No One's Angel

No One s Angel CONTENT WARNING Due to adult sexual situations and language this novel may not be appropriate for readers under If you are looking for an intense passionate love so wrong it is right a story abo

  • Title: No One's Angel
  • Author: KellyWalker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • CONTENT WARNING Due to adult sexual situations and language, this novel may not be appropriate for readers under 18.If you are looking for an intense, passionate love so wrong it is right, a story about losing your way but clawing desperately at any chance to find your way back, about hanging on to your last shred of sanity and trusting someone enough to let go of your feCONTENT WARNING Due to adult sexual situations and language, this novel may not be appropriate for readers under 18.If you are looking for an intense, passionate love so wrong it is right, a story about losing your way but clawing desperately at any chance to find your way back, about hanging on to your last shred of sanity and trusting someone enough to let go of your fears, look no further No One s Angel s angel is a New Adult NA Contemporary Romance about a girl learning to fight back and a boy learning to let go Tess used to spend hours than she d care to admit playing her favorite computer game, using the nickname Angel She could pretend her life was different, and she could pretend Arion was just a friend But a girl needs to keep her warm at night than pixels, and she traded her virtual heaven for a real life hell Now she s on the run from a past she won t talk about, and the only place she has to go is the doorstep of the friend she s never actually met.When Angel disappeared from their nightly games, it nearly destroyed Arion He threw himself into work and women, but he can t help knowing the one night stands will never compare to the angel who haunts his dreams At first, when she shows up soaking wet and scared shitless on his doorstep, he thinks his prayers have been answered.But the Arion tries to keep Angel close, the her fear drives her away If they are ever going to have a chance for a future, they ll first have to deal with the past that hasn t forgotten her any than she s forgotten it and Arion will have to learn how to let her go.Read an excerpt Arion reaches for my hand but catches only air I freeze And then Ishiver Without the warmth of the blankets, I remember I m notwearing anything but his shirt, and given the look he s giving menow, I m not the only one who s noticed That expression I canread just fine You aren t going anywhere, Angel I suck in a sharp breath, hearing his words in someone else svoice.But I did I m here I left.My eyes dart around the room like a moth fluttering against a light.My pile of clothes, which should have been by the door, is missing Did you take my clothes The tightening in my chest makes mywords breathless I try to tell myself not to panic, but that slike telling a dog not to wag its tail Acknowledging it only makesit worse I gulp for air as my head starts to spin Would only seem fair After all, you took mine His tone istense, but beneath it I can hear his familiar teasing I try to tellmyself I don t have to be afraid This is Arion The one person Itrust I know him.But I don t, and to tell myself otherwise is a lie.If he wants his freaking shirt he can have it I ve got to get outof here My fingers begin undoing the buttons without me reallythinking about it, and then I m shrugging my shoulders free.His eyes go from warm pools of interest to sexy oceans of desire inthe time it takes me to remember I don t even have a bra on.I manage to catch the shirt just before it falls away from my hips,and I quickly wrap it around me, covering myself I tilt my chintoward him defiantly, daring him to say or do anything even as I wantto beg him to let me go At the same time I want to beg him to pullme close My emotion is a giant see saw, and I m tottering on theedge with him in the middle If he takes one step toward me, it willtip the balance.

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    • Patrycja says:

      There is nothing better in a book than uniqueness that catches your attention and keeps you on your toes, to the very last page, making you want more. No one’s Angel has a fantastic hint of mystery and something that’s totally undiscovered in new adult genre. Concept of virtual relationship made me want to read this beautiful story, that didn’t go in the direction, I thought it would go, but nothenless it still knocked me on my ass.This story is about Angel and Arion, two strangers that sh [...]

    • Heather says:

      Kelly Walker is a Young Adult and New Adult writer. This book falls more in the New Adult category. This is the story of a young couple who met online in a gaming chat room. They were on the same team and developed a friendship over the course of time. "Angel" and "Arion" never met in real life, but they began to develop real feelings for one another. All of that stopped one day when "Angel", Tess, simply disappeared from the game."Arion", Axel, is a young man who knows what it is like to loose [...]

