The Bone Magician

The Bone Magician The Silver Apple Killer preys on the people of Urbs Umida a rotten and wretched city Two things connect the victims they all had a small silver apple in their pocket and they had all recently visite

  • Title: The Bone Magician
  • Author: F.E. Higgins
  • ISBN: 9780230714007
  • Page: 186
  • Format: ebook
  • The Silver Apple Killer preys on the people of Urbs Umida, a rotten and wretched city Two things connect the victims they all had a small silver apple in their pocket, and they had all recently visited a notorious inn to see one of two acts the hideous Gluttonous Beast and the astonishing Bone Magician .Since his father disappeared under a dark cloud of scandal, PiThe Silver Apple Killer preys on the people of Urbs Umida, a rotten and wretched city Two things connect the victims they all had a small silver apple in their pocket, and they had all recently visited a notorious inn to see one of two acts the hideous Gluttonous Beast and the astonishing Bone Magician .Since his father disappeared under a dark cloud of scandal, Pin Carpue has been alone in the world His work for the local undertaker keeps him busy, but his life is bleak Then Pin encounters the Bone Magician, a man who can raise corpses and make the dead speak.As Pin is drawn into an intoxicating world of mystery and intrigue, he becomes suspicious of Juno, the Bone Magician s young assistant A strange darkness haunts her just as the Silver Apple Killer stalks the streets at night and as Pin pieces together the secrets of Bone Magic, his own life becomes fraught with grave danger .

    • Free Read [Humor and Comedy Book] à The Bone Magician - by F.E. Higgins Û
      186 F.E. Higgins
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    • Sesana says:

      Not that long ago, I read The Black Book of Secrets, and really liked it. This is a paraquel to it. Which means, essentially, that the stories were taking place roughly at the same time, in the same fictional country, and have some overlapping points that you'll only realize if you read both books, but otherwise can be read entirely independently. And I liked this one, too, every bit as much as The Black Book of Secrets. This one is set entirely in the fictional, Victorian London-esque city that [...]

    • John says:

      Quite a few years ago I read this author's The Black Book of Secrets and loved it to pieces. Recently it occurred to me to wonder if she'd written any more books in the interim, and . . . Well, okay, so I can be a bit slow on the uptake on occasion. Blame it on the fact that I'm not much of a series reader.The Bone Magician is set in the same general milieu as was The Black Book of Secrets, and has various other points in common -- most notably the fact that its protagonist is an orphan boy. In [...]

    • Cecilia Rodriguez says:

      This story takes place at the same time as: "The Black Book of Secrets."Higgins tells a Gothic tale that is filled with seances and premature burials.Parts of the story are told through the first person narration of: Pin Carpue.

    • Georgie says:

      Brilliant. This is exactly the kind of book I loved as a kid, and listening to it now let me indulge my inner kid.Wonderfully dark and creepy, with great characters.

    • Karissa says:

      This book looked right up my alley and when I saw it I had to pick it up. It is the second book in the Tales from the Sinister City series by Higgins. I actually hadn't read the first book, The Black Book of Secrets, and didn't realize this book was part of a series. The good thing is that you can still really enjoy The Bone Magician without having read the first book. Right now there are two more books in this series; The Eye Collector and The Lunatic's Curse. I really enjoyed this book, it had [...]

    • Cristina Boncea says:

      Cartea nu a fost deloc atât de rea pe cât mă așteptam, chiar dacă mi-am dat seama de cele două "mistere" propuse de aceasta, sau mai bine zis, de rezolvările lor, foarte repede.Povestea se întâmplă într-un orășel foarte trist, pot spune, foarte mizerabil, plin de tâlhari și oameni de nimic. Personajul principal este Pin iar conflictul este cauzat de un anumit criminal care la rândul său, este suspectat a fi tatăl dispărut a lui Pin. Am citit prima carte din serie în urmă cu [...]

    • CharlieH says:

      The Bone Magician is a very different book from most books. It starts out in a town named Urbs Umidia. Urbs Umidia is split into two sections, the North and the South. The North is full of rich people, who have all money, but don't work a day in their life. What happens if they run low on money? They secretly murder one of their neighbors and take their fortunes for themselves. In contrast, the South is full of poor beggars who live on pick-pocketing others. It is a place full of violence, but n [...]

