Hypnose Hij had gezworen nooit meer iemand onder hypnose te brengen Nu breekt hij zijn belofte om levens te redden maar zet daarmee zijn eigen leven op het spel Tien jaar geleden heeft Erik Maria Bark beslot

  • Title: Hypnose
  • Author: Lars Kepler Tineke Jorissen-Wedzinga
  • ISBN: 9789023459057
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hij had gezworen nooit meer iemand onder hypnose te brengen Nu breekt hij zijn belofte om levens te redden, maar zet daarmee zijn eigen leven op het spel.Tien jaar geleden heeft Erik Maria Bark besloten zijn leven als hypnotiseur naast zich neer te leggen Maar als inspecteur Joona Linna hem om hulp vraagt bij een moordzaak waarbij de levens van twee jonge mensen op het sHij had gezworen nooit meer iemand onder hypnose te brengen Nu breekt hij zijn belofte om levens te redden, maar zet daarmee zijn eigen leven op het spel.Tien jaar geleden heeft Erik Maria Bark besloten zijn leven als hypnotiseur naast zich neer te leggen Maar als inspecteur Joona Linna hem om hulp vraagt bij een moordzaak waarbij de levens van twee jonge mensen op het spel staan, heeft Erik geen andere keuze Hij doet wat hij heeft afgezworen en brengt een zwaargewonde getuige onder hypnose Al snel wordt duidelijk dat Erik de prijs moet betalen voor zijn verbroken belofte.De deuren naar de hel lijken geopend en Erik wordt getroffen door een serie gewelddadige en onverklaarbare gebeurtenissen Gebeurtenissen die ook zijn gezin meesleuren in een vreselijke nachtmerrie.

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    • Kemper says:

      I wish someone would hypnotize me and erase the memory of reading this book.OK, it isn’t that bad from a writing standpoint and basic premise, but it had a lot of buzz that I didn’t think it came close to living up to. Slapping that “The Next Stieg Larsson!”* label on any new Swedish thriller is probably automatic at this point, but it sets up a reader up for disappointment when there’s no character anywhere near as interesting as Lisbeth Salander around. Extra disappointing when most [...]

    • Eric says:

      I really liked this novel, and would have given it four stars if not for three things that irked me about the way it was written.1) The authors (this was written by a married couple) use the present tense in narration (e.g. Joona walks into the room and sits down). At first, I thought there was a compelling reason for this, but after finishing the book, I can't come up with anything, except perhaps that it was poorly translated into English -- do Swedish authors normally write in present tense? [...]

    • Melissa says:

      Sweden, what is going on there? On one hand, this is a pretty good book. Joona Linna is everything you want in a police inspector - ruggedly good-looking, arrogant yet polite, and always right (my favorite line? "I'm not usually wrong and I believe we're going to find your son." Tell me, Joona, do you ever tell someone, "I'm not usually wrong & I think your son is long gone"?). The story is genuinely creepy - when Simone is awakened in the night by someone giving her an injection & she s [...]

    • Arah-Lynda says:

      This is a very dark, horrific story that ranks high in creepiness. Seriously it left me feeling like I needed to take a shower and wash the creep away. The cover would have you beleive that it is comparable to Silence of the Lambs or Stieg Larsson's Millenium series but I have to disagree with that. Now I love a good mystery, better still if it happens to be a thriller where life and death hang in the balance as they race to find and stop the villian. The Hypnotist certainly contains all of thes [...]

    • Joe says:

      I suppose I should say this is a spoiler alert. Read on at your own risk. I continue to be amazed by people's reviews. Many ( most) always begin by giving a summation of the plot. This is stupid and totally unnecessary. People already know what the book is about. Personal Reviews should tell what the reader thought. This is an amazingly hyped book. I would suppose that every publishing company wants to discover the next Steig Larrsen. Obviously, Its not that easy. First you need to be able to wr [...]

    • Stephanie Harris says:

      I read it so you don't have to. You are welcome. This book is laughably and infuriatingly terrible. I only finished it because I paid for it, dammit, and wanted to see how terrible it would actually get, God help me. Almost all the characters are unlikeable. It begins with the detective as seemingly the main character with a dark event in his past, which, unless I missed it, IS NEVER EXPLAINED. But never mind, because the book is really not about him, it is about the hypnotist. Fair enough, sinc [...]

    • Jadranka says:

      Još jedna GSP avantura je završena :) U poslednje vreme ponovo čitam trilere, i jako mi prijaju."Hipnotizer" nije remek-delo svog žanra, sam početak romana i nije tako obećavajući, a dijalozi su ovom švedskom autorskom paru slabija strana. Naime, Aleksandar i Aleksandra Andoril pišu pod pseudonimom Laš Kepler trilere u kojima je glavni lik policijski detektiv Jona Lina. Neko bi rekao, pa šta onda valja?! Valja jedan od centralnih likova romana - doktor Erik Marija Bark, penzionisani h [...]

