Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains It s easier to move a mountain than escape the past After the ultimate betrayal results in the death of his lover Jamie Mainwaring looks to the past for answers and discovers his entire life is a li

  • Title: Moving Mountains
  • Author: Laura Harner
  • ISBN: 9781937252656
  • Page: 345
  • Format: ebook
  • It s easier to move a mountain than escape the past After the ultimate betrayal results in the death of his lover, Jamie Mainwaring looks to the past for answers, and discovers his entire life is a lie When uncovering the truth leads to a devastating loss, there s only one place he can turn for understanding When former detective Remington left the police departmenIt s easier to move a mountain than escape the past After the ultimate betrayal results in the death of his lover, Jamie Mainwaring looks to the past for answers, and discovers his entire life is a lie When uncovering the truth leads to a devastating loss, there s only one place he can turn for understanding When former detective Remington left the police department, he never looked back Now, his glory stealing ex boss is dead, leaving Remy s real name scratched in the dirt at the brutal murder scene Two years ago, Miguel Rojas left New York in the back of his best friend s car, in real danger of falling victim to the same addictions that left his twin sister in bed with the drug lord he d been deep undercover investigating When she shows up looking to make amends, misplaced guilt mixed with curiosity open old wounds While Remy returns to his police department roots to track down a killer, Miggy and Jamie team up to find the bones from Miggy s past and bury them once and for all The truth shall set you free except when the past is determined to claim you.

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    • Salsera1974 says:

      This is a very strong entry in Laura Harner's "Separate Ways" series, which started with our main characters -- Jamie and Remy -- hitting it off and breaking up in book 1 of the series, and then continued with Remy pairing off with his best friend of twenty years and companion of the past two -- Miggy, an absolutely wonderful man. As we begin the third book, those of us who are rooting for Jamie and Remy are faced with a terrible dilemma: How do we cheer for the couple who were essentially toget [...]

    • Will Parkinson says:

      I'm stunned by the revelations in this book.The first two had me shouting "OH HELL NO" so many times. I thought by the third book, things would have calmed down. Not so much.Laura Harner books are like a roller coaster. Ups and downs are prevalent, but those loops have you leaving your stomach (and heart) everywhere along the ride.This book changes everything. I laughed. I cried. Then I cried some more. I got very wrapped up in these characters. Each and every one of them owned a piece of my hea [...]

    • Bev says:

      Oh God, here I am completely without nails, another cliffhangerAND the death of one of my fave charactersd no, I'm not telling you who it is!! But Laura, pretty please, , let us have a happy ending in the next book nerves can't take much moreey've GOT to get together again!! 5 stars and a huge except for the cliffhanger ending I was so disappointed, but I'm daft enough to wait for book 4 of course!!

    • JR says:

      I can't rate this book. First of all it is written by one of my favorite authors. I adore this series, but now I am unable to even rate this due to the ending. The entire book is amazing till the end. Maybe I am the one who doesn't get it, but I can't remember hating an ending as much as this one. I did not expect an HEA, but I could hope for one that was not like this. I may reconsider reviewing the first 3/4 of the book, but right now it is too fresh and too disappointing. I feel bad about it, [...]

    • Feliz says:

      I'll take the easy way out and link to another review, but Salsera said everything perfectly here: /review/showAnd now I'm majorly pissed at Mrs. Harner, 'cause I'll have to wait God knows how long for the next book to see how things will play out in the end. Am I biting the edge of my desk in impatience? NooooooooooooooWrite, Ma'am!

    • Becky Condit says:

      Please leave comments on Lucky's 5 sweet pea review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index.Not much he could do about the early morning BJ mouth.It’s weird. At some point in time during the first two book reviews, I uttered the phrase, “Oh hell no!” For this review, I’m going to step it up just a touch. “Oh hell the fuck no she didn’t!”For the third of the four book series, Laura Harner does not pull any punches. She starts out hard and the hits keep coming at a rapid pace.For reasons you’ [...]

    • Paul says:

      That was amazing, I have the worst headache. The MC's, writing, plot's are flawless, can't write anymore.

    • Katherine says:

      Noooo!!! No spoilers, but I hate how this played out. I'll read the next bookbut I wont like it. Damn it.

