More Than Once

More Than Once She s trying to be good He loves it when she s bad Andrew West is done being the nice guy After a marriage proposal gone wrong he s started over in a new city and he s never risking his heart again B

  • Title: More Than Once
  • Author: Elizabeth Briggs
  • ISBN: 9781310492273
  • Page: 495
  • Format: ebook
  • She s trying to be good He loves it when she s bad.Andrew West is done being the nice guy After a marriage proposal gone wrong, he s started over in a new city and he s never risking his heart again.Becca Collins is done being the bad girl After quitting the band she played bass for, she s going to prove to her family that she s really changed.When Becca s dumped by herShe s trying to be good He loves it when she s bad.Andrew West is done being the nice guy After a marriage proposal gone wrong, he s started over in a new city and he s never risking his heart again.Becca Collins is done being the bad girl After quitting the band she played bass for, she s going to prove to her family that she s really changed.When Becca s dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job on Christmas Eve, all seems lost, until she runs into a former one night stand Andrew To impress her parents, Becca convinces him to pretend to be her perfect boyfriend for their holiday dinner.After Andrew shows Becca he s all bad boy in the bedroom, neither wants to pretend any But when Becca s invited to rejoin her band for a show and Andrew s forced to face his ex, they both wonder if they re ready to take a leap again or if they re doomed to fail in life and love a second time.The Chasing The Dream series 0.5 More Than Exes Kyle Alexis s story 1 More Than Music Jared Maddie s story 2 More Than Comics Hector Tara s story 3 More Than Fashion Julie Gavin s story 4 More Than Once Becca Andy s story 5 More Than Distance Carla s story coming soon

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    • NiCoLeTa E. says:

      ***4,75 "Take a chance!" for Andrew and Becca***"Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future." -Oscar Wilde.I have to admit that this series have become my guilty pleasureI was having so good time while i was reading all those books and i have loved every character in there so much!!!And I'm in this point that i don't know which one is my most favorite couple. I love them all for different reasons!!!As for this certain couple???? OMG!!!If you would tell me that i would love so much those t [...]

    • Elizabeth Briggs says:

      Surprise! A new book from me coming right before Christmas about Becca and Andy!Here are some questions I've been getting from readers about More Than Once"I thought the next book in the series was Carla's book?"That was the original plan! However, after I wrote More Than Comics, I had an idea to write a story about Becca & Andy too. I've been working on their story in between writing my other books ever since More Than Comics came out in February. It started out as a holiday novella, but th [...]

    • Rachel Gunter says:

      I received a copy of More than Once from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!More than Once is the fourth book in the Chasing the Dream series by Elizabeth Briggs, however it can be read as a standalone (that's how I've read it). This is my first book by this author, but I definitely plan to pick up more of Elizabeth Briggs's books as I really enjoyed this one! Funny and romantic but not in a too over the top way! I really liked Becca and Andrew, our main characters, both were really diff [...]

    • NiCoLeTa E. says:

      ***ARC generously provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review***

    • Kristin says:

      More Than Once is pretty much a second chance story. Not just in the romance department but in life as well. You see, Becca was the bassist for Villain Complex. However, her life took a downward spiral and she left the band on horrible terms. When she bumps into Andy they have a one-night stand and afterwards part ways. But five months later Andy and Becca bump into each other and the sparks reignite. Before Becca knows it she's kind of in a relationship with a guy who doesn't want a relationshi [...]

    • Carlene Inspired says:

      Well, she's done it again, Elizabeth Briggs has given us another couple in the Chasing the Dreams series with a fantastic story that I couldn't put down.Becca has turned her life around, her past with Villain Complex is behind her, her bass guitars are stored in the garage, she has a job, and she's making her family happy. Except, the guy who turned her life upside down in one night is standing in front of her and she's asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend. Andrew was hurt after Tara, sure [...]

