Discovering Wes Moore (The Young Adult Adaptation)

Discovering Wes Moore The Young Adult Adaptation For fans of The Wire and Unbroken comes a story of two fatherless boys from Balti both named Wes Moore One is in prison serving a life sentence for murder The other is a Rhodes Scholar an army vete

  • Title: Discovering Wes Moore (The Young Adult Adaptation)
  • Author: WesMoore
  • ISBN: 9780385741675
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For fans of The Wire and Unbroken comes a story of two fatherless boys from Balti, both named Wes Moore One is in prison, serving a life sentence for murder The other is a Rhodes Scholar, an army veteran, and an author whose book is being turned into a movie produced by Oprah Winfrey Two men One overcame adversity The other suffered the indignities of poverty TheFor fans of The Wire and Unbroken comes a story of two fatherless boys from Balti, both named Wes Moore One is in prison, serving a life sentence for murder The other is a Rhodes Scholar, an army veteran, and an author whose book is being turned into a movie produced by Oprah Winfrey Two men One overcame adversity The other suffered the indignities of poverty Their stories are chronicled in Discovering Wes Moore, a book for young people based on Wes Moore s bestselling adult memoir, The Other Wes Moore The story of the other Wes Moore is one that the author couldn t get out of his mind, not since he learned that another boy with his name just two years his senior grew up in the same Balti neighborhood He wrote that boy now a man a letter, not expecting to receive a reply But a reply came, and a friendship grew, as letters turned into visits and the two men got to know each other Eventually, that friendship became the inspiration for Discovering Wes Moore, a moving and cautionary tale examining the factors that contribute to success and failure and the choices that make all the difference Includes an 8 page photo insert.

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    • Beth Honeycutt says:

      I think I'd like to read the adult version sometime, but this version is very accessible for students and would be a good, quick read.

    • KK Feuerman says:

      Discovering Wes Moore by Wes Moore is both an autobiography and a biography. This book focuses on the stories of the author Wes Moore and his new found friend Wes Moore. Although they are two completely different people who share a name and a neighborhood, their stories are not all that different. These men both grew up in the same environment, they were surrounded by drugs, violence,and gangs, yet their live didn’t turn out that different. Both men faced challenges as children, these challeng [...]

    • Eliza Witt says:

      This memoir is about a boy named Wes Moore. Wes Moore's father dies when Wes was at a young age right in front of Wes. It is tragic experience for Wes. Wes's mother is having a hard time adjusting without a husband, so she decides to move in with her mother and father in the Bronx. There is a lot of roughness in the neighborhood, and it has a bad influence on Wes. He turns from and nice boy to a boy who makes bad choices. His mother decides to send him off to military school. By the time Wes is [...]

    • Rheetha Lawlor says:

      I really enjoyed this book, but I think I would enjoy the adult version better. That's why I only gave it three stars. However, with that said, I know that I would be utterly thrilled to have Wes Moore come to our school. I think that he has an amazing story and can/has/will touch many young adult lives who think that there is only one way to deal with a hard life.

    • Federico Brown says:

      it is a nice book about a guy named Wes Moore and his life story.i like how he was the youngest officer in the military. I like how he was a gifted basketball player. I didn't like how there was another Wes Moore. I liked how he was sent to a military school and it had a impact on his life.

    • Lisa says:

      Wes is a stellar story teller who shares the lessons of his life and those of others in a compelling and thought-proving narrative.

    • ColeD. says:

      Wes's mom can not live in the house where her husband died any longer, so Wes Moore is forced to move with his mom and older sister to move to the Bronx with his grandparents. Getting acoustomed to his surroundings, Wes begins to skip school and hang out on the street, where he runs into trouble with the police. His stopped Wes from taking this path in life and sent him to a military academy, where Wes has become very succsessful. Years later, Wes read a newspaper article about a man named Wes M [...]

    • Wilsont says:

      In Discovering Wes Moore, the literary element that carries on throughout the book is the plot. After Wes' father died he moved from west Baltimore to the Bronx. Wes spends most of his young life growing up in the hood where he gets into selling drugs, skipping school, and doing graffiti. His mom sees this and sends him off to military school where he attends middle school and graduates after High school. As he gets older, he travels much more often and he hears about another man named Wes Moore [...]

