Too Many Secrets

Too Many Secrets Book in the Jennie McGrady Mystery series Jennie s summer seems perfect until her grandmother disappears with a million dollars in stolen diamonds Thrilling intrigue for young adult readers

  • Title: Too Many Secrets
  • Author: Patricia H. Rushford
  • ISBN: 9781556613319
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 1 in the Jennie McGrady Mystery series Jennie s summer seems perfect until her grandmother disappears with a million dollars in stolen diamonds Thrilling intrigue for young adult readers.

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      388 Patricia H. Rushford
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    • Sabrina says:

      This sounded like it would be an exciting mystery but it wasn't the most gripping story. There just wasn't any urgency, even though Jennie's grandmother has just gone missing and her father disappeared years ago. It was ok but not thrilling.

    • Carol says:

      Jennie is trying to complete her schoolwork so she can spend her summer vacation with Gram. Aunt Kate arrived & asked about Gram. She hung her coat on Jennie's armsdid she look like a coat rack? Jennie's mom was finishing the cake for Jennie's little brother, Nick's, birthday celebration that nighte hadn't seen Gram either. Gram was late getting back & no one had heard from her, Kate was worried. Mom felt that the McGrady side of the family was eccentric. Kate liked artistic better. Jaso [...]

    • Emily Shore says:

      The first of 15 of the Jennie McGrady series which kept me company on long, lonely nights in high school. Nancy Drew on steroids (more involved) and with a deeper message. Perfect recommendation for any high school kids or even pre-teens. Jennie, an amateur sleuth, enjoys solving mysteries which spark to life all around her. And let's not forget the ongoing debate of whether her dad, missing in action for years, is really dead or alive!

    • Janelle says:

      I haven't read any of these in ages, but I remember LOVING them in jr. high and high school

    • Kathryn says:

      Sept 2014 re-read, revised audiobook.Loved this series when I read it 10 years ago. Holds up well.

    • Nicole says:

      Read this when I was maybe 10-12 years old and remember loving it. I would recommend this for anyone around that age who loves mystery and suspense.

    • Cathy says:

      My middle schooler called this a favorite series, and book #5 a favorite book, so much so that this near-teen wanted to re-read the series with both my husband and me as a bedtime story to introduce us to them. The series came from an adult friend of mine who had also read them and thought my kids might be interested. My older two teens felt they had passed the age where this would've interested them. So book #1.In some ways, it reads as a Nancy Drew type mystery, but Nancy Drew did not have th [...]

    • Leanne Haynes says:

      I first picked this series up when I was in my old school library. I never finished the series, which is why I have now decided to give them another chance. This book, the first in the series, is a great introduction to Jennie as a character and some of the large story arcs that connect all of the books. This series reminds me so much of Nancy Drew. They are good old-fashioned mystery books with a young protagonist who isn't afraid to follow her hunches. Enjoyable for readers both young and old! [...]

    • Jaycee Weaver says:

      I completely devoured this series as a tween and teen. In fact, just this mon5 I was tying to remember the name of this series so I could order it for my teen and tween daughters for Christmas! Now that I’ve found it again, I’ll be sure to pick it up first chance I get so they can enjoy a clean, age appropriate suspense with a deeper message.

    • Lyn says:

      This is a young adult book.

    • Kiersten says:

      This whole series - packed with old-fashioned phrases and several noticeable slips in grammar - is so melodramatic it's almost laughable. And the stories become rather repetitive after a while (poor Jennie gets betrayed and subsequently held at gunpoint at least a dozen times), and they all wind up sounding pretty much the same. But i wouldn't say these books are terrible. They're actually not too bad if you try not to take them too seriously, and I do reread them from time to time.

    • Nattie says:

      I enjoyed the book, but found some of it annoying. The way the mother insisted on trying to push her new boyfriend on Jennie was just, ugh! Heck, the mother had only known the guy two months herself.I also found Jennie's relationship with Ryan to be annoying.

    • Douglas Wyndham says:

      An interesting case of diamond theft and granny-knapping.

    • Amanda says:

      This story was about a teenage girl that has to deal with a possibly dead father, her mom's new boyfriend, and a missing Grandma. She makes some mistakes and takes some chances. The characters seem real and the story was easy to follow. I think I will pick up the next book in the series.

    • Bear says:

      I read these ages ago and really liked them. Whether or not that means they were well written, I have no idea.

    • Amanda J says:

      Read this book as a teenager. It's part of a christian mystery series.

    • Victoria says:

      I like this series, it's a fun way to get started in a new style of Nancy Drew.

    • Genevieve Mallinlin says:

      i want to read it

    • The Third Place A Teen Library says:

      F RUS bk.1

    • Havilah says:

      This was a fun, quick read.

    • Nikki says:

      Read these with my children. They are a great modern day Nancy Drew with a christian base.

    • Jenny says:


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