Last Summer With Maizon

Last Summer With Maizon Eleven year old Margaret tries to accept the inevitable changes that come one summer when her father dies and her best friend Maizon goes away to a private boarding school

  • Title: Last Summer With Maizon
  • Author: Jacqueline Woodson
  • ISBN: 9780439531702
  • Page: 332
  • Format: None
  • Eleven year old Margaret tries to accept the inevitable changes that come one summer when her father dies and her best friend Maizon goes away to a private boarding school.

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    • Josiah says:

      "I feel so stretched out. Like I'm broken in a million pieces or something." —Margaret, "Last Summer With Maizon", P. 32 "But I knew she had grown into someone I wasn't. I still love her for who she was, not for who she became." —Grandma, "Last Summer With Maizon", P. 53 "You're my best friend in the whole worldI love you. Best friends should tell each other that." —Maizon, "Last Summer With Maizon", P. 60 Jacqueline Woodson quietly yet triumphantly delivers a book of deep resonance and cl [...]

    • Desiree says:

      This is a book I picked up for Francesca at the library. Just a beautifully written story about two young girls and their deep bond with one another. This would be a sweet story to read with/to your child and have your own book discussion about it. It has some very sad moments, (I cried,surprising, I know:)and also some very uplifting moments. Just wonderful! It's so nice to read such a story in a very short period of time.

    • Bethany Venus says:

      Maizon and Margaret are best friends and have been for a long time. They tell each other everything and spend all their time together. But when Maizon, the smartest girl at school, gets accepted to a special school far away in New York, will the two girls be able to keep their friendship going? This is a story of the power of friendship, fitting in, and the pain that distance can set between friends. Margaret does not know what to do with herself when Maizon goes away to school, especially when [...]

    • Jessica says:

      i rellly injoyed reading this book , even though i didnt want to read it at first becuase the cover didnt in press me but yea i do belive you cant ever judge a book by its cover . anyways yea i relly liked this book . this book is about maison wins a scholar ship becuase shes relly smart and she accepeted to it . however she was afraid of loseing her best friend . and she didnt like how people treated her over there . so she eventually came back . this is an interesting book .

    • Jillian h. says:

      It was a great book about friendship and how you sometimes have to learn that you need to let friends go sometimes. :(

    • Barbaracase says:

      Captures the universal deep feelings of adolescence. Some books for juveniles are little but multi-faceted jewels, this is one of those.

    • Caitlin says:

      Great book for middle schoolers. So many talking points and complex characters/situations. Easy read, but well done.

    • Isadora says:

      In the book "Last Summer with Maizon" Madison is the main character but the story was told by an omniscient narrator. Madison is having troubles with her family but her best friend Maizon is there every step of the way. Maizon applied for a school far away where she would live like a boarding school but Madison doesn't want Maizon to go. As the summer is beginning everything starts to go wrong, her father suffers from frequent heart attacks and her mother is beginning to become stressed.This boo [...]

    • 22016Patrice L. says:

      Woodson's Last Summer with Maizon was an easy read for early readers 3rd through 8th grade. It was a emotional journey through the Margaret's summer. Margaret had what could be considered the worst summer ever. She lost her father and her best friend, Maizon, who she considered a sister, was moving away to boarding school. Talk about a "double wammy." By the time her father died Maizon had already gone off to boarding school. She found herself alone and in the need of a friend.This is a great st [...]

    • Fred Gorrell says:

      This exquisite short novel tells the story of a young teenager who is beset in a single year with the loss of her father and the departure of her best friend, who goes to boarding school on a scholarship. It is accessible for young readers (tweens and teens); the young girl's pain is described honestly in a way that will probably seem brutal only to readers who have shared her experience. Others will be able to empathize without experiencing undue pain. Ms. Woodson's writing lends itself graciou [...]

    • Ouida Robinson says:

      Author: Jacqueline WoodsonTitle: Last Summer with MaizonPlot: Margaret and Maizon are friends. They are in the same grade at school. During summer Maizon and Margaret spend as much time together as possible because Maizon has been accepted in an boarding school in the fall.Setting: Margaret hose and streetCharacters: Margaret, Maizon, Ms. Dell and HattiePoint of view: First PersonTheme: Friendship, Friends, School LifeStyle: General Fiction; Chapter BookCopyright: 1991Notes: This is a good book [...]

    • Lollo says:

      well, its a middle reader, not even sure the age its geared toward but she is on the board of lava and i have an 11 year old niece and i am always looking for good books to send her way. the beginning was a little slow but i couldn't tell if that was the book or the fact that it was written for a much younger person, then again, i remember thinking that when i was young about alot of booksl in all it deals with the death of a parent and the leaving of a best friend/evolution of friendship in an [...]

