Kelan's Pursuit

Kelan s Pursuit While werewolf Kelan Morgan is visiting his brother in New York he s both surprised and delighted to find his destined mate in a bar Jake Bradfield is everything Kelan ever wanted in a mate But Jake

  • Title: Kelan's Pursuit
  • Author: Lavinia Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780857155801
  • Page: 389
  • Format: ebook
  • While werewolf Kelan Morgan is visiting his brother in New York, he s both surprised and delighted to find his destined mate in a bar Jake Bradfield is everything Kelan ever wanted in a mate But Jake is not a werewolf he s a human who was hurt in the past and has sworn off relationships Kelan works hard to convince Jake they have a future together, but just when his perWhile werewolf Kelan Morgan is visiting his brother in New York, he s both surprised and delighted to find his destined mate in a bar Jake Bradfield is everything Kelan ever wanted in a mate But Jake is not a werewolf he s a human who was hurt in the past and has sworn off relationships Kelan works hard to convince Jake they have a future together, but just when his persistence is paying off, Jake is almost killed by a shifter with a grudge If Kelan wants the happy ending he always dreamt of, he must find the elusive culprit before he attacks again.

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    • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

      First I still have a bunch of questions from the first one. This one had one sentence about what happened in the first one. Like what happened to pack order? We have no idea how Kelan felt being betrayed by Rick or how it affected the pack and were there any other issues with trusting the pack? This one didn't mention how the pack was going or who was in charge while Kelan was in New York. He mentions some trouble back home with the pack and needing to get back but it never said what the trouble [...]

    • Maya says:

      4.5 Stars This is the best in the series!! The book opens with Jake getting a blow job by poor guy who's name Jake can't bother to remember. It goes on to show that Jake, who lives a fast and lonely life in New York, is absolutely terrified of letting anyone in, not only his heart but in his body as well. He has been hurt terribly before by his first love Matt in college. Matt was a shifter and while he loved Jake, he had finally found his mate in Jake's new roommate. When Jake walked in on Matt [...]

    • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* says:

      I have mixed feelings about this one but honestly, this is my least favorite in the series.Jake, I think, will be a hard character for some to like. On one hand, some will sympathize with him because he was hurt badly years ago and that's why he acts the way he does but on the other hand, he is just a complete fucking douche bag and no matter how much someone hurt you that doesn't give you the right to be an arrogant asshole to everyone else and using your friends. A slut I can understand, an as [...]

    • V says:

      I gave this book 5 stars. Why?? Well, first of all Jake. I know, I know, he was a prick but how many men like that are out there in real life? More than I'd care to count. At least Jake redeemed himself, and realized what an awful friend and human being he was. In the end he was thinking more about Kelan's happiness that his own so lets not focus too much on what he was but more on what he became. Jake was perfect for Kelan as he wasn't a doormat and after all he had been through in his life he [...]

    • Janelle says:

      There is strong willed and there is just plain assholes. Jake was a cross between the two. In the beginning he was the biggest ass you could ever come across. After meeting Kelan he slowly began to change for the better. Jake actually turned into a strong willed person with the knowledge of his past and realizing how much of an ass he was. I have to say that he is not someone I thought I would see Kelan with, but alas I am not the one who wrote the book. I can understand on some level what Ms. L [...]

    • Karen K says:

      I like Kelan and I like how he pursued Jake, allowing his internal alpha rules to slack off a bit in order to make his intended mate more comfortable. I can understand Jake's hesitancy to get involved with another wolf, especially one as strong, powerful and determined as Kelan, and I was glad when Kelan showed his softer, supportive side to both Jake and to Cary. I really enjoyed this installment of the series.

    • Lasha says:

      I was looking forward to this book, as the characterization of Kelan in the previous two books was awesome. However, this novella failed to deliver anything new and original to the series (except a couple of new characters) and left me feeling like I was reading the previous books, just replacing the two main protagonists from them with Kelan and Jake.Kelan’s Pursuit starts off with Kelan in New York City helping his brother Cody and his mate move their stuff, so they can return to their pack [...]

    • Lexi Ander says:

      I felt that Kelan was stronger in the first two books. With Jake trying to retain his independence and Kelan giving him space when he knew there was a threat made me wonder who the alpha in the relationship was. Jake took a little to get used to even after he tries to make amends with the friend that he has treated poorly. Especially with the information we continue to get about Cary who was introduced at the beginning of the book. (view spoiler)[Jake finds out that he had taken Cary home on thr [...]