    • Deb says:

      I give this book a 10. It is written in the first person and the second and is written very well. It has interesting characters and thoughts about humans and life. "I wonder if it is better to be in a beautiful house looking at an ugly one, or to be in an ugly house looking at a beautiful one." Pin is the main character. He works for an undertaker named Goddfrey Gaufridus, who one day when he was a teenager went into a coma. Luckily the undertaker was dishonest and sold him to the medical colleg [...]

    • Shayla says:

      The Bone Magician was an excellent follow up to F.E. Higgins's Black Book of Secrets. I love how she weaves all the characters together and that they are independent of each other. As always, the characters are very interesting and the plot is fast paced and captivating. The tale has the Gothic overtones and is a little bit creepy without being over the top and pointless. There are references to drugs and murder which might not make it appropriate for younger readers, but it would be a great add [...]

    • Mailis Viiand says:

      It supposed to be scary at least promised by the reviews written inside the book, i didn't find it that disturbing, but lets be honest its children's book and i am a hint away from early middle-agedom.rtheless its still a good read, and although a bit predictable sometimes still with twists that make you go a-ha in the end i cant wait for the next installment where the stories from this and previous book come together

    • Brittany Martin says:

      Even better than The Black Book of Secrets. This one tells the story of a young boy whose job it is to sit up with dead bodies overnight at the undertaker's to make sure they're really dead. He discovers a network of swindlers that he has to muster the courage to take on. Higgins adds to the mysteries of her series by the end, promising more to come.

    • Chris says:

      Really great book. If you read the previous Black Book of Secrets, you will like this one as well.

    • Laura says:

      The book is fairly simple in its dialogues and whole structure, and the final plot-twist isn't that surprising to the adult reader. However, the atmosphere, the wicked adjectives chosen to describe a wreck of a city full of personality (and the bravery to do so in a "childish" book), and the lovely characters (specially the skull inspector and the potato thrower) are what make this book such an unforgettable short story that I still love to revise from time to time.

    • Amy Robertson says:

      I'm enjoying the sinister city world. While the series might seem dark for children's fiction, there's a faint but promising note of hope in them. I'm expecting things to resolve in a way that is satisfying, but probably not perfectly happily-ever-after.

    • Jenn says:

      2.5 stars. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first book. But I am interested in finding out how the characters cross paths and to see how things get wrapped up.

    • Galion Public Library Teens says:

      Review by T.R.: "It was weird in a good way but it was boring at the same time."

    • Ashley says:

      F. E. Higgins brings us another spine-tingling read in The Bone Magician, book two of the Tales of the Sinister City series. Here, we journey to the city of Urbs Umida, a nightmarish city divided by the putrid Foedus river, the north full of greedy, conniving aristocrats and the south overrun by a multitude of murderous and disreputable characters. Here we find young Pin Carpue who struggles daily to afford both food and shelter in a city full of thieves and killers. His mother died a year ago a [...]

    • Tracy says:

      The more I thought about the ending of this book, the more ripped off I felt. From reading the multitude of comments that refer to the 'paraquel' status and the accompanying glowing reviews of the the 'other' story, The Black Book of Secrets, I gather that this is a good thing.Well, maybe - IF I'd read anything in the book's description (I don't usually read reviews until afterward, too many people don't grasp the concept of what a spoiler is) that tells me something else is going on at the same [...]

    • Chris says:

      Reviewed first at Brunner's BookshelfBefore I read this book I judged a book by its cover. I decided to give The Black Book of Secrets a try. I liked that one a lot and was excited to see it was part of a series. I was a little less excited when I found out the next book doesn't have the same characters but involves the city which book one took place. I liked the description of this book so figured I would keep going. I was a little let down.This book is about Pin who is a young man out on his o [...]

    • LilaBird says:

      So this book confused me. Or I guess you could say my reaction to it confused me. I listened to the audiobook and that may have been the problem. This book is basically the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for YA readers. It read the same way (minus the footnotes) and had many characters with different backstories and overlapping threads. I actually really liked it, but I think it was difficult to listen to. I really wish I would have read the paperback. I think I could have paid better attent [...]