    • Rancel Bido says:

      I read this book as a group but i really liked it,i think Jacqeline Woodson did a awsome job at this book. When Maizon wins a scholarship to a boarding school for smart students,Margaret was upset and scared to lose her friend .After Maizon left to boarding school margaret discovers her talent,including being smart at school and winning a poetry contest.After like about three months Maizon came back from boarding school and the adults and peers in the brooklyn neighborhood were glad to see her a [...]

    • Hermioneginny says:

      Margaret ha undici anni, come la sua migliore amica Maizon. Vivono a Brooklin e affrontano la loro ultima estate insieme; il padre di Margaret muore e Maizon è stata accettata in un'esclusiva scuola privata. Margaret deve così rimboccarsi le maniche, trovare la vera se stessa e affrontare il mondo.Una storia semplice e delicata.* Un amico è qualcuno che sa quando esserci e quando non esserci.

    • Christy says:

      Margaret loves her parents and hanging out with her best friend, Maizon. Then it happens, like a one-two punch, during the summer she turns eleven: first, Margaret's father dies of a heart attack, and then Maizon is accepted at an expensive boarding school, far away from the city they call home. For the first time in her life, Margaret has to turn to someone who isn't Maiz

    • Ruthie22 says:

      I think this is a really good book. On the 10 pages I did read about 2 girls. Maizon and Margaret. They are best friends. They know each other`s secrets, dreams, and everything. Margaret`s father is in the hospital. Maizon wants to go to a really expensive and good school, what is far away. Maizon`s mom is always working, and crying because Maizon`s dad.

    • Tiffany says:

      This book was a good read. It didn't take me long to read and it had a realistic view on what happens in life. This books also proves the meaning of having and keeping a strong friendship. This story was said in the beginning, but had a nice ending. This is a good story for young girls in middle grades. What goes on in this book proves what can occur in real life.

    • Bonnie says:

      I bought the three Maizon books for my Little Free Library, as well as Black Girl Dreaming and now Another Brooklyn. They were read quickly by a middle school girl in the neighborhood, and now I'm saving them for the next one.All of these books are apparently to some degree autobiographic, since they include similar stories.

    • Liza says:

      This was given to me as part of our school's summer reading on diversity. I read it in one day and really liked the story. It has many themes to discuss from the loss of a parent, to racism, to classism, to bullying, to growing up. I look forward to hearing what middle school children have to say about it this fall.

    • Sue Monroe says:

      African American charactersCharacters who struggle with external problems (father dying, best friend leaving)Characters who are defining themselves.Might be good Point of View book when paired with the second book in the series Maizon at Blue Hill.Nice language and realistic portrayal, better writing than many 6th grade 'friendship' books.

    • Marissa Pezzullo says:

      Losing a good friend to anything is never easy. Margret is a strong girl who has her whits about her and she does a great job getting along. This would be a good book to have upper elementary students read becuase they are in a sort of awkward stage of finding and keeping a best friend.

    • Kimberley says:

      Good, realistic fiction. It's sad, though. I didn't expect that. I don't mean it ends sad, but there are lots of struggles the characters go through. My students' hearts really went out to Margaret. Mine, too.

    • Tammy Knowles says:

      Last Summer with Maizon is a book about to young black girls that are best friends that tell each other everything. Doing the summer Margaret's father dies and Maizon the smart one gets accepted into an exceptional school. This is a great book to teach about friendship and hope to cope with loss.

    • Elizabeth says:

      From a young girls point of view. She has the worst summer ever when her dad dies and best friend goes to boarding school. It does share how she learns to deal with these losses, writing poetry. Very touching story.

    • Tommy says:

      Brief and delicately written story of two girls who face what may be their last days together before one of them goes to boarding school. Woodson's ability to weave together several themes and evoke a setting with subtle description in just a hundred pages is impressive.

    • Reis Fonkem says:

      this book was really tuching i love the way the author discribed evere single detail and also the book was really touching i felt sad when mazion's dad passed away and she was would never forget him the way he used to carry her up in the air

    • Misael Rosa says:

      This book is ma good i re-read it 2 times already.'s about a maizon day she gets a scholarship to be accepted to a school and it's afraid to lose her best friendI recomend this book to Odee smart people

    • Bev says:

      I chose this as the summer reading selection for 6th graders at my school. It was perfect for them because it allowed them to explore the relationship between two girls who friends but do not have the same opportunities available to them.

    • Becky says:

      The truth about friendship - that's how I would describe this book. I really appreciate Jacqueline Woodson - her writing always touches the heart.

    • Rebecca says:

      an enthusiastic student's response to this boosted it from a 3-star to a 4-star, made me love it even more than I enjoyed it on my own.

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