    • Steffi De Ceuster♥ says:

      For me this is a very special one!I met my bf 10 years ago sort of online ( not in a game or dating sites ) but still online.So this story reminded me of all the lovey dovey feelings from then.Angel and Arion meet when in an online game, they start develop feelings for each other.But then Angel/Tess meet's Nick while working and they begin a relationship, but that all changes in time. When she finds out Nick has a double side an aggressive side, she needs to run and hide.Because he has bonds and [...]

    • Michelle says:

      Copy provided by publishers via NetGalley for an honest review"In game, I was flawless and in control. In life, I'm lost." No One's Angel is simply about a young naive online gamer who is lost, broken, and abused trying desperately to escape from her troubled past and finds help and comfort with a fellow computer gamer, whom she hasn't met in person."Life's isn't a game, and I can't replay this level, no matter how much I wish I could." Tess also known as Angel, goes by her online handle, is bro [...]

    • Lex says:

      This book is an intense read First of all, what made me want to read this book was the cover, it's pretty. :) And next, I scanned the blurb Gamers. I am not really a gamer myself, well I do play sometimes, occasionally, but I am not that addicted where I do it every single day But that was one of the reasons I want to read it. I was actually expecting it to be full of gamer lingo and I even prepared myself for that. What I really did not expect, although I was warned based on the review of my fr [...]

    • Kelly says:

      No One's Angel has released on ( amzn/15B3dqa) and Barnes and Noble! (bit/1elq6EF) Paperback ARCs are starting to go out through special giveaways. There are 5 total ( and there will not be more. )1) One goes to Chrissy T through the New Adult Book Club2) One goes to DeeAnn through the Dear Author giveaway3) One goes to the winner of the Reviewer Appreciate Giveaway4 5 Stay tuned for more chances to win.Excerpts: First LookStrip

    • Bethany says:

      I really enjoyed No One’s Angel. When I read that Angel and Arion meet by playing an online game, I thought, well this might be different and it kind of was. Angel finds an escape from her real life by consuming herself with an online gaming group and in that group is fellow gamer Arion. Angel and Arion spend many nights talking and flirting with each other online but have never met. All that changes when Angel shows up on Arion’s doorsteps. I loved how the book jumps right into the story. T [...]

    • Taylor says:

      Originally posted at my blog, Reads Over Needs, HERE!Damn. Fooled by the synopsis again. Be careful, guys. It sounds way better than it actually is. When I requested it, I thought I’d be getting an exciting, original story with complex characters and a heart-swelling romance. Exciting, it ain’t. Original? Not quite. Wanna know what sucks the most? I thought it was going to be a 5 star-er. It started off so strong. Kelly Walker pulled me into the story from page one with her fluid, angsty pac [...]

    • ✿ says:

      "I gasp as I look at it closer. It’s not a picture at all, but a pencil sketch. Of me. Or at least the me he thinks I am. I—well my character, Angel. Sorrow fills my eyes, which is about the only thing of the portrait that resembles the actual me. My character in game didn’t have wings, and neither do I. He might still call me Angel, but my wings were clipped a long time ago."Tess (Angel) and Axel (Arion) meet online through a game and develop a budding relationship with one another. She g [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      **ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review** ~~ 5 Stars ~~ I have to start by saying I really loved this book. I thought it was well developed and thought out and the story was intriguing all the way through. It is a fairly quick read and flowed along smoothly. I was pulled into the story right from page one and the story held onto me until the very last page. I loved that this story got started right out of the gate….what I mean is that the author didn't waste any chapters [...]

