A Broken Light

A Broken Light For Jace Bennett and Elias James monsters are no myth In their world no one sweet talks vampires or cuddles werewolves The night is dark and the unnatural creatures lurking in it dangerous Holding b

  • Title: A Broken Light
  • Author: DianeAdams
  • ISBN: 9781920502072
  • Page: 406
  • Format: ebook
  • For Jace Bennett and Elias James monsters are no myth In their world, no one sweet talks vampires or cuddles werewolves The night is dark, and the unnatural creatures lurking in it dangerous.Holding back the shadow, hunters protect an oblivious population Once filled with ideals, Jace now hunts to avenge his family Elias, true to his incubus nature, kills to live WhenFor Jace Bennett and Elias James monsters are no myth In their world, no one sweet talks vampires or cuddles werewolves The night is dark, and the unnatural creatures lurking in it dangerous.Holding back the shadow, hunters protect an oblivious population Once filled with ideals, Jace now hunts to avenge his family Elias, true to his incubus nature, kills to live When fate brings the natural born enemies together, they form an unlikely alliance to save a town from blood thirsty ghosts.Sparks fly and attraction flares, but when Jace learns Elias isn t human, prejudice threatens their fragile bond A threat from a common enemy forces them back together and Elias unexpectedly humane actions cast Jace s black and white convictions into shadow Shaken and facing an impossible choice, can Jace learn to redefine monster in time to save them

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    • Mandapanda says:

      An m/m paranormal romance that is just like an episode of Supernatural about two Hunters who protect ignorant humans from the monsters that surround them. What I liked:*It's action packed, it's fun and the two MC's make a great couple. *I liked the twist towards the end and would be interested to follow those two who went off in Old Red.What I didn't like:*It could easily be classified as fan fiction of the great TV show Supernatural. Seriously derivative!! I'm not sure how I feel about that. I' [...]

    • Lexi Ander says:

      There are some topics that I just don't read about. Ghosts and incubus stories. How can you have a meaningful anything with a ghost? It's a ghost. You can't touch it and to fight it you have a bag of salt and some hale-marys in your pocket. Put an incubus in a story and you have nothing but sex and possibly some soul-sucking. Yawn.That is NOT this book. In this world, Vampires and werewolves are not romantic heroes but real monsters that go bump in the night. Jace comes from a family of Hunters [...]

    • Don Bradshaw says:

      Diane Adams has gone in a very different direction with this excellent book. The story has much of the flavor of the TV series Supernatural but with a twist. Jace and Wade are brothers and hunters of anything evil. Wade is bitten by a werewolf while the brothers are hunting one night and Jace has to shoot him before he turns. That night haunts Jace and his sanity. Elias is an incubus but also a hunter. Jace and Elias join up on a case in Minnesota where girls are being mysteriously decapitated. [...]

    • R.J. says:

      I am biased. I always say this when i comment on Diane's books. Diane is a long time writing friend and I get very involved with what she writes. I have followed this story from day oneI love Jace and Elias and this book, and I look forward to more instalments in their story.

    • Ami says:

      I am probably going to "borrow" some of the words my friend, MandyM, used in review because she wrote it first -- and I agree with her.This story can easily be attribute into an homage (or is it fanfic of some kind?) to the TV series, Supernatural: Two brothers, hunting for monsters because it is what their family do. On the positive note, it fills with action and thrill, and the two MCs are pretty likeable. Jace is a hunter with past guilt over (view spoiler)[killing his own brother, Wade, afte [...]

    • Deja Dei says:

      I feel a little bad giving this rating, because it is a good, fast-paced adventure story, which is normally my favorite kind of book. But it was just too derivative of Supernatural and felt unoriginal because of it. Also, the editing. God, PLEASE put punctuation marks in your sentences so I have some idea WTF is supposed to be going on! I had to re-read so many sentences and still ended up confused. The book has potential, but it needs some more original world building and an editor. I'm not sur [...]

    • Serena Yates says:

      The setup of this first story in a new series is not unfamiliar in this day and age of ghost busters, supernatural beings coming out of the woodwork (in books and movies, at least), and everyone either fancying themselves a vampire lover or someone, like a hunter, who could kick their asses should they ever decide to attack. As familiar as this world may seem, the characters of Jace and Elias breathe new life into the definition and meaning of what a ‘monster’ is. In a sense, they take that [...]

