Foolproof Jon Bradshaw needs a girlfriend stat When he convinces Darcy Walker to be his wingman at a speed dating event one debacle leads to another and before you know it they re the proud new owners of a d

  • Title: Foolproof
  • Author: A.J. Lape
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • Jon Bradshaw needs a girlfriend stat When he convinces Darcy Walker to be his wingman at a speed dating event, one debacle leads to another, and before you know it, they re the proud new owners of a dead body Problem is, the body has a tie to Darcy making her a person of interest in a murder Things quickly jump from bad to worse when someone hijacks the name of Darcy sJon Bradshaw needs a girlfriend stat When he convinces Darcy Walker to be his wingman at a speed dating event, one debacle leads to another, and before you know it, they re the proud new owners of a dead body Problem is, the body has a tie to Darcy making her a person of interest in a murder Things quickly jump from bad to worse when someone hijacks the name of Darcy s alter ego, framing Jester in a Hitchcock like blend of crimes that leaves her head spinning In FOOLPROOF, Darcy battles an adversary who tests her IQ while she navigates the daunting worries of a high school senior Add on the emotional fallout of her latest caper, a cop breathing down her neck, and a hot but stubborn boyfriend, and she s at her wit s end Can she find her zen and unmask the real murderer Or get used to a life of prison orange

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      220 A.J. Lape
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    • Isabella says:

      I'm not sure how I feel about the cover, it's kinda cool, but it's kinda creepy, it's like it reminds me of the joker or something else unpleasant. When I saw it for the first time I was just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and it actually scarred me a little bit, I am pretty sure I made a face something akin to this. (Just kiding. Sort of)But once I realized what it was I started freaking out it feels like forever since the last one came out so I'm super duper excited!!

    • Up All Night Book Addict says:

      Oh Darcy, Darcy, Darcy I thought I knew what to expect with this book. I mean, it's Darcy Walker. She is always stumbling into something. After Defcon Darcy I thought A.J. had given me all she had. Yet again, she has proven me wrong.Let me tell you about this series in general before this book. Typically, unlike most readers, I am able to separate myself from the book and its characters. I often see people discussing books and their characters as they are real. I know people don't actually think [...]

    • C.R. Everett says:

      How do I review FOOLPROOF without spoilers? There’s so much going on. Darcy and her sidekicks, Dylan included, begin senior year of high school, and the hijinks start on the very first day. Not only is there a fresh murder to solve, but nagging details about Buffalo Trails Country Club, a stalker, drug dealers, and a cafeteria pilferer come to light as well. Darcy is a dead-body magnet, let’s just say thatOLPROOF is filled with humor throughout, Darcy irreverent as usual as she weaves throug [...]

    • Lavinia Urban says:

      What can I say about this book? Firstly, I loved it. I love this entire series. Each year I wait (im)patiently for the next one to arrive and each time I want the book to last forever.The author is super talented. Before I had even read the first one I had never been into this genre but the whole quirkiness of the main character pulled me in. I love her.Every book is always better than the last.Now when I got my hands on this book I wasn't sure what to expect, but Oh em gee. I was taken on a com [...]

    • Virginia Gray says:

      TEN STARS!Bam! Excitement explodes out of the gate when, day one of senior year, a dead body lands right on Darcy’s desk. Walker’s world has never been more chaotic, and Lape’s trademark hilarity is out in full force. In fact, some of Darcy’s comments are so funny I honestly choked on my own spit! Murphy and company only add to the humor. Dylan, changed by events in “DEFCON Darcy”, serves up some most satisfying payback, even as he struggles to embrace Darcy’s insane lifestyle. Jus [...]

    • Angela says:

      I have loved this series from the first pages of Grade A Stupid. I have read every shenanigan filled story and have chewed my nails to nubs and bitten my lip bloody with worry and anticipation. AJ Lape never fails to get my blood pressure up or my heart racing with Darcy and her crew's antics. This go 'round I shed a few tears too. I want more Darcy & Dylan. I want it as badly as Darcy wants her full grown habaneros.

    • Susan says:

      Sleep is overrated in Darcyville. So is food. It seems like every time I pick up an A.J. Lape book, everything goes out the window. As usual, another fantastic installment of the Darcy Walker series. I love everything in Darcy's world and can't get enough. Even though this is the end of Darcy's High School world, it's the beginning of much, much more. And I for one, can't wait!

    • Tiffany says:

      Review to come soon! :) <3

    • Diane says:

      Boo HooWell, for my point of view I HATE that this is the end of phase one! But you, A.J can make me a happy reader by getting the continuing saga of Darcy out. You're not done yet!?!

    • BettySchroyer says:

      Term storyThat kept me hooked from the beginning. That's saying something for being 67 y.o. I will go back and fin f the previous 4 books just to get her story!