    • Mercy Cortez says:

      Angel is mine This follows the story of Tess, a girl who used to like simple things, working at a cafe, spending time with her mum and with Arion, her online beau that she spent every minute thinking about. The problem? He lives thousands of miles away. The even bigger problem? She leaves him for a year and then turns up on his door step.Tess has secrets as to why she is fleeing to Arion, a man she has never met and hasn't seen for over a year. She is hiding, hiding from the reason she left Ario [...]

    • Lauren (Northern Plunder) says:

      This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of No One's Angel for part of a book tour hosted by Xpresso Book Tours, this will in no way effect my opinion on the book!First up I want to point out that not only does this have strong language and scenes of a sexual nature, but I guess it may also need trigger warnings. So heads up before I start the review.Trigger Warnings: Refers to past rape and domes [...]

    • Quirks says:

      2.5 StarsI am so completely done with girls calling guys stupid. Seriously, if I have to read one more conversations with a bunch of girls talking or comforting each other by yapping about how guys are idiots who don't understand relationships or girls or love, I will lose my shit.If it was the other way around, guys bashing girls, they would get so much hate. But since it isn't, no one seems to care. Well guess what, I care!Guys are not idiots. Girls are not idiots. Many people are idiots, but [...]

    • Farrah says:

      Heartbreaking, dark, sweet, and romantic, No One's Angel was a wonderful New Adult romance. It was a fantastic read and I really enjoyed reading it. Loved this book!Angel was a heroine who has been through a lot in the several months. But, she was still strong and she made it out of her bad situation. I really liked her. She was a admirable character who made it against the odds. I thought she was great.Arion was so sweet! He was just adorable. His past has a few ghosts that cause him to be some [...]

    • KatSnark says:

      3.5 Angelic stars.See the full review on my blog, the Book WhoreThe story starts out with our main character, Tess aka, Angel, walking in the rain, her only belongings in her backpack, in the pouring rain with only $3 to her name. She’s running, and looking for her “best friend”. A guy she talks to in a computer game, who have been playing together for years, until she stopped playing a year ago and disappeared. He doesn’t know she’s coming, and all she has is his address from a card h [...]

    • Carver's Book Cravings says:

      Received an ARC for an honest reveiwReview by NatalieTess is a female gamer, online she's known as Angel. She lives in Tuscon AZ with her mother. She plays a game called War Quest and there are some interesting players, one in particular named Arion. Arion and Angel become very close and they talk every day. Arion knows EVERYTHING about her, but she knows he will always be a fantasy.Tess works at Thanks A Latte Cafe and has many friends there. One night while she is working she notices a guy nam [...]

    • Diane says:

      Let me start by saying I am probably not the target audience for this "YA" book. Having said that, I do read some of the genre and generally have enjoyed them. I wanted to like this book. The basic story seemed interesting. Tess, or Angel as she's known in an online gaming world, had a very close relationship with Arion (Axel) online and he is crazy about her. She gets involved "in real life" with a controlling violent man, Nick and drops out of sight from her online friends due to jealous Nick [...]

    • Rachmi says:

      As much as I love a series, I also miss a standalone. With standalone book, I don't feel like I left hanging on with another stories since it has a solid closure. I liked that this is a NA standalone book. I think it's been a while since I read it. It seems that most of NA contemporary books I read ended up with sequels.However it was the game thing that mentioned in the blurb that picked my interest. I'm not a gamer but I want to know more about it, so I'm kind of disappointed it doesn't have b [...]

    • Victoria says:

      “In game, I was flawless and in control. In life, I’m lost.”Tess is a young woman on the run from a bad situation. She leaves home with little more than a backpack and a few dollars. She runs 2000 miles to Axel, a man she became close to when they met playing an online video game, where Tess goes by her gamer name Angel and Axel is Arion. He’s not expecting her and she has no idea what she’ll find…What Angel doesn’t realize is how badly she hurt Arion when she disappeared from thei [...]

    • Jenn says:

      *ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**REVIEW A WORK IN PROGRESS. DON'T LIKE this review until I'm done. Thanks!1. Couple met through online gaming2. Arion's deep feelings for Angel3.4.

