Regan's Pride

Regan s Pride At twenty Coreen Tarleton had fallen hard for sexy millionaire cowboy Ted Regan But his rejection had sent her running into the arms of another man a decision she d always regretted and an action Te

  • Title: Regan's Pride
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At twenty, Coreen Tarleton had fallen hard for sexy millionaire cowboy Ted Regan But his rejection had sent her running into the arms of another man, a decision she d always regretted and an action Ted could never forgive.But now Ted had a second chance with the widowed Coreen And though she was far from the naive girl she d been, her heart still belonged to Ted But couAt twenty, Coreen Tarleton had fallen hard for sexy millionaire cowboy Ted Regan But his rejection had sent her running into the arms of another man, a decision she d always regretted and an action Ted could never forgive.But now Ted had a second chance with the widowed Coreen And though she was far from the naive girl she d been, her heart still belonged to Ted But could they get past Regan s pride

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    • Julz says:

      2.5 stars rounded up.This was the biggest hunk of cheese I've gnawed on in a long time. I'm sure this is just one to reach the author's quota with her publisher, and she threw in as much ridiculous BS that she could pull out of her arse. The hero was uber nasty mean. Would feel her up and then insult the crap out of her and humiliate her. After this happened a couple 12 times, she off and marries his cousin who turned out to be the most evil man alive, who throws the H in her face, beats her, cu [...]

    • Booklover says:

      This started out really well,it was dark intense emotional,the sufferings that Coreen went through which changed her completely yet i could'nt understand her love for Ted,even after the way he treats her so cruelly,humiliates her in every possible way she is not angry or bitter she just cries out and willows in self pity and goes away,a normal human being will get bitter IMO and then there's Ted the biggest fool for a hero i have ever come across,the way he blindly trusts and accepted what ever [...]

    • Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter says:

      I love/hate this book. I love this book because it evokes an emotional response. Hell, I'm in tears by page 16 and it doesn't let up (and I don't cry easily over romance novels). I hate this book because I'm in tears by page 16. I must be one sick puppy because as depressing as many of the passages are, I can't help but read and reread Regan's Pride again and again.Ted Regan is not a lovable hero. Bitter toward his beloved cousin's widow, he is verbally abusive to her. Ignorant of the physical a [...]

    • Jacqueline says:

      Better than the first one in this trilogy but still suffers from the Diana Palmerness of it all. Why do I read them then? Ugh. I guess because the blurbs/set ups always sound so good. And yes I generally love what her books are about I guess I just wish a better author was writing them. Here an older man falls for a 22 year old girl but rather cruelly turns her away for her own good. He's 16 years older than her and doesn't believe a long term relationship will work. Then she marries someone els [...]

    • Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

      Ok. Hands down. THIS guy is the WORST DP hero to date for me with Emmet a REALLY CLOSE second! TSTL despite his eventual grovelling and redeeming celibacy! Idiots! The LOT of themexcept for Henry the butler.

    • Lu Bielefeld ** says:

      UPDATE: Re-read on 11 June 2016I didn't remember this hero was so hateful. Terrible the way he treats our heroine who is a woman with no backbone. He goes to my list of the worst heroes of the author.Regan's Pride (Diana Palmer)"I want a woman," he said mercilessly. "You're handy. That's all it is."=========="You'll learn soon enough that we have to settle for what we can get in life. I'll send Billy for supplies from now on. And you'll find some excuse not to come out to the ranch to see Sandy. [...]

    • Cheesecake says:

      Ted and Coreen. Pretty typical DP, not my fave but still enjoyable. Would have enjoyed it more if his grovel wasn't left so late in the story and she didn't cave so pathetically easily. (I have to admit to skimming some through the first half of the book) hence the 3 stars and not 4.Ted treats Coreen like poop when they were younger because he is attracted to her but she is 16 years younger. He is also scarred by his parents broken marriage (view spoiler)[ yet he remains celibate from that time [...]

    • jenjn79 says:

      Typical Diana Palmer book with all her characteristic traits (naive, virginal heroine; battered, emotionally vacant hero; and the hero treating the heroine badly). But oddly enough, I really enjoyed this story, much more so than I have some of her other books that I've read recently. Coreen is the classic tragic heroine and Palmer really made you feel for her. Ted was a classic Palmer hero and he ticked me off at times, but at the same time, his actions made sense in a way. And of course, they e [...]

    • Karen says:

      Who writes such crap? I read about her husband treatment of her and got sucked in as it looked short enough to finish the book. Regan was a jerk and i waited to see him get human but I cried my eyes out for an hour thinking a hero of the story was such a huge douche and that poor gal was going to flinch the rest of her life because of his hard head arrogance and mean assness. He was not sexy at all! I am going to report this book to women's groups to avoid.

    • Amanda Sheila says:

      Ted Regan's such a jerk but then again the way he begged for Correen's forgiveness is aaawingly romantic. Like seriously. I can't. Stop. Reading. Diana Palmer. I'm. Dying.

    • Caitlin Wyatt says:

      It helps it be a way better book if you read the newest edition. This cover is god awful. The book though is flawless.-read

    • Tiffany says:

      Such a great old read. I hated Ted but he did redeem himself in the end. This is probably my favorite Diane Palmer story.