    • Barbara says:

      A paraquel, or parallel story, in the same alternate world as 'The Black Book of Secrets' by the same author. After his beloved mother dies and his father is a murder suspect and disappears, Pin Carpue fends for himself by working for an undertaker as a ‘body watcher’, sitting all night with bodies making sure they are really dead before they’re buried. One night, after being partially drugged, the body he is watching sits up and talks as a ‘bone magician’ (waker of the dead) and his f [...]

    • El Templo says:

      "Lo primero que hay que advertir a todo aquel que se atreva a abrir las páginas de esta novela es que, como a su autor le gusta decir, esta historia “paracede” a El libro negro de los secretos, su obra anterior; es decir, los acontecimientos de ambas transcurren al mismo tiempo, pero con personajes distintos y en lugares diferentes. Aquí seguimos a Pin Carpue mientras trabaja como velador de difuntos; parte de su tarea consiste en comprobar que éstos están realmente muertos antes de ser [...]

    • Malef says:

      Le Magicien des Morts est le deuxième opus de la saga. A premier abord je trouve l'histoire moins intéressante que le premier volet "Le livre noir des secrets" et est un peu lent dans l’ensemble.Cela dit l'auteur utilise trois mode d'écritures - La narration indirecte dans la majeure partie du livre, La narration directe de Pin le personnage principal dans ses les lettres-journal et une narration faite par le journaliste Déodonatus Snoad dans ses articles - qui racontent peu à peu l'histo [...]

    • Latie says:

      I picked this up not realizing it was part of a series of books, nor realizing it was intended for children/tweens. It is described as a ‘Paraquel’ which means the story runs parallel to the previous one is written and can be read as a standalone. However, as I read the book, it became clear to me that the world our main character, Pin, inhabits would have been more appreciated if the first book was read. Additionally the ending of this book clearly ties in with the first book. It may be par [...]

    • Jackie says:

      Alone in the world, Pin Carpue, must make his way after his mother's death and his father's flee from authorities. Pin's father is a suspect in his uncle's death. Pin is more educated than most on the south side of the River Foedus. His mother was a wealthy northsider who wanted a better life for Pin. But, with both parents gone, Pin finds employment in the local undertaker's business as a body-watcher. One night, as he sits over a newly-deceased body, three people sneak into the room. Before hi [...]

    • Flora Smith says:

      This is a wonderful middle grade age mystery that is a paraquel to The Black Book of Secrets, meaning they take place at the same time. This story is set in the fictional town of Urbs Umida which is split by a foul smelling river into north and south sections. The north is where the wealthy live and often smells better than the south. There is more than one mystery taking place in this story. Some are more easy to untangle than others. Pin Carpue is searching for his father who has been accused [...]

    • Taaya says:

      Ein Mörder treibt sich in der Stadt umher und alle behaupten, Pins Vater sei der Täter. Pin, der nicht daran glauben kann, wird eines Tages selbst vom Mörder angegriffen, überlebt aber. Unfreiwillig kommt er so aber der Lösung, wer denn in der Stadt sein Unwesen treibt, immer näher. Der zweite Band der Reihe - jeweils abgeschlossene Geschichten, die aber locker mit einander verwoben sind -, geht in eine etwas andere Richtung. Hier steht, wie die kurze Inhaltsangabe wohl schon vermuten lie [...]

    • Coolkid97 (Toby) says:

      This was super good!!!!! I love how everything turned out in the end excited to read the last 2

    • Leah says:

      Let me preface by saying that I have never read The Black Book of Secrets, and this is my first encounter entirely with Higgins' work. That being said, this was one of the more disjointed books I have ever read as far as plot is concerned. There is a lot of jumping between characters as each chapter starts. While that is not an uncommon method of switching the POV in a book, rarely have I ever seen it happen by way of introducing a character just to kill them off in the span of a five page chapt [...]

    • Suzanne says:

      I just love this series of books!Yes, they are creepy, and full of noxious tales, but they also tell heartwarming stories of friendship and survival.Pin, whose mother is dead, will not believe his father is a murderer. His father disappeared after the questionable death of Pin's uncle.Juno is an orphan, her father killed and she left homeless and to her own devices.Together they navigate the seedy town in which they live, doing whatever is necessary to survive. Sitting through the night with cor [...]

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