What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been A year ago Evan and Sarah shared one incredible night Then Evan s music the thing that brought them together suddenly tore them apart Since then Evan s not been able to forget about her And try as s

  • Title: What Might Have Been
  • Author: Matt Dunn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A year ago, Evan and Sarah shared one incredible night Then Evan s music the thing that brought them together suddenly tore them apart.Since then, Evan s not been able to forget about her And try as she might, Sarah can t seem to get over him either.With time running out, Evan s got one last chance to convince her that the two of them were meant to be But is one night eA year ago, Evan and Sarah shared one incredible night Then Evan s music the thing that brought them together suddenly tore them apart.Since then, Evan s not been able to forget about her And try as she might, Sarah can t seem to get over him either.With time running out, Evan s got one last chance to convince her that the two of them were meant to be But is one night enough for Sarah to make a decision about the rest of her life even if it was the best night of her life And if she doesn t believe in love at first sight, how can Evan persuade her that what they had will last From the bestselling author of A Day at the Office, What Might Have Been is Matt Dunn s new romantic comedy about two people in love Though one of them needs a little convincing

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    • Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

      Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I’m not the type of person who requests an ARC just so I can have an opportunity to shred it to pieces. I don’t have as much free time to read as I would like to begin with, so the books I request are books that I hope to enjoy. Although I’m not a super sappy type of gal, I mix plenty of romance into my reading repertoire – and although I never really "like liked" What Might Have Been, I was prepared to give it 2 Stars and call it a good day. Unti [...]

    • Wendy says:

      "What Might Have Been" is my first book by author Matt Dunn and I plan to read more of his work.An enjoyable and funny story that had me tearing up at times.It was love at first sight for Evan and Sarah when she happened into a jazz bar one night and saw him on stage playing his saxophone. Their eyes connected and they both knew they had to have each other. After spending a torrid, unforgettable night together Evan has an opportunity, he can't pass up, to tour with a famous band and leaves the c [...]

    • TL says:

      I received this book via FirstReads in exchange for an honest review.----I hate to DNF another book I've won but I just can't get into this. It's not badly written but just not wowing me. The setting: England LOVED that, and that Sarah was a fish out of water. Also loved Evan and Sarah's shared sense of humor in the beginning.The summary sounded promising (love a good romance story)d it It started off good, I liked Evan and that he was a Saxophone player, Mel and Grace were awesome Sarah, liked [...]

    • Best Crime Books & More says:

      I have liked some of Matt Dunn’s previous books but for some reason this book just left me feeling really impartial (I HATE that!). Evan and Sarah are the lead characters in this book and Evan is a pretty decent guy. He’s a musician who plays the saxophone and had his 10 minutes of fame back in the day. Sarah is an American who happens to stop by a jazz club and sees Evan play. It takes her back to her childhood when her father used to play the sax in clubs. What results is a reckless night [...]

    • Amy says:

      This book frustrated me.On the one hand, Matt Dunn has as solid a premise for a romance as you'll find in women's fiction. Sarah and Evan had one night - just one - but it was so perfect that neither has forgotten it.Sarah tried - she even got engaged - but those memories are still right there. Evan got her in a way that her fiancé does not, or cannot. But Evan left, and even though Sarah understands why - even though she fully supported his decision - she feels as if he abandoned her. It isn't [...]

    • Regan Cooley says:

      Entertaining! Got a little monotonous in the middle, and I didn't really like the ending After debating the whole entire book about who she should be with in the LAST page she decides. Didn't really work for me. But all in all it was okay!

    • Lisa Bentley says:

      SynopsisWhen Sarah stops at the Jazz Club ‘G-Spot’ she doesn’t expect to fall in love at first sight. But that is exactly what happened. As soon as saxophonist Evan takes to the stage she is smitten. Luckily for her the feeling is mutual. However, Evan has just been offered the biggest opportunity of his career. He has been given the chance to play sax on The Police’s reunion tour, travelling the world for a year. Can Evan and Sarah’s love transcend distance and time?ReviewWhat Might H [...]