    • Dar says:

      Sometimes, the long, tall Texan in a book of the series makes you want to reach in and give them a slap - and this is one of those instances. Ted is cruel to Corrie because of their age difference forcing her into the arms of his jealous cousin who only wants her because Ted does. After years of mental and physical abuse, she is finally a widow and for some reason, and it is never explained why the characters think this happened, her husband leaves her financially at Ted's mercy for a year. Ted [...]

    • Jodi says:

      I like her books but not this. He treats her so poorly yet she is with him. With her back history sorry I feel she'd want some one that treats her better. This is not her best book. I could not finish reading last chapter as I did not enjoy story line. Also wish ones of these days the age was not so huge between the two love interest and the girls were not untouched. That is not always the case. And how about in a book she makes the woman for change older and more worldly. I have now read about [...]

    • GuisBell says:

      Y yo pensando que Ethan era el peor de todos pero no, Ted se lleva el premio "Al mayor reverendo Idiota de idiotas, desgraciado", tomando decisiones equivocadas que de no haberlas tomado se hubiera ahorrado mucho muchísimo dolor Coreen a quien humilló y humilló el amor que sentía por él, nose como ella pude terminar con él al final, puffff :'(

    • Elizabeth says:

      I'm enjoying Ms. Palmer's books. She has great character description and this was no exception. Ted and Doreen have their conflicts and sexual tension but eventually get past their barriers to the deepest level of their feelings.

    • Jolyn says:

      Woulda been higher but she kept talking about his silver hair, his grey hair and I couldn't stop picturing the sasparilla guy from the big lebowski. Needless to say, he ain't my type

    • Dewi Read says:

      Love this storyke me crying aloud ow i wanna kick ass the hero. but the ending so sweeet

    • Usagi Tsukino says:

      *shakes head* ಠ_ಠ

    • Curlie says:

      This one was really all over the place, so an average of 3 which may be too generous. The storyline had potential but it fell flat. Making my way through the series - why? Oh yeah, I love the author! Not this book, though. Next?

    • Val says:

      Classic Palmer

    • Diana McVicker says:

      Love all Diana Palmer's books!!

    • Laura Calderone says:

      Riletto a distanza di quasi 6 anni adoro questo libro!!! Mi ha colpito allora e anche oggi ha un posto speciale nel mio cuore Questa lunga serie non finisce mai di stupirmi e catturarmi!

    • Katrina says:

      Regan’s Pride was one of those reads that you enjoy , yet find it hard to enjoy certain aspects of a character. Ted was an older male concerned that Corie would follow in his parents footsteps. Fall for an older man than leave him for a newer model. So he pushes her into the arms of a younger man.After all that poor Corie had gone through she still suffers at Regan’s verbal abuse. However, despite his aloof ness – rude comments I loved the way Corrie and Ted still had the chemistry. Corie [...]

    • Sheila Melo says:

      Classic Diana Palmer with Jerk Hero Who Treats Innocent Heroine PoorlyTHE STORY: Ted Regan cruelly spurned sweet, innocent Coreen and sent her into the arms of another man. Now a widow, Coreen Tarleton is no longer trusting. When he discovers that the past is different than he thought, he has deep regrets and wants a second chance that he might not deserve.OPINION: This is a classic Diana Palmer with a sometimes cruel hero who hides his insecurities by verbally cutting the heroine. He is foolish [...]

    • Renee Booth (Sassy Book Lovers) says:

      I have some mixed emotions about Regan's Pride. While I loved the storyline and the concept of it I found it hard to connect with some of the characters. I even found it hard to find the emotional connections between the characters themselves. Coreen and Ted's relationship is a confusing one at best. A huge age gap makes things difficult in the eye's of Ted so he deals with it by pushing Coreen away with nastiness and rudeness which in turn pushes her into a destructive relationship that doesn't [...]

    • Kaycee ❤️ says:

      I absolutely adored Diana Palmer's works! She's an amazing writer!And with Regan's Pride she gave us again another sweet, funny, heart-touching story; and lovable characters that you can relate to. Coreen has been in love with her best friend's brother Ted Regan since she was barely twenty. But Ted pushed her away and taunted her. Ted Regan wanted Corrie since the first time he saw her. But the huge age gap makes things difficult in the eye's of Ted so he deals with it by pushing Coreen away wit [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      En serio quice cachetear a Ted. Pronto reseña en kathlr95.wix/esquinaliteraria

    • Consuela Rossetto says:

      Nel momento stesso in cui Coreen Tarleton incontra lo sguardo orgoglioso di Ted Regan, fratello della sua migliore amica, capisce che sarà l'uomo che amerà per tutta la vita.E non le importa nulla se Ted ha molti anni più di lei e sembra evitarla con ogni mezzo.Coreen continuerà ad amarlo anche se, a causa delle disastrose condizioni economiche, si vedrà costretta a

    • PNR says:

      I sooooo wanted to like this more. I love a traumatized heroines, and the one fit the bill. There was some good angst, even if it did get a little over the top and illogical at times. But it was just too sugary sweet, and the heroine's dialog was too Mary Sueish for me. Cheesy, and not even terribly sweet - the hero is a pretty big jerk tbh.

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