerous) that may turn out.Die Laughing is the first volume in the DC rebirth reintroduction of Harley (which is pretty much the same Harley of the New 52 reintroduction, with some tweaks and her suicide-squad blonde locks back on board). It starts off a little [...]

    • Lexxi Kitty says:

      This collection contains three story arcs, and, as probably should be expected for a book that involves, as the main character, Harley Quinn - there is a huge dose of wacky throughout.First story arc - an alien kid lands on earth. Figures he would blend in as a cow (they are shape-shifting kind of aliens), gets killed and made into hot-dogs. The tainted hot-dogs end up at Coney Island and are eaten. The eaters turn into zombies. Second Story arc - Harley and one of her gang head to India to 'get [...]

    • Brian says:

      Thanks to Netgalley for a copy in exchange for a review.A fun read with dark humor.I understand the HQ humor but some of the dialogue and plot unfolded in cliche. I had a great time. Love this crazy woman.

    • Chandré Louw says:

      3 Stars. So I think I have an advantage here. I do not know Harley Quinn as a character at all. I did some minor research on her but this GN was basically a fresh slate for me. Needless to say the whole Suicide-Squad-Harley epidemic left me really annoyed and completely put off by anything Harley Quinn related.The only exposure I've had to modern Harley was seeing her character in-game for Injustice. I really like their version of her and decided to buy the comic based on that. The zombie/Mumbai [...]

    • Jaynie says:

      I always love the chance to visit Harley Quinn’s wacky, wonderful world for a little while! This volume was not perfect (the zombie storyline was a dud for me), but I loved a lot of aspects, including the frequent Poison Ivy appearances and Harley’s punk rock makeover. Looking forward to reading the next volume soon. :)

    • Saruuh Kelsey says:

      Openly queer Harley is EVERYTHING to me. This rep is a gift.The art is perfect, the story is as quirky and wild and bloody as I expected (and SO much more - Harley started a BAND!) The only thing is the India storyline didn't fit with the rest + seemed odd, but I still liked it! I just love the characters, they're so unique and memorable and funny as hell. This comic makes me so damn happy. I can't wait for volume 2!

    • Tomas says:

      I do not know what happened to Harley Quinn. I did not like new 52 version of her and this is just continuation of that. Scores of stupid support characters, cheesy humor, plot-less talking or plot-less kicking which is drawn like it is about to premiere in cartoon network. I am not impressed

    • Wing Kee says:

      If you like it you like it. If you don't you don't. World: The art is a mixed bag that mostly hits. When Conners is drawing it's full of whimsy and weird, the middle issue between the arcs, not so much. The world building is pretty self contained within the DCU. Harley's little slice of the world is quirky it's over the top and just nuts. If you can just go for the ride the world is a fun place to be. Story: If you are easily offended you should not be reading this series. If you are looking for [...]

    • Hannah says:

      Story: I think this one was started right because they basically have Harley give you all the poignant information and reintroduce everyone. So if you haven’t read the Harley Quinn series that this continues you are all caught up. The first three issues Afterbirth, Coney Island of the Dammed, and Goin’ for Takeout follow one story arc which I had problems getting into, Coney Island gets overrun by zombie/not zombies and I personally am very tired of zombies but I did like the twist they put [...]

    • Ash †Reviews of a FearStreetZombie† says:

      I received this book via NetGalley in return for an honest review. The graphics were really amazing but the story line fell so flat. I just wasn't a fan of it. It pretty much put me to sleep. It was choppy, boring, and annoying.

    • Greyson (Grey) Edwards says:

      Harley Quinn, DC Rebirth Series Ratings:Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing: ★★★★Harley Quinn, Volume 2: Joker Loves Harley: ★★Harley Quinn, Volume 3: Red Meat: TBRHarley Quinn Vol. 4: Surprise, Surprise: Possibly TBRThis is probably the most I've enjoyed a DC Graphic Novel so far. It was fun, I love the dynamic between Harley and Poison Ivy!The biggest thing that I came away with after reading this is that I want more Poison Ivy! Does she have her own series???