    • Heather says:

      I feel like I'd been waiting so long for the fifth book in this series, and Foolproof didn't fail me! So many lingering questions were answered--both big and small in the Darcy Walker universe--and the wit, strangeness, and sass that I've known and loved were in full force in this installment! This book picks up on the first day of senior year, and it doesn't take long before a dead body lands in Darcy and her pal John's laps.Darcy's still Darcy, but she's changed after the events of DEFCON Darc [...]

    • Lucy at Rain and Cupcakes Book Blog says:

      Darcy is back! Foolproof literally started with a boom, and this time it came a little too close to home. It would seem dead like to following Darcy wherever she goes, although this time someone is intentionally trying to bring Darcy's alter ego down. Will Darcy be able to find the culprit before it's too late? As always, I really enjoyed reading Foolproof, the complex story-line and mystery of murders have always kept me on my toes. I enjoyed following Darcy's instinct on solving each mystery, [...]

    • Tonya says:

      This is the fifth book in the Darcy Walker Series. I highly suggest you read them in order since they follow Darcy through high school. These are Young Adult books. This has quickly become my favorite YA series. Is it bad I hope my daughter has a “Darcy” personality when she’s that age? Darcy will have you laughing out loud a lot. I may have even teared up at the end because of Principal Unger. A.J. Lape has a way with her writing that will suck you right into Darcyville. This book is Darc [...]

    • Marsha says:

      Foolproof by A.J. Lape is a six star read in a five star world. Once again, Lape brings out the big guns as Darcy and her "family" enter, endure, and triumph in their senior year. In addition to all the mystery and hijinks that always accompany a trip to Darcyville are the decisions that must be made for the future. I am terrified of where Lape will take us next, but I will follow where she leads. Just amazingly well done.

    • A. Marie Silver says:

      I used to think Darcy was a magnet for trouble. But even magnets have the ability to repel. Darcy doesn't. This latest installment of the Darcy Walker series is the most exciting yet. Stock up on all of your favorite snacks and get ready for one wild ride after another!

    • Sue Bradshaw says:

      FantasticI love this whole series. I hope there will be more as I would love to see what Darcy gets up to next and I hope Dylan will always remain faithful. Highly recommend. Xxxx

    • Linda says:

      OMG, I can't believe I missed Darcy's actions in the first four books! Darcy had me laughing and crying throughout her adventure! As a senior in high school, she had the knack of trouble finding her with bodies, a bombed out neighborhood and this book was the mother of all headaches for her dad, her boyfriend, and her brohood!! I am sorry that I missed the quirky blonde's earlier escape.

    • Piseog says:

      I was all ready to give this book 3 stars, and then that lovely speech by Principal Unger in the end brought it up to 4 stars. I didn't enjoy this book as well as the last one, DEFCON Darcy. It's hard to summarise a book with so many similar dangerous situations, and a confusing band of characters. Way too many characters now to get your head around. This author needs the adopt the "less is more" approach. It's hard to feel nervous or take anything seriously when Darcy is in trouble or threatene [...]

    • Whitney Cannavina says:

      I received an ARC for an honest reviewReview by The ClubIt's Darcy's senior year and so much has happened in her young life. Watching her mom murdered before her eyes, nearly getting killed herself on several occasions, being kidnapped. All those things brought her here. Now she needs to decide what to do with her future. On top of that she has to convince her boyfriend to attend a college that's far away no matter how much it hurts all while finding the criminal who left her a dead body.I loved [...]

    • T.R. says:

      How much more can Darcy get into in this amazing book series? In Foolproof, we find out from the first page and until the last page what Darcy is capable to get herself into. This series has been so much fun with the mysteries, the laugh out loud situations the Darcy finds herself into, and let's not forget the romance. Darcy and Dylan's romance gets more intense and they both grow up even more before our eyes. This book is a little bitter sweet because a chapter in Darcy's life has closed and i [...]

    • Shelly says:

      This series is one I will always be so glad I stumbled across. It is a delight to read. Anyone who has read my reviews know I need my characters to be awesome or at least imperfectly perfect. My other literary craving is romantic soul mates which in this series is balanced out nicely with a lovely twisted mystery. A.J. Lape gives this to me in spades. I feel like I won the book lottery reading this series. Darcy is the main character. She is deliciously complicated and an odd mixture of tortured [...]

    • Robyn says:

      I love this series!! This book did not disappoint!!!I love this series! I didn't think she could create a new situation without feeling like I've been here before. But it was great!! I cannot wait for the next one and to see where Darcy and Dylan go and their adventures!!

    • Jessica says:

      Best book yetI love this series. This book took Darcy to a whole new level I am dying to read what happens next in her life.

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