Viscount's Wager

Viscount s Wager London You never forget your first love but is a second chance worth the gamble Anthony Viscount Rawling knows exactly what he wants in life and he isn t above having a look about London for i

  • Title: Viscount's Wager
  • Author: Ava March
  • ISBN: 9781459290051
  • Page: 339
  • Format: ebook
  • London, 1822You never forget your first love, but is a second chance worth the gamble Anthony, Viscount Rawling, knows exactly what he wants in life and he isn t above having a look about London for it When he spots recently widowed Gabriel Tilden at a ton function, he thinks he might have found love again.Gabriel is as gorgeous and reserved as he was when he broke AnthonLondon, 1822You never forget your first love, but is a second chance worth the gamble Anthony, Viscount Rawling, knows exactly what he wants in life and he isn t above having a look about London for it When he spots recently widowed Gabriel Tilden at a ton function, he thinks he might have found love again.Gabriel is as gorgeous and reserved as he was when he broke Anthony s heart seven years ago But they were only adolescents then surely Anthony won t hold the incident against him And especially not when the attraction between them is stronger than ever.Gabriel came to London in search of distraction, and a teasing Anthony is impossible to resist As Anthony introduces Gabriel to the pleasures that can be found in the city and in his bedchamber their bond deepens into something Yet both men are hiding secrets that could pull them apart forever 102,000 words

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      339 Ava March
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    • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

      ~4.5~Gambling on Love is one of my favorite M/M series, and I've been anticipating Anthony and Gabriel's story for months.I'm a slut for Ava March books; they are the perfect blend of sharp writing, dirty sex, and romantic fluff."Don't," Gabriel begged. "Please, don't I will give you everything I can. Everything that I am."As in the other two books in the series, the dual POV works very well here. I'm not sure I could have forgiven Gabriel for how he initially treated Anthony had I not been abl [...]

    • Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

      Ava March, my sweet, sweet Ava March. You are usually so spot on! Perhaps my own personal feelings came into play here but I wanted to SLAP Gabriel for most of the story! I'm the kind of girl who doesn't forget easily. You screw me over and I'm going to glare at you for the next bazillion times that we see each other. Now, I'm too much of a wimp to actually say or do anything, but you can bet I'm telling you off inside my head. Harshly. When Gabriel broke Anthony's heart as a teenager, I was rea [...]

    • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion says:

      BR with The AdamPrimarily what I'm feeling is an overwhelming sense of ambivalence.I didn't love it or hate it.Actually, I was flummoxed as to why I was having such a blasé reaction to this story until Max and Tristan made an appearance. If I'm completely honest, what I enjoyed most were the parts with the couples from books 1 and 2. The minute, the second Max started getting all bossy and grumble-y I knew. It's these characters. I'm a character person. Give me at least one good character that [...]

    • Adam says:

      BR with my Wench2.75 starsI had to push myself to get through the first 60% of 'Viscount's Wager', but the remaining 40% was quite good. After seeing a part of Anthony's story in the preceding book, Sharp Love, I was really looking forward to reading book 3 in the Gambling on Love series.I had mixed feelings about the initial set-up of Gabriel and Anthony's story. The prologue was heartbreaking. It was awful seeing Anthony's hopes dashed in such a short span of time. But I couldn't help but roll [...]

    • Ami says:

      Viscount's Wager is the third (and I assumed the last) book in Ava March's "Gambling in Love" series. Consider that I truly have bad memory about details, I honestly didn't remember much about the previous two books. However, I had no problem at all being immersed to the love story between Anthony Hawkins, the Viscount Rawling, and Lord Gabriel Tilden. Seven years ago, Anthony and Gabriel shared their first intimate kiss. Anthony, only sixteen at that time, compared to Gabriel's eighteen, have b [...]

    • CrabbyPatty says:

      Ava March is one of my go-to writers of steamy M/M historical romance, with All In with the Duke being one of my guilty pleasures. So I was somewhat surprised to rate Viscount's Wager as meh. I mean, it was . okay I didn't find Anthony or Gabriel particularly memorable and the pace of the book felt slow as they both spent far too much time mourning (and over-analyzing) their oh-so-brief kiss back when they were teenagers. While it was great to catch up with Tristan and Max, as well as Drake and [...]

    • Pjm12 says:

      The two main characters, Gabriel and Anthony have quite different personalities, and deep secrets they are loathe to share. This works very well in a book where we have alternating points of view.We see Anthony's teasing affectionate nature through Gabriel's eye, but when Anthony is narrating, we see his worry, his concern about Gabriel and his estate, even if he continues to ignore his duties.Gabriel, through Anthony's eyes is a growling, deeply emotional creature who both surprises and perplex [...]

    • Caz says:

      I've given this a B- at AAR, so that's 3.5 stars and I'm rounding up.Viscount’s Wager is the third book in Ava March’s Gambling on Love series, but even though characters from earlier books appear in it, I don’t think it’s essential to have read them to understand this one. It’s a well-told and engaging story and I enjoyed reading it, but the pacing around the middle of the book drags somewhat and the big secret being kept by one of the protagonists is allowed to go on for a bit too lo [...]

    • Veronica of V's Reads says:

      I really enjoyed this historical M/M romance set in 1820s London. Anthony, Viscount Rawling, has known since he was young that he preferred men--and mostly, that he preferred Gabriel Tilden, elder brother of his childhood friend Pearce, above all other men. They shared one kiss seven years ago, while Anthony stayed at the Tilden's over a summer party, and Gabriel promptly married a woman. Now, Anthony has the occasion to see the recently widowed Gabriel as he escorts his sister around London. Ga [...]

