Sad, the Dog

Sad the Dog An ode to finding the one who brings out the best in you and makes you feel as special as you are A clever little dog christens himself Sad when his humans fail to give him a name Although they feed h

  • Title: Sad, the Dog
  • Author: Sandy Fussell Tull Suwannakit
  • ISBN: 9780763678265
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An ode to finding the one who brings out the best in you and makes you feel as special as you are.A clever little dog christens himself Sad when his humans fail to give him a name Although they feed him and wash him, they don t appreciate his many gifts, like his love of singing stop that yapping When the people move away and leave Sad behind, Sad is heartbroken.An ode to finding the one who brings out the best in you and makes you feel as special as you are.A clever little dog christens himself Sad when his humans fail to give him a name Although they feed him and wash him, they don t appreciate his many gifts, like his love of singing stop that yapping When the people move away and leave Sad behind, Sad is heartbroken But then a new family with a young boy arrives at Sad s house in a big truck Although Sad is initially frightened, it soon becomes clear that the boy is just the right person to make a dog s life complete with playtime, treats, and a brand new name Lucky Welcoming illustrations illuminate this joyful tale, which reminds young readers to appreciate themselves and the ones human or otherwise who depend on them.

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      372 Sandy Fussell Tull Suwannakit
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    • Figgy says:

      Actual rating 4.5 Sad, the dog is a story for dog lovers.It’s about how sad and lonely dogs feel if you don’t give them the love and attention they deserve, and about how to introduce yourself to a dog who has been mistreated, how not to push them and let them come to you.The rest of this review can be found here!Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL book. Review to come.

    • Kristen says:

      hell no I didn't start crying at work when I read this on my breakThis is honestly such a good reminder to 1) not give animals as gifts, 2) treat animals like they have feelings (because they do), and 3) NOT GIVE ANIMALS AS GIFTS, like unless a responsible person with the time and means to care for them specifically requests a pet as a gift, don't do that????Ok, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

    • Barbara says:

      A lonely, unloved dog receives basic care from his family but not a lot of love. They don't even give him a name, and he ends up christening himself Sad because that's how he feels. All he hears all day are people yelling and scolding him. When the Cripps move, they leave him behind, and he becomes even sadder. But a new family with a friendly boy befriends him, and eventually he learns to trust again. Jack and his parents seem to understand how a dog feels and acts, and Jack and his new dog, no [...]

    • Stef Rozitis says:

      This is a very simple book and has a somewhat predictable movement to the narrative, but that I think is the point! It shows very clearly that our identity is affected by how we are treated. It simply shows how love and acceptance helps a puppy through the trauma of having been rejected and abandoned. It offers hope and resilience from the puppy's perspective and an ethical framework from the point of view of the powerful boy- his love and acceptance are the transformative power in the book.It i [...]

    • Laura Harrison says:

      The beginning of this book is extremely sad and upsetting. I can see some children possible crying over the very poor treatment of this dog. He is ultimately abandoned by his awful first owners. He does find a loving forever family but I was pretty bummed out before that happened. The illustrations are glorious and filled with emotion.

    • Kate says:

      Poor Sad. He was an unwanted present, and his owners didn't want him! I feel like this is a good example of why you shouldn't give pets as gifts without talking to the person first! Then the pets will be Sad with a capital S!

    • Jody says:

      I read this in a bookstore yesterday, while I was Christmas shopping. It was really sweet, and moving with a very important message behind it.

    • Bookrapt says:

      This book can be read alone, but would also be a great ‘cuddle up on my lap’ or ‘sit close beside me’ story as it starts off with the sad tale of a dog who is given all the basics in life by his owners but is not loved – he is an unwanted present!After being yelled and screamed at the dog gives himself the name of Sad. “Hey you!” Mrs Cripps called. “Dog!” Mr Cripps bellowedThings reach a climax when Sad is left behind by the owners when they move house. Thankfully the story has [...]

    • Julie says:

      This is one of those picture books that may polarise readers because it is about a sad topic. Literally. In the beginning, the dog is treated so poorly and is so sad that it actually names itself Sad. Haven't you ever felt so sad that you felt your life was defined by that sadness? Sadness can take over your life until you manage to move on from it. Should children be allowed to become aware of such things? My opinion is absolutely. Like it or not, some will already be aware of it. Life is not p [...]

    • Catherine Austen says:

      A beautiful story that gives a happy ending to an unloved dog. Very tender and sweet, about the need for connection, not just food and shelter. It's very sad at the beginning--the dog's face when he's in trouble is just heart-breaking--but it all works out in the end. And I think it's important to have stories even for the very young where sad lives turn into happy lives and loneliness doesn't last forever. The illustrations are as tender as the story and it's a pleasure to read aloud with a chi [...]

    • Jessica Brown says:

      This is one of few picture books that have ever made me cryd I think kids might, too. The beginning of the book is incredibly sad because the dog is treated so poorly and is unwanted. I'm pretty sure kids will pick up on that and be upset. The ending is obviously much better and brighter, and I really did love the book, but I don't know that it's for kids. Don't be like my gramma and get mad when 6 year-old Jessica cries her eyes out in the movie theatre at "My Dog Skip", because it's a sad dog [...]

    • Beth says:

      When a dog's cruel owners abandon him when they move away, the new family that moves into the house takes him in as theirs. A sweet, heartfelt story about how pets sometimes find us instead of the other way around.

    • Rebecca Caufman says:

      Gulp. This book will pull at your heart strings and make you sad until

    • Manintheboat says:

      My friend gave me this book.I've never heard my dog bark before, she never barks. But she just did as I picked up this book to review it :)

    • Stacey Aisquith says:

      This little picture book packs a wallop. The story of a dog named Sad will hit you in all of the feels. It's an emotional roller coaster with a satisfying ending for all to enjoy.