    • Alex Sarll says:

      Harley Quinn is probably the most recently created Big Two character whom you could expect a member of the general public to maybe recognise* – and she just celebrated her 25th anniversary. She’s also the only mainstream DC comic I was reading as it went into their Rebirth de-reboot-ish-thing…and here it emerges from the other side, pretty much unchanged and with the same writers at the helm. The advantage of Harley’s fairly loose relationship with the fourth wall, and her irreverent sty [...]

    • Dan says:

      big huge stinking turd with a blue and pink mohawk just no*SMH

    • Jesse Nicholas says:

      I CAN NOT WITH THIS CRAP. This was just plain bad guys. So disappointed. They are RUINING my favorite DC villain ever. Stop with these dumb story lines. Stop with these freakshow circus side characters. Stop with the queer baiting. JUST STOP FUCKING WITH HARLEY.They need to fire the creative team behind this. They are taking Harley and dragging her through mud and flushing her own the toilet.I'm so pissed.

    • CT says:

      I never really paid much attention to Harley Quinn in the past. I just know that a close friend of mine dressed up as her character last Halloween. Well, in this graphic novel, she is absolutely nuts, unpredictable, impulsive, brave, smart and outrageous. I loved the back story, but I enjoyed even more the story of the alien-minced meat that transformed everyone into flesh-hungry entities aka zombies. Great art work, witty banter, and cohesive storyline. Highly recommended.Graphic novel provided [...]

    • Patrick says:

      Well Not a bad book, but not as good of a start as the previous run from Palimotti and Conner. I like th art work, and colors. Not necessarily Harley's new look to fit The Suicide Squad. If you were enjoying the previous series, you'll like this okay. If you're looking for something different, then you won't. I miss the old Harley Quinn I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher.

    • Miranda Owen says:


    • Cat says:

      Iied. I just couldn't get into this no matter how hard I kept pushing. The artwork was all over the place and I wasn't feeling any of the storylines.

    • Iris Nevers says:

      This trade ends on issue #7. If it ended on #6, you're missing the last issue of a story arc.This trade covers two small story arcs. The arcs are short, fun, and pointlessly entertaining. I've seen many reviews saying they didn't like the arcs, but this is for fun - as is most fiction reading. Lighten up and take the story with a grain of salt.

    • Yasmine says:

      I read this in single issues. It was pretty interesting although I'm not the biggest Harley fan. My Review will come soon4 Stars

    • Brandon says:

      I'm glad that DC decided to keep the writing team intact during their 'Rebirth' relaunch of this title though I miss the artwork of Chad Hardin. His work was perfectly in sync with the wacky, schoolboy humor that makes this series so unique. That's all still there but the artwork now is grittier and more violent and all the support players seems to be in a constant state of irritability. I took a star away because of that.The rest of the book works though. There are three stories in this volume [...]

    • Steffi says:

      I enjoyed „Die laughing, Part 1“ with Poison Ivy, and Parts 2 and 3 were interesting too, so they deserve 3 stars. After that it got boring and I only finished it because I paid € 15, so I only give 2 stars altogether.

    • Linda says:

      Did not enjoy this at all. Really bad plot and annoying characters. The artwork was good, but did not like how the style just changes from chapter to chapter.

    • Andrea says:

      Good. Bat$hit crazy, but good.

    • Larissa Lio says:

      Harely Quinn has always been a favourite of mine, not sure if its because of the animated series (it’s because of the animated series) or because I really enjoy reading her stories. The beginning of Afterbirth gives a great background into the life of Harley Quinn with brief details on how her character came to be. Even with what happen to the notion of her accent? Here and there would be glimpses of her saying “an’” or “yer”, otherwise if you didn’t know her voice you wouldn’t b [...]

    • Kathryn Rose - Galaxy Girl Reviews says:

      Received an ARC copy for an honest review.The artwork, as I had expected, was beautiful. There wasn't a page that I didn't enjoy when looking at the illustrations. However, the story wasn't quite up to my usual expectations of Harley. I don't know if it's because some of it seemed to rehash things that have already been brought up plenty of times in the past or if it just didn't make her shine in the way I would have liked, but it wasn't quite a 5-star for me.I also didn't really much enjoy the [...]

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