Red One, Book One: Welcome To America

Red One Book One Welcome To America What happens when America s Greatest Hero actually a Russian Spy Collects RED ONE bonus material in an oversized European style hardcover

  • Title: Red One, Book One: Welcome To America
  • Author: Xavier Dorison Terry Dodson Rachel Dodson
  • ISBN: 9781632154002
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What happens when America s Greatest Hero actually a Russian Spy Collects RED ONE 1 2 bonus material in an oversized European style hardcover.

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      197 Xavier Dorison Terry Dodson Rachel Dodson
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      Posted by:Xavier Dorison Terry Dodson Rachel Dodson
      Published :2020-02-26T14:05:11+00:00

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    • Martin says:

      Hey, kids! It's Terry Dodson's new book! You know, the guy who rivals Frank Cho in the 'Buxom Ladies' art department. So what's this book got going for it? Well, the buxom ladies of course, great visuals (and here I mean anything other than the previously mentioned voluptuous vamps), an oversized format, and an original (if somewhat flimsy and slow-to-be-established) plot idea. Oh, and great product design and production values (I'm talking about the hardcover itself, the 'outer shell' if you wi [...]

    • Michael says:

      RED ONE fordert nicht unbedingt zu einer tiefsinnigen Review heraus; es ist ein wirklich gut gezeichnetes, unterhaltsames Comic, das leider viel zu schnell ausgelesen ist.Eine "Superrussin", sexy und kampferfahren, als Agentin ins kapitalistische Kalifornien zu versetzen, wo sie in Kontakt zur Pornofilm-Szene gerät, während sie einen ultrakonservativen mörderischen Klassenfeind ausschalten soll, hätte sicherlich noch für einige witzige Ideen mehr gut sein können, aber auch so gab es ein pa [...]

    • Mickey says:

      RED ONE: WELCOME TO AMERICA PART 1 The Deep End Review I picked this one up on Free Comic Day. My pull list was getting even thinner since I dropped Batwoman and She-Hulk and I was looking for some new stuff in general and awesome women in particular to fill the empty slot.I picked up my free comics and perused the Independent section of First Aid and saw this cover:This stood out to me for several reasons. Number 1:hello have you seen it? Number 2: I recognize the Dodson's work anywhere and I'm [...]

    • Relstuart says:

      I wonder if the author ever read The Gulag Archipelago (or anything similar)? Coming back to this because I felt like further commenting This book is based on an odd premise. Communist Russia sending a secret agent to America to become a hero for good to the American people. As odd as this is, it could actually be handled with creativity to be an interesting story. Russians were bombarded with propaganda about the evils of America and Western society in general. There are books by people who fle [...]

    • Gianfranco Mancini says:

      What happens when America's greatest superhero is a russian spy? The answer is: lots of fun.Great story, gorgeous art and the "Star Wars" joke was so funny! XDCan't wait for next volume, this was just too much short (just two issues long).

    • Mike says:

      Clever premise, chic 1970's setting, and eye popping artwork. The only problem was that it felt way too short.

    • Scotto Moore says:

      giant-sized nope. sort of feel a little gross after reading it and i didn't even get to the end of it. also i'm not a stickler for plausibility in comic books, but there was zero percent of it in this book. i'm trying to understand what sad chain of events convinced me to buy this so that i can document it and staple the document to my arm, thus preventing similar purchases in the future.

    • Mike says:

      Horribly sexist. Nonsensical plot.

    • Chris Walker says:

      Ugh.This was not an enjoyable read. It manages to take what is actually an interesting premise, the Soviet Union planting an agent in the US as a superhero in order to sway public opinion and foreign policy, and does absolutely nothing interesting with it.The overarching plot is as simplistic as it is nonsensical. In 1977 LA a group of extremist Christian conservatives begins a campaign of terror against all things they deem godless and immoral, with a focus on the adult entertainment industry. [...]

    • Ken Ransom says:

      The story of Soviet Agent Vera Yelnikov sent by the Kremlin 10 1977 Los Angeles to become an American Superhero and spread communist propaganda is notable chiefly because of the illustrations.

    • Barry Bridges says:

      Beautiful Dodson artwork and an interesting plot by Xavier Dorison. Love it!

    • Anton says:

      I have only one issue with this book but it's a major one for me. The next time Xavier Dorison decides to write about Russia/Soviet Union he should do a proper research (though, he said in the interview that he did TONS of research). My patriotic feelings toward Russia are not hurt, I don't have them, but, seriously, it's 2017. We have Google. Why couldn't he have googled some proper Russian names, at least? Who are these Lyblin and Volko from the first issue? Does the author really think that i [...]

    • AndyHaigh says:

      Red One: Welcome to America from French “Eurocomics” writer Xavier Dorison with art from Terry and Rachel Dodson will probably leave people used to American comics a little bit confused, it's a larger format but only collects together two somewhat bigger issues. This is pretty much the norm for various Eurocomics publishers (Dorison's The Third Testament was published in 4 slender books which were recently published in English by Titan) rather than having the 5+ issues that is the norm for A [...]

    • Chantale says:

      I heard good things about this and had expectations for a strong female super hero. For an empowered woman she has her clueless moments. Red One stands up for all sexual preferences, great. She is a bit too sexual and free love 70's. Male gaze, check. Duh oh no, my costume doesn't fit! Aggravating that old and ugly men in comics can easily get the over sexualized woman. Drink, party, love, sex, sure, but she has the potential to do all this while being presented in a better light. Great artwork, [...]

    • Danielle Booey says:

      Red One is a fun Soviet alterna-history of the United States in the 1970s. It is definitely for mature audiences as much of the plot revolves around the adult film industry. Vera is a compelling main character with charm and skills to spare. The highlight of the cast, however, is probably Lew. This is a really well put together book. The oversized hardcover is just beautiful. The pencils and inks are crisp. The colors are subdued and yet pop during pivotal moments. A highly recommended read for [...]

    • Bert says:

      Sort of a spy story mixed with a bit of a superhero trope.Bit of an odd duck, this: since the makers are going for a "European release schedule", it means this first volume is a lot flimsier than the average TPB. They claim this is to increase the quality, but quite frankly I don't see much of that here: the story is predictable, the heroine is ridiculously hot and yet also an incredible fighting machine, and this first volume doesn't really end on a finished note.I don't think I'll be reading a [...]

    • pookie says:

      Great art bolsters a silly, slight story of a Russian super-agent sent to undermine an alternate America of the 1970s where rampant Christian fundamentalism is on the rise and threatens world peace. At just two issues, though nicely presented, it goes nowhere near answering its tag line, "What happens when America's Greatest Hero actually a Russian Spy?"

    • Marina Antunes says:

      The art is bautiful and the concept (alternate 70s world where a Russian spy is sent to spread communism to a USA that is falling apart) though not exactly new is interesting, I just couldn't really get into the characterization of Alabama Jones.Don't think I'll be reading any more of these.

    • Michael says:

      via NYPL - I was expecting pleasant fluff and that's mostly what I got. There's a suggestion of something deeper, but it doesn't really go far enough to matter. Maybe future volumes will do more.

    • Joseph says:

      Perfectly fine.

    • Eric C. says:

      The art is great, the story is really, really bland and boringnd of stupid.

    • Sardonyx says:

      Dodson's art style always delights! Fun story too!

    • Nomad nimrod says:

      Too short.I would read volume 2 when its available.

    • Lulu says:

      She's enormous fun - modesty blaise does the Motherland.

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