Dozens of Cousins

Dozens of Cousins We are wild and fierce We do not wait for invitations It s time for the annual family reunion and the dozens of cousins are running wild like beasties Like hungry ogres They hug fluttering aunts and

  • Title: Dozens of Cousins
  • Author: Shutta Crum David Catrow
  • ISBN: 9780618158744
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
  • We are wild and fierce We do not wait for invitations It s time for the annual family reunion, and the dozens of cousins are running wild like beasties Like hungry ogres They hug fluttering aunts and soft spoken elders, play in the creek, shimmy up trees, take double dog dares, and devour the sweet juiciness of the world along with hot dogs and watermelon Hilari We are wild and fierce We do not wait for invitations It s time for the annual family reunion, and the dozens of cousins are running wild like beasties Like hungry ogres They hug fluttering aunts and soft spoken elders, play in the creek, shimmy up trees, take double dog dares, and devour the sweet juiciness of the world along with hot dogs and watermelon Hilarious side stories unfold in Catrow s fantastically colorful, chaotic spreads that gambol and splash with comical caricatures of grinning kinfolk large and small A lively, lyrical celebration of the sweet, sweet abandon of running amok among those who love you best.

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    • Shelli says:

      I feel bad when I have to write a negative review. I know often times authors read over what is being said about their work and no one likes to see something negative said about something they put effort into. However, I have to be honest: This book was stupid. The text was just rambly in a bad way and I didn't enjoy it at all."We grow bolder.Everything is good.Everything is luscious.We are shapers of clay and masters of wood and stone.We are drummer of song and magicians of laughter.Our hair, s [...]

    • Allison says:

      I SO identify with this book. As a person with 35 first cousins on one side alone, who also just went to family reunion a week and a half ago, I really really identify with this story. It takes me back to hot St. Louis August days running around at my grandparent's with Dozens of Cousins. I think Shutta Crum really secretly wrote this about my family. Okay, maybe not really but it feels that way. Fun story about the fun of family. Catrow's illustrations are the perfect complement to Crum's text. [...]

    • Barbara says:

      Those with large extended families will enjoy this picture book describing what happens when all the mischief-making cousins get together for a family reunion. Even the best-behaved children somehow transform into troublemakers or "beasties" as the author describes them when they are with their other relatives. As they cause all sorts of trouble, trespassing, flinging their underwear out of the windows, even performing rude gestures, their ever-loving grandparents defend them from any criticism. [...]

    • Caryn Caldwell says:

      In this celebration of wild family reunions, a group of cousins tears around the grounds, playing and fighting and eating and generally living life to its fullest -- even if it means breaking a few rules.Dozens of Cousins reads like a Walt Whitman poem, full of gusto and life. Both the text and illustrations capture the rowdy, chaotic feeling of many family reunions, where dozens of cousins turn into beasties and ogres running pell-mell through the world. This book is definitely not for everyone [...]

    • Alice says:

      I have dozens of cousins, but I don't love family reunions, in fact I make up excuses to not goBut some people find joy in them and write really long boring books about themThe pictures aren't my taste and at times are a little strange. The whole time I am wondering if they are talking about the humans or the animals when they refer to "beaties" (lowercase b) and orges "lower case o). There are lots of animals AND humans in the pictures. You have no idea who the narrator is except that they just [...]

    • Aaron Wyckoff says:

      Dozens of Cousins is the story of a huge family reunion, complete with uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers, and of course dozens of cousins. The story is told by the cousins, who scramble, race, jump, dive, stuff their faces, get muddy, and generally have a fun, noisy time. The story is actually a free-verse poem, and as such has some wonderful word choices and arrangement. It begs to be read out loud. The illustrations are wide, double page spreads covered from edge to edge with col [...]

    • HueL says:

      Family reunion could be an awful thing to lots of people, even kids. Laugh it off with humor, and rebound hat tie is really more important. Catrow' illustration rocks. You can never be disappointed by the funny plots in his illustrations. He himself just have so much story to tell, no matter what topic he was drawing. His humor is a optimistic way of looking at life. And those silly dilly little people, they always make kids laugh. Unlike many illustrator, catrow have a solid knowledge in anatom [...]

    • Traci Bold says:

      Oh the fun of being part of a large family, especially at a family reunion. Told in spunky rhyme, this picture book is a wild ride through what dozens of cousins, when wrangled together, can do for fun.Written by Shutta Crum, illustrated by David Catrow and published by Clarion Books. #PB #familyreunion #humor #rhyme

    • Meisha Magnoni says:

      The illustration gets 5 stars but the story itself was awful.

    • Clare Bird says:

      I was excited to read this book to my daughter because I love cousins but this was a miss. Good intentions, but I just felt like I was saying blah blah blah.

    • Klaudia Janek says:

      Dozens of Cousins is about all the cousins who come together during their annual family reunion. As soon as they get to the party, havoc reigns. There are so many cousins that the neighbors complain that they are too rowdy at the creek. They are running around all day, get muddy, eat on the go, until nighttime…when it’s finally quiet.This book has a decidedly southern feel. The cousins play in the creek and look for crawdads. In the illustration, there is an alligator in one of the creek sce [...]