    • Sue says:

      I have never read such an amazing twisting novel.There are not words to express how super this book was.I can only give praise to the authors.Erik Maria Bark, talented doctor whose specialty is the treatment of seriously traumatized persons, formerly also with hypnotize, is called to Karolinska hospital, where a 15-year-old boy lies severely injured - the only survivor of a family massacre in the outskirts of Stockholm.It turns out that the boy has an older sister who's disappeared, and there's [...]

    • Pamela says:

      When I read the jacket of this book, I found it be quite intriguing and considering how many people seem to love this book, I thought I would too. Instead, I’m probably one of the few people who didn’t like this book and will never read another one written by Lars Kepler. There were too many fillers; needless people and information that made it seem like it was all thrown in to make the book longer than it needed to be; and the writing to be weak and choppy and all over the place. The synops [...]

    • Brenda says:

      I was interested, and at times, gripped by this book, especially in the beginning and at the end. However, there were times I was bored, not really reading intensely, anxious for progress. I think the book was just too long. I felt the dialogue was stilted and that's probably due to translation. There were things happening that didn't seem relevant to the story. I probably won't read anything more by these authors.

    • Dora Santos Marques says:

      A minha opinião em vídeo: youtube/watch?v=ySkEyO primeiro Kepler e que me deu um prazer enorme. A história está bem construída e não há dúvida que os policiais suecos são mesmo muito bons.

    • Katherine says:

      Any review of this book should really just be a video of me giggling. My God this book was stupid.Conflict was based on stupid sitcom style miss-communication, the horribly injured boy with the deflated lung runs around stabbing people with impunity, the police are ridiculously incompetent, (view spoiler)[They think the teen ran away despite the mother having been attacked in her own home and knocked out with surgical anesthetic, they get subdued by an injured teen and random street punks, etc. [...]

    • Helen says:

      This could have been so good, but there are way too many unresolved and unexplained tangents to this tale. The narrative jumps from one murder case to the next with no real explanation, I was expecting the connection to be explained nearer the end, but there just isn't one! It's like the writers had two plot ideas they really liked and couldn't choose between the two, so just sort of smooshed them together, resulting in something not quite as good as either idea would have been on its own. The u [...]

    • Cat says:

      Nem sei muito bem o que escrever. Se, por um lado até gostei da história, por outro houve qualquer coisa que correu mal, ou com a tradução, ou com a revisão, e que me irritou imenso.É difícil, para mim, estar a ler um livro na minha língua materna e tropeçar constantemente em erros. Faz-me sempre questionar se houve quem não tenha feito o seu trabalho. O que não dá a melhor imagem da editora, convenhamos.É verdade que ler uma história narrada no presente do indicativo não é propr [...]

    • Karen Struffert says:

      I can't say I didn't like this book. I just had some issues with it. I liked the story line. Very dark, but interesting - a definite thriller! But if there's one thing I can't stand, it's unresolved plot twists. So if anyone can help me with these, please feel free1. When Evelyn Ek is being consoled by a female police officer after hearing about her family's demise and disclosing some info about her disturbed and disturbing brother, she bites the officer in the neck and actually causes a bleedin [...]

    • Ana says:

      Este thriller foi escrito por uma dupla de escritores e talvez por isso seja tão empolgante. O desafio acontece a cada capítulo e quando o leitor pensa que conseguiu desvendar o mistério é nos dado mais pistas, mais acontecimentos que baralham a nossa estratégia. Ler este livro é um desafio também para o leitor que está permanentemente envolvido no mistério e na carga psicológica das personagens.

    • Un té con Ceres says:

      Lo compré con muchas ganas de leerlo después de terminar la trilogía de Millenium, decían que era de ese estilo y la trama parecía interesante. Lo empecé y al poco lo dejé porque no me enganchó, lo intenté retomar sin éxito y a la tercera fue la vencida pero por orgullo más que por gusto. No me gusta como se desarrolla, a mitad del libro mete un capítulo súper largo con miles de nombres que te lían. Esperaba mucho más. Buena trama pero no me gusta como está enfocada.

    • Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

      This book was nothing like I thought it would be. An avid crime reader and lover of the darker crime stuff out there I thought this would be chilling, terrifying and spectacular based on reviews by both well known and lesser known reviewers. Was I reading a different book? As this book did not throw up anything like that my way. When a whole family is murdered in Stockholm, DI Joona Linna knows there is only one person who can find the perpetrator. Erik Maria Bark, retired hypnotist, is called i [...]