    • Odette Cortés says:

      What Might Have Been follows the story of Evan and Sarah. Two strangers that found each other as kindred spirits in a Jazz club, and after a magical one-night stand they are both left with a deep connection. The only problem is that it looks like they were not meant to be as Evan goes on a one year tour with The Police and Sarah has a boyfriend. But one year later Evan returns and the feelings resurface, causing trouble for an engaged Sarah.The book had its good moments and then it had the angst [...]

    • Zoe Hall says:

      What a little gem of a book this is. Absolutely lovely, quirky, and genuinely funny in places. I'm not always a rom-com fan but this book had me rooting for Evan from the start. A heart-warming story about an American career woman meeting a London jazz musician who ends up touring with The Police for a year. They spend one night together that literally changes their lives forever.I absolutely love the writing. Quirky, funny and genuinely lovely, I really enjoyed this book and will be definitely [...]

    • Chelsey says:

      Wish I could give it 0 stars.

    • Sara says:

      I found this book interesting and yet frustrating. However, there was one character that annoyed me throughout the entire story. The male lead, Evan.Sarah and Evan had one night together. One night that neither could forget. However, due to Evan's music (as stated in the blurb), this tears them apart.A year later, Evan suddenly returns. He returns to find Sarah engaged, and it's one week away till her wedding.This is where is the story starts to frustrate me. Evan continues to fight for Sarah, d [...]

    • Julie says:

      I’ve read three other books by Matt Dunn (Home, Another day in the office, A Christmas day in the office) and I laughed and cried and really enjoyed them, so I was really looking forward to reading this next book. However, with this book, the story was pretty flat and I felt like we just kept going round in circles, with Evan having the same conversations with Sarah, Mel and Grace about trying to get Sarah back. I also found him a bit of a whingeing wimp and the ending was pretty predictable. [...]

    • Lorna says:

      Such a silly book - weak plot and characterisation. Sooooo predictable. I always feel bad giving one star rating rather than just tossing the book from the start. Note to self- you do not need to finish every book you start.

    • marie macleod says:

      FabThis book felt a bit slow to begin but then I was hooked.The ending has left me wanting to know more about what happens to the characters after it allGutted the book has finished, this is what all books should be like (leaving you to want more)

    • John McKenna says:

      Pleasant romance but predictable plot.

    • Sinead McEvoy says:

      Loved this bookme may say cheesy or predictable but I loved the story of true love conquering all!

    • Sonya says:

      Not the most interesting book I've read. It's quite boring & long.

    • Marcee Feddersen says:

      anurseandabook/20What They Say.A year ago, Evan and Sarah shared one incredible night. Then Evan’s music—the thing that brought them together—suddenly tore them apart.Since then, Evan’s not been able to forget about her. And try as she might, Sarah can’t seem to getover him either.With time running out, Evan’s got one last chance to convince her that the two of them were meant to be. But is one night enough for Sarah to make a decision about the rest of her life—even if it was the [...]

    • Dj41811 says:

      I gave this book a 3/5 because while it dissapoimted me, it still made it impossible to stop reading. Not going to lie I have never written a review before but this time I felt I owed it to the others who might want to pick up this bookNot only did the story promise much more than it delivered it failed to develop what I believe every reader was wanting and expecting Romance. SPOILER ALERTFirst off the story started out amazing. if you think a one night stand with a handsome musician and lunch d [...]

    • Alison says:

      Really enjoyed this story by Matt Dunn. I've read a few of his books before and loved the unique perspective a male writer brings to the chick lit genre. For me his books feel less flowery and romantic and much more realistic. In this story Evan, a sax player, meets Sarah in a jazz club one night. There is an instant attraction and they spend a perfect night together. Unfortunately however, Evan gets a big break which drives them apart. Left behind, Sarah decides to pursue a relationship with he [...]

    • Danielle says:

      DisappointedI really, really wanted to like this book. I'd been looking forward to reading it but within the first couple of chapters I was already annoyed at the sheer number of times the characters had to correct themselves in conversation!! Is there really such a big language barrier between Americans and the British that every little american/british colloquialism has to be explained? If that was all it was I could've probably ignored it. But every character was at it double meanings that ha [...]