    • Iza says:

      I gave it only 2 stars, but I was a bit harsh - this story will probably work better for other readers, it just didn't do it for me. I must add that I haven't read the series, just this instalment.When I bought the book, I was really wanting to read something about a bad girl and a good boy because the contrary is sooo common in romances. Well, I didn't count how many times those words and their opposites figured in that quick little read, but I'm certain it was too many for me ! In fact, what I [...]

    • Gaufre says:

      I have a weakness for Briggs' More Than series. This installment is on par with More Than Music, better than the second and third books. I like the main characters personalities and their insecurities. My only complain is that the relationship moved too fast though and they went from 'I am not sure I can't commit yet' to 'I want to be where you are (and move across the country for you)'.

    • Michelle (Much Loved Books) says:

      The Chasing the Dream series is one I have really enjoyed from the very beginning, so when the opportunity arrived to sign up for More Than Once I did not hesitate to put my name down.More Than Once gives us an insight into Becca's life, and catches up with her after leaving the band. It also took me a while to make the connection between Andy and a previous book, More than Comics. Andy was the boyfriend of Tara who proposed marriage and was turned down spectacularlyBecca is trying to get her li [...]

    • Bec says:

      Though I liked the premise behind this book, the execution was lacking a little for me. It was missing that edge and angst that I enjoy and that would've made this book what it could've potentially been. The characters were a little flat and one dimensional, their chemistry felt forced rather than natural and though this kind of story has been done before the only thing that made it it's own was that it happened at Christmas time, which was a let down. It should've been able to have been placed [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      ARC received for reviewAnother great book in this series. We've met Andrew/Andy and Becca before, but you don't need to have read the previous books in order to enjoy this one. Andrew is sexy nerd who knows how to be dirty and Becca loves him dirty or not. We get to see all the members of Villain Complex again.

    • Nancy The book junkie says:

      Review coming soon!

    • Curlyhairlass says:

      This story swept me off my feet and punched me in the feels. Did not expect this at all. So glad I gave this story a chance. Andrew and Becca are so perfect. I just made room on my book couples shelf for them. Where do I begin? Andy becoming Andrew and embracing his true self thanks to Becca’s encouragement. Loved that he was able to be both good, preppy Andy and dark, dominant Andrew at the same time. Andrew also loved that Becca was a “bad girl”, but was she really bad at all? I absolute [...]

    • Mary says:

      "Andrew was sexy and nerdy and he knew how to get down and dirty."Debo admitir que me sorprendió lo mucho que me gustó éste libro!Andrew West es el "tercero en discordia" en More Than Comics. Andy ha estado en una relación con Tara desde hace un año. Se mudó a Nueva York para estar con ella. Para Tara él es su mejor amigo/novio; pero hay algo latente con Héctor, el baterista de "Villan Complex" con quien está escribiendo una novela gráfica gracias a la tecnología, a pesar de no conoce [...]

    • Coco.V says:

      💝 FREE on today (12/05/2017)! 💝

    • Miranda says:

      I received a copy via netgalley for an honest review.I really enjoyed this story. The couple was adorable! I mean his this nerdy bad boy and she's the rocker trying to be good girl it was crazy. They had this hot chemistry that you just ached for like damn. I had a few fans self moments while reading. Nerdy bad boys just might be my new thing. The plot was great, it was fast paced but not rushed, hot sex scenes but not totally over the top. I haven't read the others in this series but will proba [...]

    • Karen says:

      An interesting read. I have decided, since in one of my updates I wondered if I liked sweet and caring guys or dominating and controlling. I think I like sweet guys but occasionally the controlling type. And Andrew West was both. We go through an emotional journey with both Becca and Andrew. Becca was a rockstar who got drunk and made some very bad decisions because of it. Which basically ruined her career, life and reputation. She now wants to turn her life around and be the good girl who paren [...]