    • K.C. Beaumont says:

      DNF. Was too difficult for me to keep up with POVs to the point where I had to reread several times to discern who was actually narrating. What was equally difficult was how it read like an episode of Supernatural, and the editing in spots was jarring, taking me completely out of the story--missing punctuation, repetitive words and story inconsistencies to name a few (though, the last could very well be explained later in the story, but I just didn't care enough to continue).I was disappointed b [...]

    • Sarah says:

      Jace is a hunter who has lost his family to the monsters (vampires, werewolves etc), Elias is another hunter, but he isn't human. They meet in a small town with a nasty monster problem.This book surprised me - sometimes in good ways, sometimes not. The romance between Jace and Elias was enjoyable, and I particularly liked Elias.The world building was mostly good, and there was a reasonable amount of explanation. Towards the end things did get wierder than I'd been expecting - I'm hoping there wi [...]

    • Da'ad says:

      I liked it a lot more than I expected. It was nothingspeciald yet it captured my attention, and while it was short it dealt with the main characters well. They developed their relationship pretty well considering it was only days. Nice.Oh God! Please don't let there be a sequel about Wade and Terry! That would be just cruel. The poor ghost doesn't need any more heartbreak, and I sure wouldn't want to see Terry hurting either. No sequel, for the love of God! Unless Wade comes back to life. Which [...]

    • Seriously Reviewed says:

      This story will keep readers guessing until the end. There were enough paranormal elements to the story to keep things interesting but the attraction and witty/playful comments between the two main characters kept you ‘awww’-ing and the edge of your seats. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any spicier, a virginal sex scene and another love interest is thrown into the mix. The story was a short read about 250 pages and when it was over I jumped online researching the author for [...]

    • Ayla Barrow says:

      Ok I admit I'm a huge supernatural fangirl so the idea of a love story between hunters got me all excited and I definitely wasn't let down. I enjoyed this story a lot and look forward eagerly to reading more about these characters. Gotta love a book with asskicking ghosts and snarky emo sidekicks.

    • Hearts On Fire Reviews says:

      Reviewed by: DonPublisher: Silver PublishingGenre: M/M ParanormalCheck out the review on heartsonfirereviews/

    • Sharon says:

      Not your typical Diane Adams book, but I truly enjoyed reading this. Sorry, no spoilers here. :)I am looking forward to more of Jace and Elias.

    • Marsha Spence says:

      I loved Jace and Elias and also Wade and Terry. Really want to read more about all 4 of these guys.

    • Ayanna says:

      First off, I was extremely annoyed that the author kept insisting that Elias, at 5'8", is short. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the author was thinking, but the average height for men in America is 5'9.5", so I think Elias at 5'8" is fine height-wise. (Average height for women is about 5'4", so it's not like he'd have much competition from that side either.) It didn't do anything for the story at all. It just made it annoying, as if the author had been determined to make him fit into the "twink" c [...]

    • justanya says:

      A solid start to what has the potential to be an interesting series. This book is a solid 4 stars in comparison to other books I have read in this genre. So why 3 stars? In comparison to Diane Adams' body of work this book failed to pull me in and make me emotionally invested in the characters like her making of a man series or broken memories. I think the let down is due to the fact that Wade never tells Jace important truths about their family, an important unresolved issue that should have be [...]

    • Amy says:

      I expected better because Diane Adams' Making of a Man series is just fantastic. It feels like somebody else wrote this book because the editing is so awful and it's really distracting me from the story. It's almost like it was written in one sitting and never reviewed or edited before being sent straight to publication. I'm not sure where the fault lies, but given that Making of a Man doesn't read at all like this one, I'm leaning towards being disappointed in beta readers (if there were any) a [...]

    • Melissa says:

      Diane Adams is one of my favorite authors and this first installment of the Beyond the Night series did not disappoint. Jace, Terry & Wade are all wonderful, but Elias, well, he is just a total cutielove him. There seems to be a few unanswered questions, which hopefully will be revealed in future installments. Looking forward to the next adventure!!!

    • Enny says:

      When did Diane Adams start to write Supernatural fanfic? This was like reading about Sammy finally hooking up with the nice boy-demon next door. I still enjoyed the book since it was well-written, packed with action and the two MCs very likable but the world building wasn't very creative.

    • Aidee Ladnier says:

      Awesome book. Set in a supernatural universe, two very unique hunters find what they need in each other. Elias who's birth rite is monstrous and Jace who can do more things with his mind than is strictly normal are a great pairing. I'm soooo looking forward to the next book in this series.

    • Gwendolyn says:

      I have never watched Supernatural so that didn't bother me, but I'm deducting a star for the editing mistakes. Lots and lots of editing mistakes.

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