    • Mike says:

      *Contains some spoilers*Sorry, Matt Dunn. This is the third novel of his that I’ve read and, while normally I dash through these volumes, this one took more time and failed to hit its target. Mr Dunn’s never been one to create complicated characters, let alone those that come across as fully rounded and bringing deep, rich histories to the text, but WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN is a cast of cardboard cut-outs, their destinies clear from the first page. The main characters are a virtuous musician and [...]

    • Eric E says:

      Oh boy. I hate to dump on people's work, but this was one of the worst books I've ever read. It's an un-funny, un-romantic romantic comedy. Repetitive, shallow, reductive - and those are it's good qualities. Here's some of my many gripes (and SPOILERS):1. There's 5 characters in the book. Zero are likable. 2. The main characters meet and fall in love in one night. During that night, Evan, a saxophone player, takes Sarah, a money something, to an underground jazz club where famous people like Elv [...]

    • Teena in Toronto says:

      Sarah's father, who was a musician, had recently passed away. With nothing keeping her in the States, she gets a transfer to work in London. One night she goes to a jazz club and is drawn to Evan, the sax player. They connect and have a one night stand followed by lunch. Evan is immediately offered a year long gig in the States backing Sting and the Police. Since it's a great opportunity for him, Sarah encourages him to go and he does. Evan comes back a year later a week before Sarah is going to [...]

    • Nicole Overmoyer says:

      This book started out with potential. It did not live up to it's potential.The main character of the story is Sarah. Sarah is thirty-something American woman working in hedge funds in London. Author Matt Dunn is British. As a thirty-something American woman, I'm kind of insulted by the stereotypes Dunn uses to write Sarah. Apparently to Dunn, and maybe other British people, American woman are finnicky, flighty, and prone to sleeping around when we're not getting drunk. Sarah is mourning her fath [...]

    • Susan Buchanan says:

      I've read a few other Matt Dunn books and enjoyed them, so I figured I would give this a go. It's different, less funny, more poignant and wistful, to his previous books. Basically Evan and Sarah meet each other and it's love at first sight, but two days later Evan has to move to America for an impromptu work assignment. Mel, Evan's friend and nightclub owner, has a hand in what happens with them before they go their separate ways. After a year, a newspaper announcement makes Evan come back. He [...]

    • Rachel Gilbey says:

      Thank you very much to the lovely people at Lake Union Publishing for approving my Net Galley request enabling me to get a copy of this book for an honest review.I believe I have read all of Matt Dunn's previous books, so was looking forward to reading this one too, and it didn't disappoint.Evan and Sarah meet a year before, spend just over a night together and really seem to connect. However before the relationship could take hold, Evan (a Jazz musician), is offered a chance to tour with a refo [...]

    • Ashley says:

      2.5 starsMy god, this was quite the frustrating novel. At times, I absolutely loathed Sarah. It's obvious to everyone but her that she's in love with Evan but she's too stubborn and scared to admit it!!! There was waaay too much drama created as a result of Sarah. Come on girl, can you make up your mind already? Her conversations about what she should do about the Evan situation really got on my nerves because it was mentioned over and over and over again. Other than that little fault of mine, I [...]

    • Jessica | Booked J says:

      Full review here: bookandbroadway/2d soon to be here: bookgirlWhere to begin, where to beginWhat Might Have Been seemed interesting to me, based upon the plot summary and I had high hopes for it. It wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be and just drove me a little bit mad at times. Our main romance was the highest case of Instalove I've seen and in turn, one that I just couldn't look past. Romance novels aren't always believable and in this stories case, it was too unbelievable for me. [...]

    • Georgia Payne says:

      Being a writer of a romance book but never really reading any of that genre, I decided to start. What made me pick Matt Dunn's book I'm not sure, but overall, I really enjoyed this story of Evan and Sarah, a couple who have a one night stand (and lunch the next day) but then don't see each other for a year. When the pair meet again, Sarah is engaged to another man, and Evan is keen to make her realize that he's the one for her, not her fiance. I absolutely loved the beginning of this book, but a [...]

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