    • Carien says:

      I am seriously addicted to this series!This book is yet another delicious read.At first I was a bit hesitant to pick this one up. Becca was a difficult character in the previous books, and Andy somewhat bland.I didn't need to fear though. Becca and Andy/Andrew together make sparks fly. Becca is trying to be the good girl her parents want her to be, but is failing miserably. then she meets Andrew again and things get interesting.The chemistry between the two is great, and I loved how Andrew likes [...]

    • Amy Davies says:

      Good readNew author for me. I'm going to look into more books by this author. I enjoyed this book, it's was sweet, sexy with just a small amount of angst. Great read with hot scenes, and a sweet love story

    • Immie says:

      romantic and sexy

    • Lara says:

      So I think the author just kind of pushed it too far with the whole good vs. bad stuff going on. Otherwise this was quite entertaining.

    • Tina Lynne says:

      Elizabeth Briggs' Chasing the Dream series is always full of surprises! She gives readers what they want and I love that. This book is one for the fans of the series, those who long for the secondary characters to get their happily ever after. In this story, we see Andrew and Becca's story. This one starts in More than Comics where we get a glimpse of something happening between these two but not much concrete. When I started reading this one, I did not realize that this was about those same two [...]

    • Jess (the cozy reader) says:

      Big thanks to Victory Editing and NetGalley for an ARC copy for review. This is my first time reading from Elizabeth Briggs novel and it certainly won't be my last. I really enjoyed this book a lot and it makes me even more excited that this is a series. There were a few characters from the previous books, who were unfamiliar to me that made appearances, which only made me more intrigued to know their stories. I definitely need to catch up for sure. Andrew and Becca's story held one of hurt past [...]

    • Jen says:

      REad the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by Victory Editing in exchange for an honest review.More Than Once is the fourth full-length book in the Chasing the Dream new adult (NA) series from author Elizabeth Briggs and is the fifth overall release. Main characters Becca Collins and Andrew West will be familiar to fans of the series, with Becca, Villain Complex's original bassist and Jared Cross's one-time hook-up, being a recurring character in the first t [...]

    • Ashley - Book Labyrinth says:

      I always enjoy reading a new book from Elizabeth Briggs and More Than Once is no exception. It's the perfect winter holiday read, with the majority of the story happening around Christmas and New Years.More Than Once is a wonderful book about second chances. That's really the big theme for both characters, with Becca trying to find her place in life and Andrew trying to move past his fear of rejection. I liked seeing both these characters transform and become better versions of themselves, espec [...]

    • Erin says:

      Super cute. I was apprehensive because I didn't like Becca or Andy in the previous books, but they were much more fleshed out here and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I could have used more sex scenes (the last half of the book didn't have any) but overall, I liked this book a lot.

    • Nicole Sullivan says:

      Loved! Sweet, sexy easy read perfect for the holidays. Absolutely loved the role reversal: Good guy and Bad girl

    • Laura says:

      I love this series and this one didn't disappoint! I really liked Andrew and Becca's transformation was well thought out. I'm glad we got a little surprise with this release.

    • Ella Zegarra says:

      PurrfectionOriginal de: El Blog del Gato - El Extraño Gato del CuentoTodo libro New Adult tiene su Becca, esa chica "fácil" y medio loca ex del sexy protagonista, chica que por alguna razón "termina mal" y es la excusa que dicho muchacho usa para alejarse en algún momento de la protagonista. Siempre, pero siempre son usadas como balance de la protagonista, la "buena chica" que logra cambiar al mujeriego e irresponsable. Subliminalmente, o quizás no tanto, meten en nuestra cabeza que una chi [...]

    • Elena Johansen says:

      My first problem with this is calling it a "standalone" romance in the blurb. Yes, many series have entries that can be read as standalones, or in any order. I had read the first of this series quite a while back, and I wasn't worried too much about skipping past #2 + 3 when I found this one on sale.But this is not, at all, a standalone. If I hadn't read #1, I'd be completely lost. It was nice to see a minor character come back and get her redemption novel, basically, because she was such a brat [...]

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