    • Tonile My Cup and Chaucer says:

      I finished Lars Kepler’s The Hypnotist yesterday and again found myself wanting to leave a good 24 hours or so for the book to sink in before I reviewed it. I mentioned to a good friend of mine earlier in the week that I wanted to read another Scandinavian crime novel soon, and this was an old reading copy I had on my desk. I noticed that it was already available in stores and figured I should get my act together and read it. I think I am pleased that I didI won’t lie about it; there will be [...]

    • Deborah Gray says:

      I have never read anything darker, more forboding, more utterly tormented than Swedish thrillersd continue to come back for more. When they are done well, as this is, there is nothing more insistently suspenseful and satisfyingly terrifying. Erik Maria Bark is a highly regarded psychotherapist specializing in acute trauma. He is also a disgraced hypnotist. Ten years ago, he swore a solemn, public oath never to perform hypnosis again. And yet, dragged from his bed early in the morning by a doctor [...]

    • Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh says:

      3 ½ stars: Another great thriller with lots of twists & turns from a pool of talented and recently trendy Swedish authors. This one the strange & haunting tale of 15 year old Josef, only witness and survivor of the slaughter of his entire family. Detective Joona Linna turns for help in solving the crime to a brilliant doctor, hoping he can unlock Josef’s hidden memories; a doctor who has given up hypnosis doubting its ethics and his own abilities. On the plus side, great character dev [...]

    • Justė says:

      traumų rūmaiĮ šitą knygą jau kuris laikas vis spigindavau akimis, neįkyriai, bet taip ta visa skandinaviškų detektyvų magija vis neblėsta ir vis suvilioja, nors aš po Millennium trilogijos taip nieko TOKIO nei danų, nei norvegų detektyvuose dar nesuradau. Hipnotizuotojas kol kas tik patvirtino taisyklę, kad nieko stebuklingo tuose skandinaviškuose detektyvuose savaime nėra. Rasti detektyvą, kuris būtų išvis neįdomus, aišku, yra sunku, nes paslaptys ir veiksmas, kad ir koki [...]

    • Ana Fernandes says:

      Mt bom! Entre 4⭐️ e 4,5⭐️

    • Linda Strong says:

      The premise of the story is a good one. Bodies of a family are found butchered. There are no survivors except for the teenaged son who is lying at death's door. Under hypnosis, the son confesses to the crime. This is where things get bit disjointed for me. I found it confusing with the back and forth from present to past. Lots and lots of characters, which I think the author managed very nicely. I did not like the main characters. Detective Linna is a bit arrogant ways demanding people to tell h [...]

    • Rita says:

      I was really disappointed by this book. It started out with a big bang and had a really good premise, but then it all just fell to hell, becoming a clown car of horrible sadists who just kept parading out of the story in a never-ending line, doing the most awful things imaginable. I'm no horror novice and it takes a lot to shock or offend me, but it was just the multitude of sadists in this book which was so off-turning. Like there are all these terrible murderers and torturers around every corn [...]

    • Rita says:

      1 palavra. 6 letras. ADOREI! Já tinha este livro na minha estante há algum tempo e, não sei exatamente por que razão, mas andei a adiar o dia em que iria pegar nele e desfolhar aquelas inúmeras páginas.Bem, o dia em que acordei e finalmente o arranquei da estante foi decididamente um dia importante.O livro é um thriller recheado de personagens complexas, que vamos conhecendo lentamente. É possuidor de um enredo entusiasmante e de reviravoltas sucessivas que nos fazem devorar frases e fra [...]

    • Jake Rideout says:

      Sweden is a scary-ass place. This book was like, "One of these suspects has committed a crime. All of the suspects are currently involved in murdering people in gruesome ways. Which of these murderers has committed the crime?"If my only knowledge of Sweden were gained through the reading of its bestselling translated novels, I would think that every other Swedish person has a decomposing body in his basement. And, incidentally, my only knowledge of Sweden IS gained through the reading of its bes [...]

    • Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews says:

      Over the past few years, I’ve developed a bit of an affinity for Nordic noir, dark crime stories set in Scandinavia. There is an engaging darkness that I find myself drawn to in these stories, I don’t know if it’s the long dark winters that they have there, but many of these authors just connect with me.The Hypnotist is set in Sweden from December 8th until the 24th. It is an intense story on many levels: the dark antagonists, the depth of the crimes committed, even the betrayals of many o [...]

    • Maria Alice says:

      Ainda não tinha lido nada dos autores por isso foi novidade mas uma novidade boa

    • Luís C. says:

      I can not say that I did not like, I can not say either that I really enjoyed this irregular writing novel in which I felt sometimes captivated, sometimes languid, some episodes caughtful: The plot is most promising, the actions of the suspects keep you in suspense, however, the author portrays taciturn main characters, there may be, of course, but even the policeman who is supposed to investigate, overflowing with an energy which he might employ to some extravagance, contented himself with doin [...]

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