    • Gaufre says:

      DNF after two chapters The heroin is delusional or crazy. She decides to flee an abusive relationship by moving across the country 1) with no money 2) to run into the arms of someone she met online 3) whom she never met him in person.

    • Jenee -Jenee's Book Blog says:

      The description of this book didn’t do it justice. I loved the plot and the characters. The story line kept me entertained and turning the pages as fast as I could. It was almost like a story about two people meeting online and meeting for the first time, only this meeting happens a year after the last time they spoke. I thought the relationship between the two characters felt real and sweet.Angel and Arion met while playing a battle game online. I guess I picture them playing Halo with those [...]

    • Brandee Price says:

      No One's Angel took a familiar NA theme and put a little different spin on it. Ms. Walker's writing captivated me and I was immediately sucked into Angel and Arion's story.Angel is a young woman on the run. I admired her for her gumption in escaping her situation. She has quite a spark and despite the things in her life trying to smother her light, it shines through nonetheless.Arion is a young man just putting his life back together. He has his heart broken and headed in a downward spiral. Now [...]

    • Kirsty says:

      *DNF @ 33%*Unfortunately this one didn't work for me. The blurb should have clued me in enough that this book would heavily surround the gaming world but I thought I could handle that, but it turns out I couldn't. I found a lot of the story to be a little unbelievable and cheesy, maybe because I don't understand how games like World of Warcraft work. And that's okay I think, it isn't for everyone, and nor will this story be.These two characters meet online in this gaming world, they soon go from [...]

    • Jenn says:

      No One's Angel is a different kind of love story. One that takes place in the modern world surrounded by gaming, abandonment, betrayals, domestic violence, solace, sex and lust, and love.The Good: The story was well-written, fast paced and unique. I seriously read it in ONE night. This is amazing for me since it usually takes me a week to read a book that I'm really into (I am a slllooooww reader!). I enjoyed the fact that the main couple's love started online in a game and despite their current [...]

    • Jenna says:

      **I received a copy of this book from the author and Publisher through Netgalley in exchange for a honest review**Angel is running from her past. Running for safety. She runs the only place she thinks she can, to Arion. Arion and Angel met online in a game and unbeknownst to the other, fell in love. But Angel decided she couldn't confuse the game with real life. So when she met someone she had to give the game up. Until she needs to escape and Arion is the only one to run to.This isn't a beautif [...]

    • Lina says:

      This is a wonderful love storyThis book was adorable and the synopsis is a pretty good hint of what you get. A girl is in big trouble and runs for help to her online friend from a game site. They have never met before but desperate times call for desperate actions. There is no love a first sight, and I felt like I could touch with my own hands the bond that Angel and Arion shared. I just need everybody to read this story. It was Amazing and I want to share the love. I'm dying to continue with th [...]

    • Ayush says:

      Rounded up from 3.5 stars.No One's Angel is the common tale of a heroine running from an abusive relationship towards the hero for safety. Only this time, there is a small element of gaming added in it.Tess, or 'Angel', and Axel, or 'Arion', met online in a game Warpath (a salute to World of Warcraft, I presume). They both talk, both in the game and out of the game without meeting each other in person. They develop feelings but don't tell. And then the bad guy steps in.Aside from a well-written [...]

    • Caitlyn Percell says:

      No One's Angel is the heartbreaking story of a girl who loses herself, and runs to the only person who might be able to save her. Tess is running for her life, from the same person who took it all away from her. When she shows up on Axel's door, or Arion and she knows him she doesn't know what to expect.Axel is broken after Angel suddenly disappears much like how his mother disappeared years earlier, without a word. When Angel shows up on his doorstep he knows this is his second chance at foreve [...]

    • Kelster says:

      This started off okay. I had high hopes because the premise was different and had great potential but I wanted more. I was entertained enough while reading and I liked that the H was completely into the h but I was primarily reading to see how it all ended and not because I was really into the book.

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