    • Didi says:

      2.65 starsThis was a conflicting book for me. I'm not gonna say outright I hated it, but I didn't find the leading characters endearing. At all. It's not that I dislike people with disadvantage or poor (as in not having many blunt or material thingy) characters, but weak resolves and continuous poor decisions as shown here? Boy did they raise my hackles!Yes, yes, they finally finally solved their problems and willing to open up and reach for help. But by that point it all happened I'd been too e [...]

    • Mandi Schreiner says:

      Sweet and sexy. A little slow in the first half but I liked these two heroes.

    • Verity says:

      [image error] My shoe-in to MM was historical romance and Ava March in particular. Going back to one of her books feel warm, fuzzy and familiar and this one is no exception. Avid March readers are rewarded by the appearance of characters we had met in previous books, so there's a fair amount of dusting off those little grey cells, but it's also interesting to see the MC's from a different perspective.Maybe the whole plot line of gambling debts wasn't a favorite and you could see the conclusion a [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      4 StarsI received a free eARC from Carina Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This is exactly what I expect from an Ava March historical. It was super sexy and full of drama. Anthony and Gabriel had some major obstacles to overcome and I thought everything was handled in a realistic, satisfying manner. I also loved the way that the author included earlier couples from the series.

    • Beebs says:


    • Annelise Lestrange says:

      Viscount’s Wager is the third and last volume on Gambling on Love series and is set on Regency London, in 1822. Anthony Hawkins, Viscount Rawling, was already introduced in the first book, All In With The Duke and Gabriel Tilden, his pair, was introduced in the second book of the series, Sharp Love.Anthony is a noble who doesn’t pay much attention to his duties as a viscount, as he has a huge secret to keep – something way bigger than his social status. Since he inherited the title, at the [...]

    • Sophia says:

      Dare he hope that this time around the widower, Gabriel Tilden, will choose him? Or will he leave Anthony with a crushed heart and hopes like last time. It has been seven years since the young Anthony fell for Gabriel, but learned that his love was not returned. In the meantime, he moved to London, ascended to the Viscountcy on his father's death, took care of his family, and continued his search for The One. One glimpse of Gabriel lets him know that he was very much right the first time.Gabriel [...]

    • Katie(babs) says:

      Ava March writes some of the best gay historical romance I’ve ever read. Her love scenes crackle with emotion and intensity, and she has a great skill at writing Regency romance. I loved the dynamic of the main couple in Viscount’s Wager (Gambling on Lover #3), how the younger man is more self assured and sexually experienced, including his patience with a man he has loved ever since he was a teenager.At sixteen, Anthony developed a crush on his good friend’s older brother, Gabriel. When G [...]

    • Amanda says:

      ”Anthony had glanced over his shoulder---a wide grin on his mouth, eyes sparkling with pure joy---and caught Gabriel’s gaze. And in that brief moment, Gabriel’s entire world had shifted on its axis.”2.5-3 starsThis had so much potential!!! From the hopeful and ultimately heartbreaking prologue, to the angsty but passionate (almost) lovers’ reunion, as well as the many small but precious moments like the above mentioned quote had me believing this would be an amazing read.Unfortunately, [...]

    • Jax says:

      Dull and repetitious. There's not much to this pairing aside from thinking about their first encounter, fantasizing about encounters, & having encounters. We see almost no relationship development apart from late night trysts. And the fact that a single episode involving skinny dipping and a kiss when they were both teenagers colored the next seven years of their lives was just ridiculous.

    • Viv says:

      BR with AlissaI love visiting Ava March's Regency world. We see some of our old friends in this one. The sex was hot, but not as hot as some of her other books (see Bound series or All in With the Duke). I greatly enjoyed this one, even though I wanted to smack Gabriel more than once. Anthony was almost a too good to be true MC.

    • Marlobo says:

      4,5 stars From my standpoint, Gambling on Love Series has been improving with every book. I loved this book, the pairing is utterly plausible; actions, concealments, senses of guilt, inner strugglings are consistent with the Era. I'm hopeful that this isn't the end of the Series. Some secondary characters fuel my hopes.

    • B says:

      Lovely ending to this great trilogy , nice seeing the 3 original couples in this last book.

    • Jewel says:

      Thank you Secret Santa!!! <3

    • Salsera1974 says:

      I did not finish so I will not rate. It was simply unbearably dull. My job is hard, life is short, and I don't want to be bored while doing my favorite thing. Next.

    • Denise says:

      Seven years ago, Gabriel Tilden broke Anthony's heart. Now he's back in town - newly widowed, still just as attractived as when the two of them last parted and very obviously inclined to return the feelings Anthony still has for him despite what happened between them. Might Anthony get a second chance to be with his first love?I adored Anthony ever since the first book in the trilogy and had been looking forward to his story, but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to my expectations. I just d [...]

    • Claudia says:

      i really liked the first two books in this series, so I was excited to get my hands on this one. And although I didn't like it as much as the others, it was still a very good read. but it took some time for me to really appreciate it. The first half was a bit difficult for mebut the second half was greatso all in all a 4 star read. and I will read more books by Ava March

    • Lily says:

      2.9 stars rounded up. I had a difficult time reading this book, mostly because Gabriel never truly endeared himself to me as a character. Anthony was much more interesting and could have benefited from a more solid partner. But things worked out reasonably well in the end.

    • DaisyGirl says:

      2.5 dismal starsI love Ava March's work but this one tanked. I never really got into the story. I was quite bored and ambivalent about the outcome. Gabriel was as exciting as a doorknob. And both he and Anthony had bouts of idiocy. Niiiiice. Not!Bottom line: No go.

    • Emily Seelye says:

      4.5. Really good, but I had to keep stepping away out of anger towards one of the main characters. Had a very satisfying HEA.

    • *~*~*Kael*~*~* says:

      True rating: 4.5 - Thoughts to come this week :-).

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