    • Karen says:

      Oh, this was so much harder to read than the first two books! At the end of Oceans Apart I couldn't wait to find out how Jamie was going to move on. He was betrayed by his lover as well the organization he worked for, and the man he had loved for years, Remy, was involved in a new relationship that Jamie could only support. I felt like he had shouldered so much pain that he deserved to have happiness, and I wanted it to happen in this book!But this book starts with another blow to Jamie. He find [...]

    • Christy says:

      I redeemed myself by finally reading the second installment of the 'Separate Ways' series and now I've kept that trend by jumping, fairly quickly, into this latest release, which is book three. I adore Laura Harner, but after finishing this story, book four better be coming out in the next month. Just saying. I honestly didn't think anything could get better than the first two stories, but I know better than to doubt Ms. Harner, and as usual, she came through. Again. Thank goodness.It's been a w [...]

    • Chris Cox says:

      This third book in the trilogy was--I can't say much because it will all be spoilers. I can say that this is NOT a stand alone book. To get the full frontal emotional impact, read both the first and second book first. I'll also say that both Remy and Jamie are hell on partners.The very busy, twisty plot(s) stayed in the background, giving character development center stage.While the book had a complete ending, there is still room for a followup book. I'm hoping it comes quickly as I am ready to [...]

    • C. Zampa says:

      I started not to review this book because itwell, it pissed me off. No, not the 'pissed' as in the shock other readers have expressed. I had read spoilers, so I was not shocked and I might even have predicted it. But I WAS frustrated with particular events of the story, even though I knew they were going to happen. (view spoiler)[Bottom line, a crucial character was killed in the story; and, while the loss of the character who was my favorite one in the series did upset me, it wasn't the loss it [...]

    • Shakisha says:

      What a Roller Coaster.d ANOTHER cliff hanger and the worst part is waiting on the next book to be releasedG WHY do I do this to myself!!!That ending those last 3 words nearly killed meI'm not gonna write a review per say just some thoughts and observations* From the beginning of this series I wanted to see Jamie and Remy together* I know Remy loved Miggy but he wasn't IN LOVE with him.I hope in the next book we can see him realize and make peace with this. It's the only way he can even attempt t [...]

    • Bethany says:

      No no way, no how, just NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! No effing way!!!!!!! I loved this series and was loving this book till the end. (view spoiler)[ I LOVE Miggy and this is not the ending I wanted for him. There where so many other ways she could have written this ending, but the way she ended it is why it got only 1 star. Do I think Miggy and Remy were meant to end up together, part of me wanted yea, but I know Remy and Jamie had unfinished business. But come on, killing Miggy off. JUST!!!!!!(view [...]

    • Lou~❧Powerless Over 1-Click❧ says:

      4.5 Stars Another cliffhanger! I am emotionally drained and writing as tears stream down my face. Collect all four books before you begin this series because you will need to read the sequel immediately. Will Remy and Jamie ever get their HEA?

    • Letti says:

      I didn't see that coming This is one of my favorite series, I love James, Rem and Miggy Oh! let's not forget Toby. But this one shattered my heart, I must admit I'm a little pissed off maybe a little beyond pissed Why did that have to happen?

    • ~Mindy Lynn~ says:

      Holy, hell! That ending! Please tell me the next book is on its way out A.S.A.P. I need it to be out now. I need to know what happens! Dammit! I hate when books in that way and having no idea when the next book will be out. It is complete torture for a reader! =[

    • Caryn says:

      It's hard to review each of the four novels of this series separately because they really do create one long arc. Remmy and Jamie are a heart-breaking pair who explode together. The tension between them from the word go belies an underlying connection that both so desperately need but neither can really fathom indulging. That connection, and the tension it causes both men, as well as others in their lives, play out amidst a backdrop of ongoing mystery and danger as both men try to move forward w [...]

    • Karen says:

      I have put off reading this book for a while now because I remember how emotionally invested I got in these characters and how devastated I was when book 1 and then book 2 left me feeling so lost because what I wanted to happen just didn't. I even considered not reading any more because I just didn't want to shed any more tears on Remy or Jamie or Miggy or Toby, it just hurt too much and I mean really this is fiction, right? Just a story. Except it's a really, really good story, with really, rea [...]