    • Elaine says:

      Really sad, then much better, then sudden mehh, but not sad, ending.

    • Ben says:

      This is the book Olivia-Grace picked out from the library yesterday when we were there. Read this tonight to all three of the girls. Lily wasn't in the mood to be read to, but by the third page she was into it. All three girls loved it (Olivia-Grace had already read it in the library, but loved hearing it again). Mara absolutely loved it, giving me and the book hugs afterwards. Beautiful pictures on each page with little 'easter eggs' on each page. And the story is really cute, heart-warming, an [...]

    • Amanda Osborne says:

      This is a book to be read to children by an adult or with an adult present. Because it most certainly is going to make a child cry. It made ME cry.Sad the dog is a nameless dog that is given to a couple as an unwanted present. They give him the most basic of care, but don't name him, don't pet him, hug himhe's just there. And when they moveey leave him there. No food, no water, in the cold.God.Maybe it's just because I adopted a dog that had been neglected, but this book made me tear up for seve [...]

    • Christine Turner says:

      An ode to finding the one who brings out the best in you, and makes you feel as special as you are. A clever little dog christens himself "Sad" when his humans fail to give him a name. Although they feed him and wash him, they don't appreciate his many gifts, like his love of singing ("stop that yapping!"). When the people move away and leave Sad behind, Sad is heartbroken. But then a new family with a young boy arrives at Sad's house in a big truck. Although Sad is initially frightened, it soon [...]

    • Rachel says:

      This is a difficult book to review as I don't know that it would work for all audiences. Dog lovers, and those who have adopted and/or are looking to adopt their forever dog, will certainly want to share this story with their little ones. Sad the dog names himself for the family he's given to doesn't want him, neglects him & eventually abandons him - see, this is not for the faint of heart, nor for the very young. When a family moves in, though, his luck changes for they open their arms, hom [...]

    • Jtimko says:

      Sad, the dog, lives with Mr. and Mrs. Cripps who give him minimal care. But when they move away and a new owner arrives with a young boy who showers affection on Sad, the dog goes from being “Sad” to being called “Lucky”. This is a heart-warming tale about how love and caring can turn an unwanted dog into a happy-go-lucky pet. The story is simply told and the watercolor illustrations convey the tone of the story accurately as the background transitions from tan to light blue. The expres [...]

    • Juliana Lee says:

      Sad was a little dog who was given to a cranky old couple who didn’t want him. They didn’t even name him, so he called himself Sad. They yelled and shouted when Sad dug in the garden, barked, and tore up newspapers. Then one day they moved away leaving Sad behind. The next day a family with a little boy moved into the house. The boy loved Sad. He fed him and named him Lucky. No one yelled or shouted when they dug in the garden, barked, or chased paper airplanes. Lucky knew he’d never be Sa [...]

    • Kristina Jean Lareau says:

      Sad's owners did not like him and left him behind. When the new family arrives at the old house, will they treat him the same?This a picturebook that has excellent design--from the front endpapers to the back papers. The watercolor illustrations reflect Sad's emotions and feelings of abandonment as well as creating a distinctly engaging atmosphere. Skillfully rendered, these watercolor exude detail and dynamism. I would give this book 5 stars if the text was slimmed down, spread out and better p [...]

    • White House Public Library says:

      Because a family dog has not been given a name by his owners, one sweet little pup names himself “Sad”. He has so many talents but unfortunately his owners do not see the value of his place in the family. Life takes a turn for Sad the pup and he becomes… READ THE BOOK!!! This book helps young one to understand that kindness and love are needed by everyone. When we take on responsibility of animals it’s for their lifetime. Each day they say I love you in so many ways and the powerful impa [...]

    • Dimity Powell says:

      Utterly divine on many levels. For children who reject books fearful of their content - ie. too sad, too scary and so on, this is one that will bolster their emotional confidence and banish suspect expectations. My Miss 9 is one of those types, but gave this a solid 4.5 stars, thanks to the raise-your-heart ending. Stay posted for full review soon over at Boomerang Blog!blogomerangbooks/aut

    • Aliza Werner says:

      A book with a cute little dog. I'm usually sold. An unnamed, unwanted Christmas gift dog names himself Sad. His owners don't love him. One day they pack up and leave him behind, which is the single saddest page in a picture I've read in a long time. A new family moves in the next day with a little boy who loves Sad, brings him a dog bed and treats, and plays with him. He also gives him his new name. Tender and heart wrenching, this will grab dog and animal lovers.

    • Hannah (The Irish Banana Review) says:

      I have to admit: SAD, THE DOG is, well, sad. Sad (yes, his name is actually "Sad") is an abused and neglected dog who is ultimately abandoned. While he is later found and finds his forever home with a loving family (he is renamed), this book might be a little hard for younger children or sensitive kids to fully comprehend.

    • Connie Heneghan says:

      Sad the Dog has been given to the wrong owners. They eventually move out and leave him behind. Never fear a new family moves in and changes his life. Wonderful illustrations in this sweet picture book.

    • Lisa Mcbroom says:

      A dog is given to a couple who hates dogs. The dog names himself Sad because of his sad existence. The couple leave him. One day a happy family moves into the house and the boy Jack becomes Sad's best friend. Jack renames Sad lucky and indeed Lucky is very lucky!

    • Kimberly says:

      All right, well, reading that one at the desk was a TERRIBLE IDEA. While eight months pregnant, at that. What was I thinking?*blinks back tears furiously*If you don't get teary when you read this book and see how pitiful the dog looks in the beginning, you have no soul.

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