Фантастическая Четверка: Конец

  • Title: Фантастическая Четверка: Конец
  • Author: Alan Davis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
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      231 Alan Davis
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      Posted by:Alan Davis
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    • Quentin Wallace says:

      Let's begin by pointing out the title is very misleading. "The End" was a series of Marvel one shots and limited series that supposedly tell the very last adventure of their heroes. Well, in this case, not only does it not seem like the last adventure, it actually ends on a cliffhanger that seems to indicate this was anything but THE END.Now, that being said, this was an enjoyable series with beautiful art. I've always been a fan of Alan Davis and Mark Farmer's art, and they are at their best wi [...]

    • Sean Polite says:

      Another addition to Marvel's "The End" series of flagship titles, the story focuses on an event in the past that splinters the harmony of Marvel's First Family of Superheroes (underlying a villainous scheme, as always). The main characters (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch) are played up to their synching strengths and weaknesses (For example: No matter how many times its redone, Reed's obsession with research/problem solving and resulting isolatory nature gives Mr. Fantastic a [...]

    • Fernando Gálvez says:

      Miniserie de seis números que nos relata la última gran aventura de "La Primera Familia" del universo Marvel.Luego de un trágico acontecimiento sucedido en el último enfrentamiento con el enemigo de toda la vida, Doctor Doom, los miembros tomarán caminos separados en busca de su recuperación emocional. Estamos en un universo diferente (sin mutantes), con alianzas galácticas, nuevos experimentos interdimensionales y donde el trazo estilizado de la dupla Alan Davis/Mark Farmer saca provecho [...]

    • Neil McCrea says:

      Marvel created a series of mini-series detailing "The End", or final story for each of their major characters and super teams. For the most part these final stories are grim and dismal affairs, but Davis' take on the end of the Fantastic Four is refreshingly optimistic, hopeful and full of wonder.The plot of the graphic novel is entirely overwhelmed by fan service. Davis manages to cram every enemy, ally and major FF plot point into one very busy storyline. The narrative skeleton is just not str [...]

    • One Flew says:

      I really enjoyed this future vision of the Fantastic Four. Richards was always considered the smartest man in the Marvel Universe but never actually seemed to acheive that much, Davis shows a future without Doom or family constraints to hold Reed back. I like the way Davis ties together so much of the FF mythos, along with a lot of the other Avengers crowd. Despite the fact that the ending itself was average if not outright bad, overall I loved it.

    • Berin Kinsman says:

      Alan Davis may possibly be my favorite comics artist. This series was a lot of fun, simply because it was such an old-fashioned, Silver Age-style story. Because it was an "imaginary story" outside of continuity, anything could happen, and that was also a blast. I genuinely made me nostalgic for laying on the floor and reading Marvel Comics when I was a kid back in the 1970s.

    • Gustavo says:

      En este tomo, Alan Davis nos relata una historia 100% de ciencia ficción y superhéroes, incluyendo a una gran cantidad de personajes de la historia de los 4F, tanto enemigos como aliados. Es notable como el autor logra manejar a todos estos personajes y darle a cada uno su momento en una saga relativamente corta. El dibujo de Davis es quizá un poco noventoso, pero es muy dinámico, con viñetas expresivas que realzan la acción.

    • Todd Glaeser says:

      Alan Davis is completely underrated! If this WAS the last story, that would be fine with me. But that last page

    • Stephen says:

      People seem to have hugely mixed opinions on Alan Davis, but I've always loved his work and I'm happy to say that this story is one of my favourites. Set in the distant future, it tells the final story of the Fantastic Four.Except it sort of doesn't.The FF aren't and will never be my favourites, but Davis brings them to life here. Johnny and Ben have moved on, building new lives after the team's disbanding (Ben has three children with his old girlfriend Alicia Masters and lives on Mars, while Jo [...]