    • Ashley Cox says:

      Eehh, I liked the eBook, but I am looking forward to hopefully an installment that circles around Cary

    • Jennifer says:

      I wish I could give this book 3.5 stars. I like Kelan. I like how take charge and alpha he is. I like that he mated to a human. My issues with this story are kind of a repeat of my reviews of the prior stories. There seemed to be holes in the story. Kelan would have a super power sense of smell at one point and then not at another. Even just a quick mention that the overpowering smells of NY overwhelmed his senses would have satisfied me. Jake started out acting like an ass. I had hoped that Kel [...]

    • Heather♥ says:

      Surprisingly Jake did not bother me as much as I thought he would. There's no doubt he acted like an ass but in the end he tried to make amends and he didn't really do anything unforgivable (like being a cheating bastard) so it was his behavior after he mated with Kelan that I paid more attention to. The drama with Jake's stalker made for an interesting ending to the story and I'm really looking forward to reading about Cary and Aaron next. Cary is such a sweetie and I think Aaron will be good f [...]

    • Ericka Walden says:

      Okayte to selfDo Not Read other's review's before posting your own! That thought finished.I thought this was an excellent addition to the series. My only grip was that I wished it was LONGER!! I reeeeally wanna see how things progres between these two. But, so far Lavinia hasn't let me down!! She is fast becoming one of my FAV's!! I look forward to the next in this series and I'm tryin really hard not to bug her for a hint as to what's in store. .

    • Tara says:

      This is a cute series. There is nothing too heavy and no real surprises and once the couple meets most of the conflict is not because of their relationship, it is about something happening outside of it that puts one of the mate's in danger. But I find myself drawn to these stories and I can't wait to read more

    • Lee says:

      Kelan's Pursuit is, as suggested by the title, Kelan's pursuit of his mate, Jake. Now that all of the brothers are mated, where is the series to go? Is this the end? Can't wait to find out.I give Kelan's Pursuit three stars.

    • Jacq says:

      This book is a story of love hope with a small twist. The chemistry between Jake and Kelan was HOT. I love the way all the book so far intertwine without a force to read the next one.

    • Tana says:

      I really enjoy Lavinia Lewis's writing, her stories flow and before you know it your at the end of the book wanting more. I really would like to read more about Kelan and Jake.

    • Lauren Wilder says:

      Loved this book! This was the best in the series so far, I thought I was going to hate Jake but he redeemed himself just in time! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to Aaron's Awakening!

    • Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

      This was another decent entry to the series. What I like is that the problems are not simple like in other series. Sometimes the problem seems insurmountable like in the previous book where the very needed omega from one tribe falls in love with the alpha of another. I like the danger and protection and fear stuff and there was some in this, although not as much as in the previous two and not as much as I like.I think one MC was too much of an asshole at first and changed way too quickly to beli [...]

    • Phaney says:

      2011 Review:It’s a downward spiral.While still tolerable, this one was not all that entertaining. A bit of continuity issues too and blah, I don’t need to dissect it.The only part that genuinely amused me was when the son and his mother showed up. That young guy was hilarious.2012 Re-read of Book 1 to 3:Altogether these turned out to be neither as pleasant nor as bad as I had made them out to be previously.There’s some severe lack of logic at times, and one protagonist may have been a bit [...]

    • Cay says:

      I didn't practically like the first book in this series, and I didn't get a 'must buy this book' wibe from the second book's blurb, but this one seemed interesting. Well, all in all it wasn't that bad, but I couldn't connect with neither Jake nor Kelan.

    • Lizzie says:

      Jake started out an ass but it was nice to see him remorseful for his actions. There was a lot of rehashing the same thoughts by the MCs over and over and it became tedious after awhile. Again editing was a problem. Still a mostly sweet story.

    • Teetee says:

      First book of the series I was able to finish. It was ok, more duh moments from the characters. You get a threatening letter and your apartment broken into the same day and don't figure out the two are related??

    • Isha says:

      Kelan and Jake are a cute couple, dealing with alot of baggage. But they seem to make it work. Very enjoyable. Poor Cary, though. I hope he gets his HEA.

    • Hearts On Fire Reviews says:

      Reviewed by: Maya Genre: M/M Paranormal Rated: 4.5 hearts Check out the review on heartsonfirereviews/

    • Arzu says:

      3,5 stars

    • Rebecca says:

      Very predictable and I felt no connection between them. Sure, they often said how much the just loved eachother but you didn't get why.

    • clear skies says:

      MATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!That's pretty much all the author writes.

    • Manda says:

      Human is scared or rejection.

    • Eva says:

      3.5 stars

    • Okidli says:


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