    • Katie Fitzgerald says:

      Though the text refers to the kids in the story as “beasties” and “ogres” the illustrations portray them as human kids behaving like monsters. David Catrow’s cartoonish and slightly irreverent drawing style is great, but it doesn’t always match the more poetic tone of the text, which infuses the book with a lot more emotion than the cover suggests. At times, I felt as though the illustrations were trying too hard to breathe life into a story that was actually intended to be more nost [...]

    • The Brothers says:

      This is a poem about a family reunion where the younger set of cousins get together and have a wild n' fun ol' time. But for some reason, the poetry itself just seemed to be trying too hard, or was too lyrical and "Whitman-esque" that it didn't match the illustrations at all. The illustrations were goofy and silly and had all the trappings of a really fun time, but the poetry was just too, I dunno, earnest for such frivolity.Nonetheless David Catrow is still one of my absolute fav illustrators a [...]

    • Sheri says:

      This is a fun story about a family reunion. The story is written in verse (prose I think as I can't find a rhyme). There is a lot of description but a different structure than the magical 3s. David Catrow has lots of colorful illustrations. The days events are lyrically written out with what activities and events happen as the family members arrive, eat, play in the creek, wrestle and get into trouble. But their grandparents love them still.

    • Tam says:

      My 6-year-old was so bored with this book he didn't want to finish it.Excerpt from the book:"Oh, we are hungry ogres, my cousins and I.As kinfolks gather once again,we spill out of cars,snatch up greetings, stuff ourselveson hellos and howdys.A beastie family reunion!With beastie courage we greet our auntwho grabs for us and says, 'Glory be!'With beastie paws we tackle our uncleswho tickle us and say, 'Good golly!'"

    • Dolly says:

      This is an entertaining tale about a family get-together. The narrative is lyrical, but not rhyming and I felt like I stumbled over the words. As much as we love David Catrow's illustrations, somehow the narrative and pictures just don't seem to fit. Still, we thought it was a good way to describe a gathering of young cousins and we enjoyed reading it together.

    • Kelsey says:

      Age: Kindergarten-2nd gradeFamily: cousinsI guess I can't think of too many cousin books out there, so this is a nice addition to fill the niche with fun, detailed illustrations for slightly older kids. Unfortunately, the text seems to go on too long with no real story, just some child narrator bragging about how utterly crazy this group of beastie cousins are.

    • Ryan says:

      2 Stars David Catrow makes every book better and unfortunately this book needs it. While the story perfectly describes my cousins and I growing up, I find the story overly long. Plus there seems to be no cadence when read aloud. You would almost find a groove and then it would be lost with the turn of a page.

    • Christine says:

      A fun and rollicking read about what can happen (both good and bad) when family reunions occur. Readers will enjoy the bright and detailed illustrations that accompany the text and show exactly how much mischief little ones can get into and how relatives sometimes need to step in and bail them out of trouble at times!

    • Mary says:

      As someone who has dozens of cousins, I could relate to the ebullient nature of this book. Dozens of cousins are unleashed at a family reunion and are on the go from morning til night. Both the text and illustrations are full of goofy energy as they depict the comforts of a loving extended family.

    • Heather says:

      I can't believe this book is getting such negative reviews. The illustrations are beautiful, words are poetic and both my 6 year old and 11 year old enjoyed it. Perhaps those giving such negative reviews don't know how to read poetry?

    • Sandy Brehl says:

      Lively rhyming text and a colorful premise race along at a somewhat furious pace and take the reader on a romp without much in the way of a destination in mind. Fun example of a day with extended family,m slightly out of control.

    • Kendra says:

      One of those picture books that goes over better for adults than kids. It relies on nostalgia to make it effective. Older kids might find some fun in the illustrations and general trouble making, though.

    • Nitza Campos says:

      I grabbed this book because it is illustrated by my favorite illustrator, David Catrow. He definitely captured the essence of the book, cousins reuniting. The story is cute, but I think I was hoping for a rhyming book. I would give this book between 3.5 and 3.75 stars.

    • Bvlmc Buchanan Verplanck Elementary School says:

      In a cross between a story and poetry, it becomes difficult to follow the tale or select an audience. However, the delightful and humorous illustrations provide a lot to like as cousins enjoy a summer day outdoors and all a family reunion has to offer.

    • Alice says:

      love illustrations

    • Beth Wood says:

      Too wordy, and the text doesn't always match the pictures, or make a lot of sense, for that matter.

    • Wendy says:

      This book is so much fun! It should be required reading at every family reunion.Ohio connection: Illustrator David Catrow lives in Ohio

    • Laura says:

      Meh. I didn't like this book at all. I found it confusing and my daughter was totally lost. I was expecting something totally different and so I was disappointed.

    • Deb says:

      Such a spirited and lovely ode to rollicking family gatherings. The "beasties" savor a perfect day spent being wild and having fun with each other. Catrow's illustrations are equally spirited.

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