    • Mr. Suchecki says:

      This book follows the life of two men who share the same name. These men, named Wes Moore, have completely different lives. While one of them goes to military school, becomes a high-ranking officer in the military, and becomes a Rhodes scholar, the other Wes Moore goes on a downward spiral of bad decisions that leads him to a life-time prison sentence. Throughout the story, we see the choices that each Wes makes that helps lead them to their ultimate path. This book is always interesting every y [...]

    • Heidi Branch says:

      This book is a memoir of one man then contrasted with the life of another man by the same name and from the same city (Baltimore). This is the abbreviated YA version -- only 150 pages. Great concept but I didn't like the execution. Basically he quickly describes key moments in his own life, leaving huge gaps. Then he spends one chapter summing up the other Wes Moore's life. The final chapter is him drawing what conclusions he can about life choices. He addresses this to young adults, and it coul [...]

    • Jensen says:

      This book gives a really inspiring and optimistic perspective to a story that in other ways could be sad and negative. Even those of us who have never set foot in the places in this book, the author makes it feel like you have. Mainly this book is about how the people in our life, our circumstances, and of course, our own choices, shape us into who we are. I would reccomend this book to all people who enjoyed books like Wonder by R. J. Palacio.

    • Kim Abell says:

      It's not very engaging, and when it finally got good he didn't spend enough time on it. This book would not be interesting to middle schoolers. He tries to point out the differences between him and the other Wes Moore. The only reason he didn't go down that same path is because his mom had the means and the help to send him to private school and away to militaru school. That's not going to happen for most urban youth.

    • Emily says:

      This was an audiobook I stared at and considered listening to from my libraries digital audiobook borrowing program. Different than the usual book I'd be interested in it was eye opening to hear some of things things that happened in their lives but also at the same time not. These are people who's stories you hear about all the time. The ending was good when you see one of them achieve success and overcome adversity. It's sad that the other one wasn't able to do that.

    • Isabella says:

      This book is all about two boys named Wes Moore that lived in the same town, but with a different life. Author Wes Moore was a trouble maker and grew up and the other Wes Moore lived in the same conditions. But both went down different paths. I think this book was great for kids to see how decisions affect the outcome of their lives. Overall, this book was a super good book.

    • Mrs. Trimble says:

      3.5 Stars. This was a very thought-provoking story. It made me think about how a simple decision, or series of decisions, can totally alter the course of a person's future. I wish all of my middle school students would read it. Wes has already led an accomplished life. His determination and perseverance proved to greatly shape his future. I found his story inspiring.

    • Kristi says:

      well-written inspiration and motivation for young readers contemplating positive or negative paths in the journey of life.

    • Maggie says:

      I missed the Evanston book group about this but wanted to incorporate it into my American Dream unit, so I started with the YA version. It did not disappoint!

    • Gretchen Oates says:

      3 1/2 stars

    • Arjun P says:

      The memoir, Discovering Wes Moore by Wes Moore tells the story of Wes Moore, a boy who moves the the Bronx, New York, and begins to skip school and hang out on the street. After a run in with the law, Wes’s mother intervenes and sends Wes to a military school. Here, Wes gets his life on track and many years later, reads an article about a man with the exact same name, with the exact same situation as him, but was spending the rest of his life in prison murder. Throughout the book, the signific [...]

    • George G says:

      Note** I know it may be a bit confusing who I am talking about, but I did my best considering they have the same name.The book Wes Moore tells the story of how two men choose completely different paths in life, leading them in completely different situations. These men share many things; the name of Wes Moore, their hometown in west Baltimore, being Black, and not having a father in their childhood. The book shares how although situations start very similarly for these two boys, choices that the [...]

    • Sydney Sheehan says:

      Sydney Sheehan Discovering Wes Moore, By Wes Moore, the author and main character, tells his story of a boy used to change. This story takes the reader down Wes’s path full of unfortunate events. His life was turned upside down the minute his father passed away causing Wes to lose his home and move to the Bronx, an area known to have a bad reputation. He adapted to his new home and the everyday adjustments but soon began to get caught up in all of the trouble. After making changes to his life [...]