    • Jace says:

      I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with the Fantastic Four, especially when it comes to "What If?" stories featuring different iterations and permutations of the Foursome (or sometimes Fivesome). So when I saw this at Half Price Books for only 5 bucks, I immediately snapped it up. Oops. Turned out not to be that good. I was expecting this book to be about the team's interaction in their final days, but the FF are not all together until the last 5 pages of the book. For the majority of the [...]

    • Sorcha says:

      20 years after the death of Reed and Sue's children in a FF Fight, we find that the Fantastic Four have split up. Johnny and Ben have moved on, building new lives - Ben has three children with Alicia Masters and lives on Mars, while Johnny has become the leader of the Avengers. Reed and Sue are not longer talking to each other and both are losing themselves in work.The plot is fairly forgettable - aliens attacking from outside and within. All the classic villains are there, such as Annihilus, an [...]

    • Silas says:

      This was a bit different from other "The End" stories in that it's really a new beginning (or could be), which I guess fits the tone of a lot of FF stories. It focuses on a future Fantastic Four that has been splintered apart coming back together from their own adventures to become a group again. It deals pretty realistically with how the characters might react to the triggering event, and brings in an awful lot of characters beyond the Fantastic Four, with particular emphasis on characters that [...]

    • The_Mad_Swede says:

      Marvel's series imprint "The End" is interesting. It allows various comics artists and writers to offer up out of continuity stories that supposedly are the last ones of the character or group in question. I have previously read both the three volume X-Men: The End and Wolverine: The End, both of which, while in their own right enjoyable reads, left me feeling a bit cheated out of possibly better stories. With Alan Davis' Fantastic Four: The End, however, that is definitely not the case.Davis de [...]

    • Phillip Berrie says:

      The story should probably be 3.5 stars. There's an interesting story here but it is almost lost amongst the apparent necessity to show all the Marvel heroes and the FF's major foes in a future where few of them have changed much at all—and really, what are the chances of that, despite the intervention of a Reed Richard's invented Methuselah treatment. Still, having said that, there were some interesting character interactions explored between a few of the non-FF characters and I did appreciate [...]

    • Travis says:

      An enormous love letter to Stan and Jack's FF stories, as we take a big jump into the future and see what may be the very last Fantastic Four Adventure. The four have split, but while they seem to be living seperate lives, various threadsare slowly starting to bring therm back together for a story that will span the galaxy and include practically everybody that ever showed up in a Fantastic Four comic.Alan Davis does an amazing juggling act of big cosmic stuff and small emotional moments. The wr [...]

    • Jon Arnold says:

      One of Marvel’s series which imagined how the final story of their major heroes might look. The End imagines the Fantastic Four having created a close to utopian future for the human race, but one which is under threat from external foes and unresolved issues. Maximum points to Davis for steering away from the gloomy nature a final story seems to naturally induce in comic writers, and also for concocting a storyline which providing appearances for many of the significant friends and foes of th [...]

    • Alejandro says:

      Me gustó. Me resulta impresionante que la misma persona sea a la vez guionista y artista, y que sea tan buena en ambas cosas. Especialmente me gustó el arte, complejo pero muy claro a la vez. Siempre se entendía lo que estaba ocurriendo en cada panel o página.También me gustó cómo está contada, sin decirnos todo lo que ocurre desde el principio.Creo, de todas maneras, que no lo disfruté tanto porque las historias de los 4 Fantásticos me resultan muy "fantásticas" (valga la redundancia [...]

    • Johnny Andrews says:

      I loved this to pieces. The over all feel felt different, yet still felt solid ground for any FF fan. However this being one of thoseThe End arcs, Davis has written it brilliantly well where it starts with total gloom and doom and then heads towards the light at the end, where normally in the MU the writers kill off the heroes to end the arc, not Davis he shows what the FF are really all about with lots of supporting cast and a list of who's who in the bad guy roster this futuristic set tale is [...]