    • Jewel says:

      There isn't a lot I can say about Moving Mountains without spoiling the book. I can say that I am very glad that I waited for the fourth book to be released before reading books two and three; especially three. I'm still reeling from this one. A lot of loose ends from the previous two books get wrapped up here and I'm glad there is a fourth book, because it wouldn't be right for Remy and Jamie to magically be together right now.It was interesting to see Jamie and Miggy actually become friends. I [...]

    • Harry says:

      A frustrating end to this trilogy. The beginning of the book - Jamie's big discovery - has nothing to do with anything else. While it may incite him to travel to Phoenix and reinvent his life, it's never really returned to. The police work is murky, as it is in the two preceding books, though somewhat less implausible this time, since the case is local. But there are rampant errors, including the spelling of characters' names, waffling character motivation, a convenient plot twist that too easil [...]

    • Daniela Green says:

      Edit:I discovered just now the whole issue about Laura Harner's plagiarism.So, if the books in this series are not under accuse, I can say that she has talent for writing.And for me, that makes the whole thing so much more sad.If you have talent, why in the hell do you feel the need to plagiarize other author's work? Only to produce a book every month? I can't understand. And I don't want to.Now, if I assume that the books in this series are her original work, my rating doesn't change. If I shou [...]

    • Karen says:

      Oh my, what an ending! The tears are falling, and I am so reminded of the ending of the first book in the series. What a heart breaker--again. I cannot wait for the final book in this series!Even avoiding the spoilers, I had an idea of what to expect from other reviews, but that didn't prepare me for the reality of it. This was another tough yet beautiful episode in the lives of Remy, Jamie and those around them. Harner made me love Jamie and Remy together in book 1. I thought I resented Miggy, [...]

    • Melanie says:

      Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5 (rounded up)For my full review, visit wp/p220KL-2OvFrom my full review: "If you are anything like me and fell in love with all three main characters in the Separate Ways series…Lord Jamie Mainwarring, Det. Remy Remington, and Miggy Rojas…then this is the book that will leave you feeling as devastated as Jamie did at the end of Oceans Apart. Make no mistake, this is as outstanding a story as it is emotionally wrenching. And that fact alone will have people hurling [...]

    • Lisa says:

      Ok. I knew how this book was going to end but it still broke my heart. Yes, it was sad (view spoiler)[ that Miggy died but Jamie is Remy's soulmate (hide spoiler)] and I hope that the end game.The final few words of the book had me in tears, so heartbreaking.If anybody reading this knows the dat that book 4 Prevailing WInds is due to be released please let me know as I have to read it to get closure, I hope, for this series.

    • Tamela says:

      This book had surprises from all sides, from family revelations for Jaime and the new relationship between Remy and Miggy, to Miggy's history catching up with him.There was so much going on I was afraid I'd miss something, but the writing was clean and clear, I always knew what was happening and why without going into massive detail.I found the end very hard to take as again, Remy and Jaime said good-bye while their hearts were breaking. but did they?

    • Natalie says:

      Sadly, I feel I have no other choice than to reduce my ratings for all Laura Harner books. The evidence of plagiarism for some of her books appears incontrovertible and she has even apologized for it. This, for me, taints her entire body of work. I can no longer trust the integrity of any of her writing.This in no way reflects upon the integrity or quality of any author with whom she collaborated.

    • Jamiekrungers says:

      5 stars My goodness so heartbreakingly good! For the 3rd time Remy let Jamie go, even though they love each other. Sometimes it's the right thing to do though that hurts too much. I don't know what's Toby's problem to blame Jamie for Miggy's death. Even though I want Jamie and Remy to end together, I have this huge respect to Miggy. He loved Remy unconditionally, but he knew that Remy is in love with Jamie. I just hope in the next book there's no airport drama, not again please.

    • Beth doesn't writeenough reviews says:

      Good grief, I'm in tears! Another fantastic, riveting and heartbreaking story! I can't do a full review without spoilers as I gush about the love and heartbreak of FOUR great men and the tangles life brings. You must read this series in order to understand the full scope of the brilliant, stubborn, hardheaded and beautiful men Laura Harner brings to life.

    • Chancey Knowles says:

      NO NO NO NO. I wish I'd never read it. The writing is fine. I can't tell you why I wished I never read it without spoiling the story. I really liked the first. I absolutely Loved the second. This one, It kept me literally in a funk all week. I haven't read anything since Sunday. I'll read the 4th because I already bought it, but my heart won't be in it.

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