    • Cait says:

      Caitlin Burke 12/18/14ELA BlueDiscovering Wes Moore, is an autobiography about how two men who have the same name, live near each other in New York, and how one, out of the two, turned his life around while the other failed. In the beginning of the story, Wes’s father died before he and his family moved. Therefore, he started to hang out with the wrong crowd and started to sell drugs. Wes’s mom sent him to a military school where, he learned that it was important that he s [...]

    • Zoe C says:

      The book, Discovering Wes Moore by Wes Moore is a unique and well-developed memoir that jumps into the lives of two young African-American men who share the same name and grew up impoverished on the same city streets but end up taking completely different paths. The overall main theme of this book is, your decisions choose your destiny. At a young age Wes' father unknowingly passed away resulting in Wes moving to the Bronx with the rest of his family. While Wes was starting his new life in the B [...]

    • Grady says:

      Discovering Wes Moore by Wes Moore is the gripping story Wes Moore and how he grew up in west Baltimore without a father, got in a bit of trouble, but set his life back on track when his mother intervened. Wes Moore went to college and received a medical degree from oxford. Years later Wes is reading the newspaper and sees that another Wes Moore in west Baltimore shot a police officer and was sentenced to life in jail. Wes sends the man a letter, receives a letter back and builds after many visi [...]

    • Will G says:

      Discovering Wes Moore, by Wes Moore is both an autobiography and a biography, with both stories eventually coming together at the end. The book follows Wes Moore, an African American boy from Baltimore, who grows up on the streets of Brooklyn. After getting in trouble with the police and dealing with dropping grades, his mother sends him to military school. He turns his life around and graduates military school and after that John Hopkins. He goes on to serve in the army and then takes on an arr [...]

    • Patrick W says:

      Discovering Wes Moore is a memoir by Wes Moore about the childhood of Wes Moore. It tells the story of how Wes Moore started going on the wrong path, but came back to good. Wes was raised in Washington D.C He lived there until his father died. After his father died his family moved to the Bronx to live with their grandparents. Wes was a good boy, who did not get into much trouble; however, the Bronx was becoming a place filled with crime as Wes grew up there. Wes eventually got pulled into the c [...]

    • Dylan says:

      Discovering Wes Moore, by Wes Moore, is a biography about an african american man who lived through many struggles and obstacles that he had to overcome. He worked very hard in school and stayed out of trouble to meet his mothers high expectations. Wes’ father died when he was only a little boy and from then on he knew he needed to work very hard to care for his newly single mom. Growing up, he lived in Baltimore, and then after, him, his mom and his sister, Nikki, moved to the Bronx for a bet [...]

    • Nikki says:

      The book Discovering Wes Moore by Wes Moore is a sad story. This autobiography is a sorrowful tale of one boy growing up. Wes is a dark skinned kid from Baltimore, Maryland. He wasn’t the tallest kid, but he also wasn’t the shortest. He has a kind face and brown eyes. He was named after his father, Wesley. His father was 6 foot 2 inches, thin, had a bushy mustache and a trimmed afro. His mom, Joy, is a Jamaican woman with a kind heart. She really only wants what’s best for Wes. Wes has two [...]

    • Trinity1701 says:

      Trinity Walker 12/18/14Didonato green Book Review Discovering Wes Moore by Wes Moore himself is a very inspirational, non- fiction book that everyone will love! It starts off with a boy, named Wes, that has a wonderful family that lives in Maryland. A stay-home mom, a hardworking dad, and a loving older sister, Nikki. It was a loving family until Wes’s dad became sick. His dad’s throat was closing but, he didn’t realize because the doctor gave him numbing pills to numb [...]

    • Kyra_12 says:

      Kyra Moorhead 1/8/15ELA REDDiscovering Wes Moore The book that I read was called “Discovering Wes Moore” by Wes Moore. This book is an autobiography that was a factual yet boring read. In the book, Wes Moore was a troubled kid when he moved to live with his grandparents in the Bronx. He went to a good school but was never the best student. He felt like he didn’t fit in. His mom later then sent him to a military school where he learned that a good education and discipline is vital to live a [...]

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