    • Bryson McCheeseburger says:

      Pretty good, but I was expecting it to tie more into the Marvel The End series I just finished, but really, with a different title I think it would just be another F4 arc. Interesting twist to a few of the characters, and although the ending was a little too weak and fairy tale like, I do love that last page. I need to now find out if there is a continuation somewhere of that part of the story. All in all, not too bad.

    • Steven says:

      Of all of Marvel's "The End" mini-series from a few years back, this is the only one that I enjoyed. It's respectful of past creators & it's optimistic, which befits the titular characters. The only thing that didn't ring right for me was the Human Torch becoming the leader of the Avengers; member, no problem, but I've a hard time swallowing Johnny as a leader. Highly recommended work and among Davis & Farmer's best collaborations.

    • Lawrence Kapture says:

      This was a fun, optimistic read of the Superhero alternate future genre. If you are not a comics nerd, it's not a good intro to comics. If you are, there are lots of guest shots from rarely seen characters like Ultron and the High Evolutionary. I liked the Kirby-esque sequences with tons of cool aliens, spaceships, and Inhumans. The plot and dialog were upbeat despite a serious undertone, and the action sequences moved you right along. A good short read for Marvel Comics fans old or new.

    • Jamie Sigal says:

      A great FF story that hits on almost all the important characters in their illustrious history, I really enjoyed this The End story. It held true to what makes the FF the greatest comics magazine of all time in that their love for each other and the Richards Family Values are at the core of the tale and instrumental in saving the day. Not the best FF story I've ever read, but it was certainly a good one.

    • Devero says:

      La linea The End, che presenta ipotetici finali dei personaggi Marvel più amati, ha prodotto molte cose altalenanti. Persino questa miniserie, affatto disprezzabile, ha dei momenti veramente noiosi. Questo nonostante la storia ci sia e la trama non sia male, mentre i disegni di Alan Davies restano ottimi.

    • Dean says:

      Enjoyed this a lot, even if it didn't actually fully live up to its early promise. The art by Alan Davis was superb, as always, and some of the themes and ideas were well done. The story, ultimately, was slight, but with the amount of characters crammed in, thats to be expected I guess.Fun read, and I would recommend, but not something to come back over and again.

    • Miles says:

      As part of my effort to search out great comic artists, I gave this collection a try. While I did like Alan Davis' art work, it did not overcome a pretty weak overall story. Although I have a fondness for many of the characters involved, I just did not get caught up in this story taking place in the future of the Marvel universe.

    • Jason says:

      Being somewhat new to the Graphic Novel world, I found this to be a bit confusing to jump in to , being as I didn't know any of the FF history. However, I was able to piece most of it together and enjoyed the stories quite a bit. These stories feel SO much more alive and sophisticated than the cheesy FF movies, which have always been a bit of a disappointment.

    • Mark says:

      Set in the future, Reed Richard's utopian society is threatened by unknown forces.Decent story but includes art that feels dated.An odd choice for a story set in the future.NotesAlmost everyone in the Fantastic Four storyline appears in this book.Learning CurveHigh: Even fans might be confused. Many un-introduced characters.

    • Holden Attradies says:

      A pretty cool "What If?" for the future of not just the FF but the whole Marvel Universe. I like the premise, what do super heroes do when there aren't any super villains left? the theme of a family moving apart over time and after a tragedy was well done to. Super heroes so rarely get to advance and age, it was nice seeing it done even if just as a one off thing.

    • Ondra Král says:

      Vesmírný příběhy příliš nemusím, tady navíc byla snaha nacpat do šesti sešitů VŠECHNO co se kdy mihlo ve FF (od Mole Mana přes Inhumans po Namora) a ještě něco navíc (Avengers, Kree). Příběh je díky tomu překombinovanej a musel jsem se nutit, abych to dočetl.

    • Jamil says:

      I'd never really noticed the Kirbyisms in Alan Davis's work before (though what could bring out the Kirby in you more than the Fantastic Four I don't know) but I really liked his style here, which hit some Steve Rude notes as well.

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